Braves 5, Fish 4

Hey, I get to recap a win.

What’s not to love? Ender Inciarte came alive with 2 HRs, his first multi-homer game in a Braves uniform, and a rare surge of power from someone who hit 3 HRs in 523 ABs last year. He can be extremely valuable without hitting for power, but putting some over the fence is not a bad thing for a 26-year old outfielder to add to his game. He also made a terrific diving catch off a sinking liner. Statcast gave it a 41% probability of being caught. Good for him.

Freddie Freeman was also doing what Freddie Freeman does. He added a home run of his own, and did you know that he leads all players in wRC since the 2016 trading deadline? Literally everyone. He’s his own guy. Tyler Flowers contributed two hits, including the go-ahead RBI. Dansby also added a hard-hit single for a 1-4 day, and that leaves Adonis Garcia as the only regular who’s yet to put together any string of hits.

Jaime Garcia, again, was unimpressive. He only has 4 K’s in 11 total innings, and he’s giving up over a hit an inning while giving up 3 HRs in those 11 innings. He was the victim of another unearned run, and here’s another fun fact: we are second in errors per game, and we lead all of baseball in unearned runs. No team can say that they turn their own errors into opposing teams’ runs better than us. Tip your cap… to us. You can make a very reasonable argument that if the defense were to be cleaned up (maybe Jace Peterson at 3B and Ozzie Albies at 2B?), this team’s won-loss record would look a lot different.

It wasn’t all bad. The relievers combined for 4 IP, 5 K’s, and no hits, walks, or runs. Really impressive work. Both Eric O’Flaherty and Arodys Vizcaino struck out 2 in their lone innings, and Jose Ramirez and Jim Johnson were both smooth too.

Day off today. Brand new stadium tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks, Rob. Happy you got to write about a happy one.

    I watched the early innings of the game last night, and Jaime Garcia was off-and-on. He threw a wonderful fastball by Giancarlo when the dude was sitting on the off-speed stuff–one of the worst swings I’ve seen Stanton take. Late by what seemed like a full second. And his best pitch of the night might have been an early change-up to Marcell Ozuna, who was looking to keep wrecking us the way he did the night before. Fooled him.

    But more often it seemed like Garcia was having trouble finding the edges of the plate–he’d miss a couple inches inside, or a couple inches high and have to dig his way out of a 2-0 or 3-1 count. His command was erratic. A guy who thrives on generating weak contact really struggles when he’s behind in the count and doesn’t have the luxury of pecking away at the edges of the zone. Hopefully these starts are like extended spring training for him and he can find his feel again before the month is up.

    Other note: the Marlins ballpark is big, but we’ve seen a lot of home runs there the past two nights. Is baseball still using the juiced ball? I wouldn’t think in an indoor stadium that the ball would jump the way it has been.

  2. Apparently the 10-day DL influenced Kemp to get shut down. If we still had the 15-day, he would have probably stayed day-to-day. Perhaps we’d have had him back this weekend, but I’m glad we have the 10-day to make some of these injuries less of a roster crunch.

  3. I’m going to need a whole lot of cash to survive this adventure. Thanks cliff.

    Good day on the farm so far.

    Kolby Allard: 5 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 3 K and a pickoff.
    Jesse Biddle: 2.1 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 0 R, 3 K
    Demeritte: 2-3, 1 BB
    Connor Lien: 2-4 (4th OF potential). 23 years old. Strong speed. Killer ‘stache.

    Wisler: 6 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K
    Albies: 2-3, 2B
    Lane Adams: 2-4, 1.204 OPS in small sample. 27 years old. Potential 4th OF.

    If Biddle is healthy, I wonder how long until they put him in the ‘pen.

  4. @3

    LOL…you spend all offseason emphasizing that parking lots will be plastic only and then you decide you’re not taking plastic for opening weekend??? This gambit of insisting that people buy parking in advance is stupid, and it’s not going to work. You can highly recommend it, but there’s a lot of people who aren’t going to do it.

