The Dandy Deke / That old love Story…Rockies 8 Braves 4

We sorta know the way these games go lately. A decent start, a run or two. We give up a couple but our man is pitching decently against a vastly superior line up . A 47 minute rain delay. We even take a one run lead on the restart which is nice but, even better, we hold it going into the sixth. Wisler could get the win for Pete’s sake. And then.

The barrage began slowly, inexorably as we tried to go through that daunting middle order. There was a walk, the second one to score to this point and then the floodgates opened and Wisler departed with only one out. On came Kroll who was pathetic and didn’t look bothered by it. Walked two of the three he faced. Five runs had scored when Cabrera came on and comprehensively flattened the detritus. Something  we can do that they can’t.

Midst this carnage of an innings though, there came a jewel. To brighten, lighten the load of what now was  surely heading for another loss. A deke, a veritable deke. By a Brave, our man Ender who we all know never makes a mistake going back on a ball.

Well, he did.  Apparently. He looked to misjudge where a deep line drive was settling, stopped whilie it went over his head and rebounded back to him off the wall. Let me admit, likely with no company here, he fooled me. But not Uncle Joe who gleefully replayed it thus showing a base runner similarly fooled who failed to advance another base. Watching it over, now enlightened, was a joy, special. If he could only hit.

Braves threatened in the top of the eighth but could only score one run when they had brought the tying run to the plate with just one out. Story rubbed it in with yet another homer in the bottom of the innings, 5 Rbi’s. This off JJ who gave a passable imitation of a right handed Kroll regarding quality and interest.

The game ended, appropriately, with Story starting a double play.

Sic transit euphoria. The ones that we do lead, latish, we somehow know won’t end well. Why? Well, we all know why.

But that deke will live in the memory.


50 thoughts on “The Dandy Deke / That old love Story…Rockies 8 Braves 4”

  1. Well done, fellow geezer.

    Wins may not mean anything as far as pitchers are concerned, but I remember them fondly.

  2. Open question: if you’re a GM about to trade a “kings ransom” in prospects for a pitcher who pulls an infantile stunt like this, are you still interested?

    I’m pulling my chips off the table.

    It reminds me of the days when Sparky Lyle was playing, and you wanted to be sure and get to the post game buffet before he did.

  3. @2

    On the outside looking in, could you not easily chalk everything going on in the Sox clubhouse up to organizational instability?

  4. I guess you’re taking a gamble that Sale becomes a model citizen if he leaves the “dysfunctional” clubhouse and joins yours. I’m not taking that bet because 1) I’m not sure the Chicago leadership is all that out of whack and 2) I’m seriously considering whether Sale’s schtick is a cause or effect of said dysfunction. My money is on the former.

  5. I wouldn’t care if he’s a bit of nutjob as long as he pitches like he has been. The reason you don’t do it is more due to where we are in the rebuild and what we’d have to give up.

  6. We have $60 mil to spend via FA. You don’t trade your farm away when all you have is pitching and you are trading for pitching. Sale makes sense as a FA but not via trade.

    Trumbo could be an target this offseason

  7. @6, exactly. And if Sale is unhappy in Chicago, imagine him sitting in our dugout with a 4-9 record watching our ‘pen let another potential win for him slip away.

  8. The Braves are now 4.5 games worse than the Twins. That top pick in next year’s draft is likely.

  9. Mallex

    That would be our lineup if we grabbed Bautista and Trumbo via FA. Probably the only two big RH’d bats available this offseason. Of course that means trading Markakis and Inciarte. Would that produce enough offense?

  10. It would produce a lot more than we have now. But so would pretty much any other lineup you could imagine. It will be nice to see what’s possible when/if we stop tanking.

  11. I don’t think we’re going to be surrendering a draft pick (even though it would only be a 2nd rounder) or the slot money associated with said draft pick. Trumbo is likely to get a qualifying offer, so count us out. Man, what a time to hit 50 homers–good for Trumbo.

    Bautista is less certain, but I still expect him to get a QO. In any case, it probably doesn’t make sense for this team to sign 36-year-olds to high-dollar, multi-year contracts.

  12. I just don’t understand the impulse to spend the money just to spend the money, or to be mediocre instead of bad at the expense of handicapping the team with paying a declining player large dollars in the years that the team has a chance to be good.

    I also don’t understand the team even considering trading prospects for Sale. He’d be our best pitcher, and IS what the prospects only have a CHANCE to become, but we’d still lose 60% of his starts, albeit 2-0 instead of 3 or 4-0. Record-wise, we’d be almost the same team, except without the 3 or 4 big prospects it took to acquire him.

    If you want to blow a huge chunk of prospect value in one deal, pry Kyle Seager away from Seattle or something. Get a hitter at 3B or C. Not another pitcher.

  13. We need pitchers as much as hitters. The whole team is wretched, and our fantasy pitching prospects are years away.

    *If* we were also willing to spend a ton of money to fill in other holes, then doing a trade like Swanson+others for Sale would definitely be something that would accelerate the timeline.

    The problem is that it’s hard to see who they could spend money on that would fill in the offensive holes. 2017 is most likely just another unwatchable year, except that we get to see the middle infield prospects instead of Aybar.

