Traditional Braves 4…Oakland Bohemians 3…Yay, Danny!


NB…the ensemble kicks off but be sure to stay around for the soloists that follow.


To their great credit the Atlanta Braves, who have faced excellent starting pitching on each of these last three days. have won two of these games despite their offense totaling 7 runs for all three. Something must be stirring for this to happen, some individuals likely are taking on new roles, adapting to assuming responsibility in high pressure situations, and we saw just that this afternoon.

They started a kid named Blackburn making his ML debut. Well, you could have fooled me, he looked terrific with a wide variety of pitches, speeds and locations and it was no surprise that when he left after 6 we had only one run on the board and that was gifted by a 2 base throwing error.

We started my man RAD who was good but not quite at the level of his last three starts., his control wavering at times, 3 walks, you know how he hates those. And so, we got to see the other side of his abilities, his gritty determination. Exemplified marvelously by a race to first with their Number one prospect, about half his age, Dickey had to cartwheel past the bag. Great stuff.

And then, grit again towards the end of his 6 innings with base runners abounding and the game in the balance. When he left we were still tied 1-1. We eked out a run in the seventh, another in the eighth but then Vizcaino gave it all back quickly with a CF homer to Davis. Unlike last night we had given up our lead and everything was on the line

Danny led off and made a colossal mistake not running out hard a short fly ball to center which was dropped. So he stood at first only, suitably sheepish, Not for long though, he stole second (he had stolen second and third in the eighth leading directly to our third run). Dansby, more later, doubled him in and we were back ahead. JJ completed his tally of 6 consecutive outs over 2 nine innings stints to seal the win. We don’t give him enough credit, his lollipop off speed stuff, which must take some nerve to throw so frequently when you have a mid nineties fast ball, continues to bamboozle the hitters. Game over, Braves win.

We must now embrace Dansby for those super quick hand inside which he has no problem utilizing in the clutch. He did it twice late in the game, each time driving in a vital run. Why on earth they would pitch him there when he remains so very vulnerable outside heaven knows. And he did another Gatsby  by bobbling a simple ground ball which most conveniently had risen up to meet his glove. Still, he was a big, big factor today offensively.

Let’s talk about Danny. Fair to say his signing, and his occasional play in the first weeks, were mocked by all of us. I was high on that list. Not now. His speed in the outfield and more particularly on the basis takes us to a new level of threat. He is quicker than Ender on the diamond. We have to give up stolen bases via the otherwise excellent Flowers, here’s a guy who can compensate for them. And he can hit. He’s a fixture now. Danny and his jets.


Great win. We had to work hard but we did it.



57 thoughts on “Traditional Braves 4…Oakland Bohemians 3…Yay, Danny!”

  1. Krussell, your #bullpenisbad was read as “bull penis bad”. Who else got that first impression?

  2. I had no idea there was a real Bobby Shaftoe. For me, that name is only associated with the badass sergeant from Cryptonomicon. Learned something today.

  3. @4

    in the UK he’s a kind of nursery rhyme like the song because of its catchy tune…Chris Barber’s traditional jazz band made it a standard in the early sixties.

    Bobby Shaftoe’s gone to sea
    silver buckles on his knee
    he’ll come back and marry me
    Bonnie Bobby Shaftoe.

  4. @6,

    Dansby Swanson off the schneid
    Put us up, but then they tied
    Once again he ripped rawhide
    Dashing Dansby Swanson

  5. @8 – I’m not going to either one of those web sites again, I can tell you that.

  6. Some thoughts on the Coliseum itself i had meant to include in the recap. In the 18th/19th centuries rich men with poor taste and grandiose opinions of themselves would buy some land in the sticks and build a monstrous castle type building which was ostensibly their ‘home’. Sooner rather than later it became abandoned but well before that it took on a new generic title, Folly. If the owners name had been Smith then it was Smith’s Folly.

    Or Al’s Folly in the case of the Coliseum. The huge concrete bowl in which neither team wants to stay.The small smattering of spectators lost in its vastness. No wonder they bring drums and bang and blow things for three hours. Their message to the team they support is clear -we’re here, over here, and we love you.