    I’m going to a game in late May, so hopefully they’ll have a significant portion of this idiocy figured out by then.

  5. I bought a parking pass on line. They won’t let me print it or my tickets. I have to use my phone.

    Kinda sad.

  6. Rob @ 5,

    I read the article to say they are not accepting ANY payment in official Braves lots on day of game 1 and game 2. Buy ahead or don’t get in.

  7. This is shaping up to be rather hilarious. The good thing about this weekend is that we get to play the Padres.

  8. Yes my prepaid parking for lot 43 ($21.10) is only available on the ballpark app apparently. Also the app is really slow sometimes, so if you are going, pull up the ticket on the app and take a picture of it so you don’t have to open the app when arriving.

    It also says parking lot will only open 90 minutes before the game which has to be wrong right? I’m heading down at 2 from Chattanooga so I should be there at 3:30-4:00 and the park is supposed to open at 4:30 tonight.

  9. We plan on getting there around 3:30 and seeing the outside areas of the stadium. I don’t think we will go in before 5 PM, but even then, that would be too soon if it’s 90 minutes. Not sure I believe that.

  10. So they built The Battery as destination where fans can hang out and spend money before and after the game, but you can’t actually get there until the game is about to start? Hilarious.

  11. I haven’t seen this in any threads. KLaw updated his prospect rankings deleting anybody in the Majors. Braves have 5 of the first 43. Albies, Allard, Acuna, Fried, and Anderson.

  12. Hursh got sent down a day after getting called up for some reason, and Luke Jackson was called up.

  13. Love that they honored Aaron above all in the pregame. To me, the Hammer will always be the greatest Brave. I still wish they had named the ballpark for him. (I know, I know, that’s not how the world works.)

  14. playing the Pads is at least a nice reminder that, no matter our woes, we are no longer in the Chacin-Aybar phase of the rebuild.

  15. Simpson asking the SunTrust president “so this is like Mr. Rogers neighborhood huh?” was hilar.

  16. Inciarte homered 3 times in 522 at bats last year. He has now homered 3 times in his last 7 at bats this year.

  17. Erick Aybar
    did not think Julio would go that far
    his ass straining towards first base
    he regards the whole thing as an absolute disgrace.

  18. First of all a great game for Ender. Freddie looks to still be locked in. Dansby looks a little lost right now. Pen looked dominant (IWOTP).

    In spite of all the doom and gloom all went really well. Granted I come from north of the park in Acworth so travel in and out was a piece of cake – about half the time to get to Turner Field and a third what it would take for a big game so selfishly I’m pleased. Honesty requires some critical points though :


  19. ugghhh.. I edited the comment but it didn’t take (apologies)…

    1. As expected, STP is more expensive. Figure 20% fewer seats and a strong interest to drive top line revenue and there you go. A-List discount is more attractive now and I kind of regret not getting the minimum package to get the discount – especially as we will likely go to more games now than in the past

    2. Concession lines were pretty choked. Training/connectivity issues meant card readers did’t work and some some people didn’t get their A-list discount from e-ticket scans. That will work out over time, but I am a little worried the concourses may prove to be a choke point (will be a greater issue on upper level)

    3. Parking worked great and was well organized but we had a long walk. Doesn’t bother me and I would rather walk than sit in traffic, but be prepared or choose your lot wisely. Maybe the better health in Cobb County will bring lower health care costs that will offset the tax hits (if / when they come). The distributed model of multiple lots and traffic patterns meant we drove home with minimal traffic.

    Overall a really great night. While I doubt Cobb County will see quantifiable benefits in tax base to offset cost, I thiknk it was a good play for County. Bradley had a good coulumn in the AJC which basically said that any new park would be this nice, but to have the area around the park is something that would have never happened at Turner Field, and I don’t think there would have been any ITP location where it would taken place – at least not quickly. It seems to have been a good business deal for all involved.

    Heading back tonight (Last night’s tix were an impulse buy on stubhub – couldn’t miss opening night)

    Sorry for the commentus interruptus

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