  14. @15, total nonsense. We are unequivocally the worst offensive team in baseball. It’s not close. Our pitching is merely below average. We have a couple of pieces in Teheran and Folty, and an average pen. And that’s not considering the minor leagues where we are severely lopsided toward pitching prospects. Our best power bat in the upper minors is a left fielder who has 8 homers at AA, and the lower minors aren’t much better.

  15. Sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that we are in serious talks about Sale. Not a chance.

  16. I see Shelby Miller is available….I’d be open for buying him back for $0.10 vs. what we sold him for to see if McDowell can fix him again…

  17. @16, I would posit that we’re the worst offense only because we’re trying to be. Replace SS, 2B, and 3B with league average, buy an OF, and all of a sudden it’s a lot less ludicrous to contemplate Chris Sale or any other “ace”. We need to be great at some facet of the game. Pitching seems like the most likely area.

  18. @17, we’re not…not anymore than 20 other teams I’m sure. It’s time to start thinking about how we get better though. Waiting until 2020 for prospects that are a crapshoot isn’t my cup of tea. We could spend 60 or 70 million in additional payroll if we wanted to.

  19. @19

    Challenge trade: Aaron Blair for Shelby Miller. Interestingly, I would almost rather have Blair anywhere with all of the years of control he has left.

  20. All of the collections of five top prospects for Chris Sale would be a bad direction for this team. We’re 10 players away from being in contention, and trading five projectable talents to get one stud pitcher would be crazy. Someone may very well do it, which is very surprising.

    There were plenty of players out there last offseason that signed 1 or 2 year deals that the Braves could sign to change this thing around very quickly (and within our budget), but some of them were made qualifying offers. It would suggest to me that the Braves are not interested in losing any picks. If that’s the case, then they’ll be limited in FA, and they may very well have to take bad contracts so that they don’t lose a pick. At the end of the day, if they feel like they won’t hurt the team long-term to compete in 2017, they can, and I trust them to make the best use of current major leaguers, prospects, and cash.

  21. I assume we will discuss taking Jaren Kendall, but take some 6’6 lefty from New York with the pick

  22. Man, the Braves are getting schooled this series. This is U-G-L-Y.

    Also – Jenkins’ mechanics seem… awkward at times. He’s completely pulled a couple fastballs to the glove side, totally wasted pitches.

  23. Most teams feel like they’re still in it when they get down 4 runs in Colorado…

  24. When Jace Peterson gets to first, Eddie should hand him an anchor. He needs to be stopped. 15 career SB, 14 career caught.

  25. @31 Why, attempting to steal bases in Colorado is such bad strategy that it’s almost like the Braves are… trying… to lose!

    (Somehow, even pretending that the Braves’ utter incompetence (hi Aybar, hi Olivera!) is intentional hardly helps. This is rough.)

  26. Yeah I feel the same way. I know we’re trying to lose. I’ve accepted it in a clinical/detached sort of way. But when watching these games it’s still hard to remain calm.

  27. I might agree that the front office is trying to lose, but Snitker and the players have no interest in tanking. Their major league careers are riding on their performances in many cases, certainly for Jace Peterson and Brian Snitker.

  28. @34, He’s still got a lot of rust to shake off. He will be perpetually shaking off rust.

  29. @22 – Ha! I was actually thinking the same. Watching Blair the first time up, his stuff actually reminded me of Tim Hudson a bit, except he was 89-91 with the fastball. The walks won’t play anywhere, but even if we assume he’ll eventually clean it up, I’d rather take a chance on Shelby as Blair’s off speed isn’t good enough to cover that velocity.

    Now, I thought I saw Coppy say Blair is back up to 91-95 and if that’s actually true, I’ll probably agree with you as if he can get his BB/9 in the mid 2 range, the HR prevention combined with the GB rate is intriguing.

  30. @35, that’s true, but it’s not like we’re telling a bunch of awesome players to play below their abilities. Most of the guys on this team are only in the majors because we’re trying to tank.

  31. Obviously, it worked out beautifully, but does Miller’s collapse say anything about the Braves’ talent evaluation? Without the D-Backs providing a king’s ransom, would the Braves be dealing with the same problem that got pushed onto Stewart’s books?

  32. wow .. these guys are bad … our young pitchers are getting torched .. and we have NO offense … very bad … if we dont spend or draft some hitters we dont have the pitching to compete .. these Rockies hitters are just laying back .. no inside pitches to get them off plate nothing .. we have some gutless guys …

  33. Unlucky that we caught them while they were heating up…

    From the comic relief dept: Rosenthal tweeted this today

    Rival executive: #Braves aggressively shopping Aybar, Francoeur, left-handed relievers.

  34. 99 games and we are 33-66 so the math is easy:

    Current winning pct: .333

    Projected record: 54-108

    Needed to avoid 100 losses: 30-33 (.476)

    Needed to win 60 games: 27-36 (.429)

    Needed to win 50 games: 17-46 (.270)

  35. Just watched all four games of that series in person. At least I got free tickets for three of them. I got what I paid for.

    I would be content never seeing Francoeur, Aybar and AJP again. The holy trinity of bad baseball. Let them go be Nippon Ham Fighters if they want a paycheck to play. (Although Snitker running Francoeur out there against a RHP tells me that he, too, just doesn’t give a crap.)

    No fan of Beckham, either. He blew a freaking bubble with his gum while running down to first a couple of nights back.

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