Yes. We’re still standing.

If someone had offered you the choice before today’s game of losing it but Newcomb having a great debut or winning it but he was poor would you really have had to take much time deciding?  No. And that’s what we got. A terrific outing from our new guy through 6 1/3 innings, an offense stifled by the excellent Gsellman and a blow out finish to wrap it up.

Sean’s opening innings, his opening PITCH was pretty amazing. Lovely slow curve biting into the first two batters who both took it. His bearing on the mound impressed, he stayed calm and cool throughout(except for his error, rushing the throw ,on a comebacker, to second for an easy double play) Fastball mainly in the low nineties but that’s not his main weapon. It’s there when hitters start obsessing with dealing with his curve and become easy prey.It was a terrific debut, without qualification. With all the fuss beforehand about his walks he had only one unintentional.

Newcomb finished after 6 1/3 with 4 hits, one walk, one run (unearned, his error). 7 strike outs. Wow, we were so happy. It’s pretty fairy tale stuff when you stop to think about it. Who cares we lost the game, we gained immeasurably more.

Things that happened during the game. We stayed down 1-0 seemingly for ever unable to hit Gsellman. Brandon eventually hit a solo homer in the 8th but by that time they had added a second of the rubbishy Jackson who then went on to load the bases in the 9th and give up a grand slam to the returning, and ailing, Cespedes. Game over.

Our defense was poor, sloppy, 2 errors. Drop the embargo on Camargo, what is Snit playing at? Listen to the sound of the ball off his bat, more than half the time. All time feeble pinch hit from Matt Kemp. Matt A, go oppo field more, you’ve plenty power there. Ender, another fabulous catch in right center!

We shall return. We’re still standing.