Meat Ball Braves 3 California Avacado Cardinals 5

“I could not love thee, here, so much,  loved I not gonners more.’

Respectability of sorts appeared late in this evening’s contest on another rainy night when it looked more than likely we were heading towards a repeat of yesterday’s shut out. They only had a 5 run lead this time but Adonis then hit a 3 run bomb in the 7th to break our duck and we even had, sort of, a mildly suspenseful finish.

‘We pitch such stuff as nightmares are made of, then our little life is rounded with a sleep.’

On paper then, if you just looked at the score, it looked close.  It was nothing of the sort. We were totally outclassed in every department and none more so than starting pitching. Something has gone completely haywire with our starters of late who seem to be a lot more intimidated by STP and its short confines than the opposition.

If you prick us do we not bleed?’

That was certainly true tonight, Leake was masterful, totally in control from his first pitch. Much improved in terms of control from his, decent, early days at GABP. Julio was awful, his third bad start in a row. After three innings Leake had thrown 30 pitches, JT 72 and we were three runs down, again. They were in two different Worlds, Leake’s ERA under 2, Teheran in the high single digits. The starters as a unit now give up more than one earned run an innings.

‘Hell is empty and at all levels we hear.’

Matt Adams, slimmed down version.. Having tonked a hearty homer into the Chop Shop he took up his duties patrolling left field there being no way he was going to replace Carpenter, who also chopped the shop, at first base. Kemp’s line drive double split the fielders, gained the wall, and Adams dutifully scurried along the track towards it, only to be well beaten by the center fielder. It was watching him run that made the evening palatable. The chosen camera angle was predominantly from the rear which emphasized his large ass and his tiny strides which propelled him in more of a wiggle than a run. He looked like a tired rooster frantically trying to escape the pot.

‘For this relief much thanks.’

MVP, Mike Leake.   According to Joe, as a high schooler they competed in the Avacado League in Ca and he was MVP there too. Where was our man?

‘Good Night, Good Night

Parting is such sweet

sorrow, that I shall say good

night ’till a better pitched morrow.’

58 thoughts on “Meat Ball Braves 3 California Avacado Cardinals 5”

  1. I was at the game. We left after six; it was cold and damp and hopeless. The games are becoming boring to watch, which is not a good thing at all.

  2. @1

    No it’s not, agreed. They were talking full house last night, correct? And what about traffic, getting there, parking?

    Coop…thanks,I do try ya know, to be celebratory…had a E.John theme all prepped for victory last night.
    ‘Saturday/Saturday that’s alright’ etc…such waste.

    Frankly i think they were still in shock from reading your cutting diatribe earlier in the day…Julio must have been particularly miffed…but then aren’t we all? cheers.

  3. I was unimpressed by STF. A full write up to come, but I found everything except the actual seats and field to be inferior – often dramatically so – to Turner Field. Parking is a mess, and the walk to and from the stadium is unpleasant at best. Concessions are a fiasco. Entering the stadium is slow because they underestimated the flow requirements.

    I won’t be back soon.

  4. I don’t see Kyle Muller assigned to a team yet. He appears to be in extended spring training. Does anyone have any info on his status? Is he injured?

  5. Using my exhaustive googling skills, Mikemc, I discovered … absolutely nothing. Muller was last heard from in mid February from what I found.

  6. Went to the game, my thoughts:

    – Getting there was a pain in the ass, we sat at the light on Cobb and Circle 75 outside the Battery for a solid 10 minutes without moving at one point. My uber driver said this always happens.
    – The Battery had some nice bars and stuff but they could have done it on Capitol Ave if they’d wanted to
    – Getting in was slow, concession lines were long and inefficient
    – The stadium is nice enough but there’s nothing really interesting about it
    – The team sucks
    – Getting an uber out was a stupid process and even though they’ve partnered with them they still slap a surge price on it to where it cost 6 of us $90 to get an uber XL. All in all I paid $34 to get there and back from Midtown, it would cost me $5 on marta but hey fuck me right?

    So yeah, I was under-whelmed.

  7. On pace for 63 wins, your 2017 Atlanta Braves!

    Seriously. The entire rotation and bullpen sucks. How did this happen? All of the prognosticators that has us as terrible all said it’d be because of the offense. The FO thought they had so many good pitchers that they felt they literally didn’t have enough spaces for them all, so they created one! This is troubling.

  8. So based on the typical fan frustration tree, you would start with individual players. But there are a cluster of individual players on one side of the ball. So we blame that side of the ball’s coach. But do you also blame the manager? Tough decision. The offense is performing well, so he’s off the hook.

    Pitching coach. We blame the pitching coach. Fire him. Fire him now.

