Know thy enemy…to set the mood.

Their swords, our knuckles.

Tonight’s game will be played in beautiful, balmy weather. Yesterday’s, not-  suffering under conditions we Brits call Brass Monkey Weather. Guess?  Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey – a typical souvenir brought home from the days of the Raj. As we are about to witness a game consisting entirely of balls and strikes, surely apropos.

POST MORTEM…another game that was tight – we started up 2 and then it somehow got away…the DP’s and errors loomed large in that but the worst part of losing was to waste the outstanding debut of RA Dickey who went beyond 100 pitches with only 3 earned runs in an exemplary performance. Not that far behind him till he tired late was his catcher, Suzuki. There’s some promise there.


Dickey… great debut plus endurance.

Jace…ok game, triple off the wall, good base running. Looked like he belongs for now.

Krol…OK, Ramirez too.

Dansby…coming around, another hard hit double.

Phillips…big double but bad error and GIDP’s.  But he can drive the ball still.

Neck/Ender…you can see them coming around too.



Freddie Freeman…quite awful by his standards….one good dive stop to save another error but…he is starting to look like April/May last year at the end of which he had climbed to .240…i can’t take another 30 odd games like this…swinging through average fastballs down the middle and chasing them up and away – just to speed things up a bit? Why? …runners stranded all over…Jeez, how do you reconcile this with his second half last year and even his very hot effort in NY earlier in this week…SSS? yes but…he did the same last year and it went on till June.

Snit…there’s no excuse for D’Arnaud in the ninth with the tying runs on and Recker on the bench….it’s absurd.

Our Offense…of the 4 runs we scored tonight two came from a bloop hit from our pitcher…the other 2 could be put down to the Marte/Polanko combo in the outfield doing their best Claude/Gaston routine no less than three times in the last 24 hours while one of the still best CF’s in baseball languishes in right. Crazy stuff, how long will that last?

GIDP’s…infuriating tonight, is it all just bad luck? Is it naive to ask the hitter to think elevate if and when the pitcher allows…they always seem to hit low screamers…it killed us.

Errors/Infield defense…Lay off my man Adonis, the line drive machine…remember how he turned this defense around last year when he cane back up…plus i wouldn’t doubt he was still cold from Friday! Acuna will keep, then Maitan,,,Dansby one wide throw but Freddie too played a part. Phillips couldn’t handle a hot shot with the infield in. We will improve here, rapidly I believe.


Question    Which NL hitters hit into the most line drive outs?  By eye please.

Answer       Adonis and Buster Posey. Kemp threatens. Come back soon, like tomorrow.