Braves 7, Padres 3

The combination of the school year starting again and my teaching young children has resulted in a head cold for me, so my brain is admittedly a bit cloudy. I didn’t realize how bad it actually must be, though, until I checked the final score this morning and find that my brain is processing the information I am reading as Julio Teheran won a game at home and the Braves offense pounded out double digit hits in route to a victory. The only thing I can figure is that I must be reading the box score upside down somehow, because if I flipped it over it would read “Braves L”, and that feels comfortable and right. I should perhaps have left recapping honors to someone who could actually pass along accurate information, but instead I’ll let you all into the fantasy my brain is creating today and let you glimpse what a Braves win would be like.

Our old friend Edwin Jackson returned to Turner Field and was treated rather rudely. The Braves knocked him out of the box in the 3rd when they put up a 5 spot on the board. Julio got it all started with a leadoff double, which was followed by consecutive singles by Inciarte, Garcia, and Freddie. Matt Kemp then popped up the first pitch he saw, but Markakis walked on four pitches and Tyler Flowers brought home the third run with a sacrifice fly. That offense alone feels like a gluttony of riches, but Peterson and Swanson both wanted in on the fun too, and they both came through with two-out, full-count, run-scoring singles to turn the lineup over and bring up Teheran again. Rather than let Jackson face the pitcher for the second time, Andy Green pulled him then and there to put an end to the madness.

Teheran, probably exhausted by all the excitement of having to run the bases and bat twice in one inning, gave two of those runs back in the 4th on a home run to Oswaldo Arcia. That was all he would allow, though, through 7 innings. I didn’t see his entire performance, but he looked pretty darn sharp in what I did catch of it, and it felt good to see him pitch like that again.

The Braves rounded out their scoring when Swanson picked up two more two-out RBIs on the evening with a 5th inning double. The Padres managed to tack on a final run in the 9th off of Ian Krol, but that was all they could manage. The Braves kicked off the homestand with a 7-3 victory. It’s rather nice when they get to pick on someone their own size.

With this win, the Braves are almost to 50 on the season! A win on Wednesday could get them there before September. Who woulda thunk?

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  1. @72 from last thread: In the Braves defense, the Twins are on an amazing hot streak and you just have to tip your cap to them.

  2. Dog names?

    Or if its a great dog: Mac

    @4 – terrific.

    I’m starting to like the team on the field. The pitching outside of JT is sketchy but the the position play looks way better than the start of the season. Hopefully the rest of the young arms don’t go the way Blair has.

  3. Does anyone else think Dansby reminds them of a young Robin Yount? Maybe it’s the hair, but there’s also something similar in the way they are built and the way they move. Granted, Robin came to the bigs as an 18 year old and had a HOF career and I’m not predicting that from Swanson, but so far I like what I see.

  4. joel, how can you think of Robin Yount at a time like this? A dog’s name hangs in the balance.

    Freddie Fleaman.

  5. Oops, missed that the first dog was named Chipper.

    I think you change it up a bit – call him Larry, Jr.

  6. Minnesota now tied the Braves for worst record. Can management please use some worse players to win us the #1 pick?

  7. @28, I just saw that in my perusal of the standings. If we have another late-season collapse I’m going to freak out.

  8. Ozzie is a solid name for a dog. I have no problem with the unique names of the day, but no one wants to be the guy yelling Mackenzie at a dog park.

  9. Really, really funny stuff on here. My wife even got a kick out of them.

    Friend of mine actually has a dog named Ender, but he was named after Ender’s Game.

    Dansby, Mallex, and Ozzie, like Chipper, are solid names for dogs. But I want to pick a name for a player who will be here for the long haul. I don’t feel very good about Mallex, I feel pretty good about Ozzie, but I definitely think Dansby could be here in Atlanta the entire life of said pup.

    By the way, I use a fake name to be funny every now and again, kinda like how Jack Reacher uses Yankee second basemen, and my fake name is Biff Pocoroba. Of course, no one buys it, so it’s funny, but I don’t think I could name my dog Biff.

  10. @31 – Its not like the dog will care. Heck, If I ever get another dog I may name her Biff.

    I am surprised no one suggested Roughned. Ruffned?

    or Snit, or Jace, or DOB.

  11. I used to nave a cat named Eephus. Although I’m now wishing I’d gone with Jeff Meowser.

  12. Wonderful recap, ma’am. Your writing skills are undiminished by your clogged sinuses. Playing hurt and getting it done. Hooray, ‘Rissa!

  13. 1R through 4 for Wisler. His crap usually doesn’t work the second time through the order.

  14. Tyrell Jenkins is a remarkable pitcher. Through 6 innings in Gwinnett tonight, he has allowed no runs on one hit. That is in spite of 7 (seven!) walks and only 4 K’s.

  15. I’m afraid the Twins may just be unstoppable….

    On the other hand: Acuna and Riley have HRs for Rome tonight. Riley has 19 in 479 at bats.

  16. Jenkins is really frustrating. But I do wonder if they have him working on something specific. I can’t imagine our entire rebuild being built on pitching, we get all of these old scouts back in the system, and then they have a guy so close to the majors sent down to AAA to just keep doing what he’s been doing.

  17. On a day where we were able to pass the time during a losing season with the naming of a dog, Chip Caray uttered this funny line, “With two ducks on the pond, who better to enter the game than Dan Quackenbush?”

  18. I say he’s remarkable because he’s been very successful at AAA with horrible K:BB stats–as bad as I’ve seen. It’s truly something to behold. I do think he has the raw material to succeed at MLB, but he has a long way to go with those peripherals

  19. Albies and Peterson will play together in the AFL. I’m now thinking there’s very low odds that we see any interesting Sept call ups. Football season is almost here to save us.

  20. Complete list of Braves AFL’ers: Chris Ellis, Akeel Morris, Evan Phillips, and Bradley Roney for pitchers. Kade Scivicque at catcher (Aybar trade). Albies and Demeritte in the field, and Peterson in the OF. I’m glad Ellis, Peterson, and Morris are playing because they could easily prove something that would help them and the Braves in 2017.

    On the radio broadcast, one of the announcers speculated that the reason Albies may not be called up is because they feel urgency to see what they have with Jace Peterson more than Albies. They know Albies will be good, but they want to have Peterson play another month consistently to prove he’s a major league player. With so much young talent, these moves could really pay dividends.

  21. Our top two scouts watched the Tebow exhibition. You have to think our real estate moguls are foaming at the mouth at the idea. Tebow + WFF = $$$ no matter what our record.

    Even though it’ll be easy to make fun of it, I would welcome something colorful to what I believe to be the most unexciting/vanilla pro sports city on earth.

  22. Someone on Twitter said that Aguilas del Zulia, the team that offered Tebow a contract, is managed by Eddie Perez and has some sort of connection to the Braves.

    People are already saying that Tebow is a better prospect than Michael Jordan, FWIW. One of those failed GMs on Baseball Tonight said that the consensus scouting was that his speed and power were already above average for the major leagues, but his outfield footwork was balky, his arm had no carry, and his contact was subpar. For makeup, they gave him an 80. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up in high-A next year and has an accelerated opportunity to earn his way to a major league team by the end of 2017. With that timeline, I think he’ll stall badly at AA or AAA, and this thing could get awkward.

  23. Adonis Garcia is a pretty good player. I hope we don’t obligate tens of millions and several years to a slightly better third baseman

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