  9. This is pretty interesting:

    RE: #Braves SS Dansby Swanson's consistent hard contact, which has not garnered expected results. @mlbbowman pointed this out on Saturday.— Grant McAuley (@grantmcauley) May 7, 2017

    Dansby is 2nd in balls hit with an exit velocity over 100 MPH. He’s gotten a hit a little over half as much as other players. I mentioned this a few weeks ago back when it was a much smaller sample size, but it’s becoming a larger trend. He’s been bad, sure, but I think he’s been pretty unlucky. And then I think the hitting woes take you into the field. I just hope he can put together a couple multi-hit games and get his confidence back up. Jace, at least with what my eyes tell me, has been similarly unlucky.

    Also, about once a week, all 4 active affiliates have games on the same days and throw a pitching prospect in each game. This is one of those days:

    Jackson AAA
    Soroka AA
    Gohara A+
    Anderson A

  10. Justice is perverse. He I excoriate for Patkin, I laud for Ender. What gives? I seek no shades. Give me simple black and white.

    I think the rebuild’s on track despite the recent work of Julio and Folty. I like seeing Jace at short. Dansby needed a few days off, and it builds Jace’s worth.

    Farm’s bringing in a nice crop of pitchers. I have my personal favorite, but there are plenty to root for. They might do, but it’s a far piece from might and doing.

    The bats look thin or young. My 17 year old high school grandsons are great kids, and they can’t stay right with momma. If Miguel Cabrera’s hiding in them, it’s hard to see. If you split their heads open, all that’d fall out would be fantasized female parts.

    There’s a lot of growing up to do between being a teenage boy and a major league all star third baseman. Pray that our geezers in left and right and at second can still swing the cane when the arms make it.

    I don’t know what I expect or want other than I sure would like to quit streaking.

  11. The mark of a good losing streak is you’re always behind in your first at-bat. We need to hit the road to have a chance to get a lead.

  12. I’ve only been to STP once so far. It’s nice, the Battery has potential, and parking isn’t bad if you know where to go. My complaint was the concourses are far too small. Concessions are a clusterfsck and there’s no room to walk anywhere.

    This won’t be a problem once everyone has been once and attendance falls back to where it deserves to be for a 60 win team.

  13. So that Cards kid that just got his first MLB hit and got picked off is 21 and was called up straight from A ball.

  14. Maybe we shouldn’t help out a struggling pitcher (2.33 WHIP) by giving him a free out, but what do I know?

  15. I’m pretty surprised at the Suntrust Park negativity. I was there Friday with my 14 year old daughter and thought the field was great. Even though we lost 10 to 0 and it was cold and rainy, the fans were good and it was a great experience. We stayed at a hotel within walking distance, so I can’t speak for the traffic and parking. People I talked to at the game and elsewhere were upbeat about the Stadium.

  16. It’s a beautiful stadium and the seats I’ve been in were fantastic – so close to the action. Again, my only complaint is about the concourses. Some of that is fixable with simple things like roping off the concession lines so you don’t have masses of humanity completely blocking all foot traffic.

  17. Nice AB by Flowers there. He’s been more than we could have asked for so far.

  18. It’s no longer “tie goes to the runner,” it’s “tie goes to what was called on the field.”

    And here comes EOF. Ballgame.

  19. Yeah if the call on the field had been safe it would have stood as well. No way was replay gonna change that one.

  20. My vote would be to get rid of replay altogether. I thought mlb wanted to decrease average game times!

  21. Alabama had a shortstop named Mikey White who was drafted by the Athletics a few years ago. For some reason he reminds me of Kolten Wong from the Cardinals. I guess I just struggle distinguishing White from Wong.

  22. Well, when your fastball doesn’t break 85, balls will get hit like that.

  23. I am at the point where I can’t wait until we sell off our 1 year rentals in the rotation so we can see Sims, Newcomb, and maybe Wiegel.

  24. @48 ..and then force Coppy to drink it for foisting such a disgusting pitching staff on us Braves fans?

    That wasn’t where you were going with that, was it?

  25. @49, it’s definitely where I *should* have been going, lol. Whatcha think Coppy, tastes clean?

  26. I still say we don’t know a lot more about the Braves than we did to start the season. Starting pitching, bullpen and hitting have all looked decent at times and terrible at times (right now ). I generally blame a streaky team on the manager or youthfulness. With the age of our pitching staff and veteran hitters, I’m not sure if youthfulness applies. I’m still undecided on Snitker.

  27. I was gonna blame Snitker for consistently putting one of our worst hitters in the 2-spot, but it’s the same thing that Fredi and Bobby did.

    Sometimes I’m not sure if we even have another good hitter after Freeman, but if I were making the lineup card I’d bat Neck 2nd and Garcia almost never.

  28. Freddie is on pace for both the first ever 60HR/20SB season and a top ten all time WAR campaign. Not that that’s very likely to happen, but this bar has started to fell kinda negative lately and I’d rather revel in what greatness we’ve got than wallow in the Bonifacios.

  29. Freddie playing 81 games per year in this bandbox (STP) is going to hit 40 HRs pretty much every year now as the default. There’s that. But not much else.

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