    Victorian Follies had a visual climax, always at the top, tall craggy battlements a la Mel Brooks and Frankenstein – must have been expensive to build. It was staggering to hear that their current Californian equivalent climaxed with a 90 Million dollar quarter mile long addition – the crown on the monarch’s head – adorned several thousand seats which nobody ever sits in and never will. Tarped now they serve no purpose other than to display, in giant letters, famous names which still today make the heart quiver. There’s the rub. History.

    We cannot assume the moral high ground here – we dwarf their 90 million with what we guiltily grasped. But at least we use it. And fill it. And can be reasonably expected to stay. At least twenty years!

    So it’s all a great big farce, bleaching away in the California sunshine. And yet, and yet. I love watching these three games in this environment which soon will become a wasteland, the ultimate boondoggle. There’s character here, somehow. Things you will always remember – the foul ground for one, acres of it. Those huge, evocative names on those tarps, miles in the sky. The drums- and the drummers. Hope we can be invited back before it’s all over.

  7. The Oakland Coliseum
    there’s some people here, can you see ’em?
    Said our fat cat friends in Georgia banks
    thank God that wasn’t us, no never, no thanks.

  8. Blue Moon Odom/Vida Blue
    names to conjure, drift away from our purview
    yellow baseballs, Charlie Finlay
    memories, sadly dimly.

  9. Ball Four
    you never could have asked for more
    to a stranger in a foreign land
    here’s our game, laugh and let me help you understand.

    where i come from
    touchy feely.

    If you haven’t already done so please read the NYT article on Jim Bouton’s current life, @8 previous thread. A botched medical procedure in 2012, now described as catastrophic, means he has to relearn all language skills from scratch.

  10. Bartolo Colon
    his name will always provoke a moan
    though we really did love him
    we were only too happy to help shove him.

  11. RA Dickey
    Pitches fluttered ’til his fingers got sticky
    Imparted rotation ever so slight
    Hammered into oblivion through the starry night.

  12. Poems
    They are hard
    You should rhyme them
    But I suck

    Alright, I’ll give it a real shot:

    Frederick Freeman
    Is only part human
    He’s playing third base
    So that Coppy can save face

    Ok, not my best. Keepin’ it going:

    Mike Foltynewicz
    The best pitcher of which
    Can pitch one day dominant
    And then the next excrement

    This is hard. Really, some people just have the gift.

  13. Rob…a very promising’s something that will help the rhyming problem, i use it every day..

    on your two examples which is as good a rhyme for Foltynewicz as there is but dominant and excrement don’t rhyme. ..RhymeZone suggests prominent which is great, you just have to come up with a last line that can make use of it…eg

    can pitch one day dominant
    the next his critics are prominent

    remember lines do not have to be of equal length, very helpful

    in your first example base and face are perfect rhymes but not Freeman and human…strangely RZ finds few matches for freeman but here’s a quite good one, demon…

    rewrite your second line using that

    does this help? hope so…you have a mastery of numbers/stats and what they mean that i can’t get close to…happy to help with words…remember, use Rhyme Zone!

  14. Freddie Freeman
    slugged like such a demon
    Braves fans were thoroughly pissed
    When an errant fastball fractured his wrist

  15. JWDB


    now, once you have got the rhyming done that’s the time to go back and reread each line, see if you can improve the meter, the flow…

    and i have read yours and none of them need that…that’s good.

  16. Rob/JWDB

    i should have mentioned one last thing about rhyming…custom says you can always use a ‘forced’ rhyme if you want or need to provided it’s funny..

    here’s an exanple from the other day of a forced rhyme…we have in the minors a pitcher called Burgos..couldn’t find a natural rhyme so used becos…hardly brilliant but it works..

    and sometimes you can rhyme the second last words not the last…eg feed to with need to…

    lastly, the subtle…every Clerihew should ideally be whimsical, subtly funny..not just matter of fact…if nothing else you can think of to achieve this, not easy, hyperbole is accepted in itself as funny…eg your pitcher doesn’t throw 100 but 200.

