“I could not love thee, here, so much,  loved I not gonners more.’

Respectability of sorts appeared late in this evening’s contest on another rainy night when it looked more than likely we were heading towards a repeat of yesterday’s shut out. They only had a 5 run lead this time but Adonis then hit a 3 run bomb in the 7th to break our duck and we even had, sort of, a mildly suspenseful finish.

‘We pitch such stuff as nightmares are made of, then our little life is rounded with a sleep.’

On paper then, if you just looked at the score, it looked close.  It was nothing of the sort. We were totally outclassed in every department and none more so than starting pitching. Something has gone completely haywire with our starters of late who seem to be a lot more intimidated by STP and its short confines than the opposition.

If you prick us do we not bleed?’

That was certainly true tonight, Leake was masterful, totally in control from his first pitch. Much improved in terms of control from his, decent, early days at GABP. Julio was awful, his third bad start in a row. After three innings Leake had thrown 30 pitches, JT 72 and we were three runs down, again. They were in two different Worlds, Leake’s ERA under 2, Teheran in the high single digits. The starters as a unit now give up more than one earned run an innings.

‘Hell is empty and at all levels we hear.’

Matt Adams, slimmed down version.. Having tonked a hearty homer into the Chop Shop he took up his duties patrolling left field there being no way he was going to replace Carpenter, who also chopped the shop, at first base. Kemp’s line drive double split the fielders, gained the wall, and Adams dutifully scurried along the track towards it, only to be well beaten by the center fielder. It was watching him run that made the evening palatable. The chosen camera angle was predominantly from the rear which emphasized his large ass and his tiny strides which propelled him in more of a wiggle than a run. He looked like a tired rooster frantically trying to escape the pot.

‘For this relief much thanks.’

MVP, Mike Leake.   According to Joe, as a high schooler they competed in the Avacado League in Ca and he was MVP there too. Where was our man?

‘Good Night, Good Night

Parting is such sweet

sorrow, that I shall say good

night ’till a better pitched morrow.’