  17. QUIZ QUESTION (no poetry, no looking up)

    What was the name of the last ML umpire to die on the job during a game? Where, about when, special day? What base was he working that day? Did he die at that base or some other?

    You have till first pitch this afternoon otherwise I win. Ha. Bonus point if you were there.

  18. If I recall correctly it was John McSherry from heat exhaustion behind home plate. I’d have to look up the other details.

  19. 27 — It was a heart attack. I believe McSherry was originally behind the plate in the Francisco Cabrera/Sid Bream game too but left early because of chest pains.

  20. 27/28

    Congrats the two of you.I remember it as being heat exhaustion, opening day, the old Riverfront Stadium. Most interesting to learn of the earlier chest pains.Let’s do this again some time, say in the hour before a game, new questions welcome.

  21. is telling me I’m blacked out for this game here in KS. Can anyone tell me of another place I can view this game?

  22. I had forgotten about that. How tragic. Wonder if he’d gotten medical clearance.

  23. From wiki:

    Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott was quoted as having said, “Snow this morning and now this. I don’t believe it. I feel cheated. This isn’t supposed to happen to us, not in Cincinnati. This is our history, our tradition, our team. Nobody feels worse than me.” Schott’s statement was criticized as a public gaffe, though supporters contended that she was thinking of the some 50,000 fans who had expected to see a baseball game and might be unable to attend a makeup game. Schott sent flowers to the umpire dressing room, but a story in the Dayton Daily News later said that the flowers had been given to Schott on Opening Day by Reds television affiliate WLWT in Cincinnati. According to the story, Schott hastily wrote a sympathy note and attached it to the flowers.[4]

  24. Between the defense and the current offensive roll of Santana, Kemp can probably get healthy for a couple of weeks.

  25. thanks for the pronunciation tip, Chip

    Sean Dem-eye-ah
    is a reputed Won/Loss denier
    the Wins are,naturally, his
    the Losses down to someone elses tizz.

  26. @33

    Yeah, I was gonna say…don’t think it was heat exhaustion on Opening Day in Cincinnati. It was a heart attack. He’d been having problems for years…had the plate for Game 7 of the NLCS and had to leave early in the game due to dizziness, as braves14 alluded to. I’ll let the ridiculous Marge Schott quote speak for itself.


    As ridiculous as those blackout zones are, would anyone be truly surprised if Kansas City was still in the Athletics’ blackout zone?

  27. @37

    Given how bad they were and the fact they sold all their best players to the Yankees for nothing, how many people in KC were A’s fans even back then?

  28. Matt Wisler with 6 scoreless so far for Gwinnett with 3 h, 2 bb, 2 K.

    Albies 3-4 with his 7th hr

  29. Wisler completed the 7 inning game with a shutout. The box score has him with no walks. I think there’s a good chance he has passed Sims for next starter up from Triple A.

  30. Prediction/guess…Phillips traded within next 10 days..Albies up

    Kemp soon thereafter…Acuna up.

    Danny Santana’s game changing play throwing out the guy with the lead off double. Beauty.

  31. “When we get to the 11th …”

    For that bit of presumption that surely angereth the baseball gods, Chip Caray will be at spiritual fault if the game is lost in the 10th.

  32. @52

    Absolutely. There is an opportunity to grab the 2nd wild-card especially (only 6.5 out), if they can continue this good play. Next month is crucial, with a much tougher schedule.

  33. We had 17 strikeouts and 10 walks as a pitching staff in that game. According to ESPN, that’s the first time in club history we had at least 17 strikeouts and 10 walks in a game since the mound moved to 60’6″ in 1893.

  34. On July 12, 1991, the Braves were 41-40 and 7.5 games out of the NL West lead. They’d spent most of the year toiling under .500 and had just then started to put together their winning ways. After that it was “win win win” as Skip used to say. Well, until the World Series.

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