Twins: 0, Blind Squirrel: Nut

Our old friend, #SmellBaseball, toed the rubber for the Twins tonight, and pitched a beauty. He struck out five and gave up seven hits, and ended up throwing under 100 pitches in his complete game effort. An Adonis Garcia home run in the 2nd and a Jace Peterson GIDP to score A.J. Pierzynski in the 3rd were the only things that marred his night.

Astonishingly enough, the Braves were able to top Santana with a Harrell/Cabrera/Cervenka/Withrow/Johnson combination. They combined to throw 142 pitches, but shut the Twins out and limited them to five hits.

It was a feat you wouldn’t have predicted based on the Braves recent work, but, sometimes, even the blind squirrel finds the nut. And, really, if you think about it, nobody can lose every single game, not even the 2016 Atlanta Braves, try as they may. And they really do seem to be trying. There may come a day when victories are no longer scarce and winning baseball in Atlanta is expected again…but it is not this day. This day we [almost always] lose.

20 thoughts on “Twins: 0, Blind Squirrel: Nut”

  1. Spoke to someone in town who passed this along: Braves and Royals have been talking Markakis for Soria and Dozier. Been going back and forth on potential side pieces, and the Royals can’t decide if they’re buyers or sellers so it who knows if it’ll actually happen, but I thought it was interesting.

  2. Well done, ma’am. Thank you.

    The Twins are pretty bad. We need to establish our inferiority.

    Make that trade, Coppy. Let’s lose with different characters for a while.

  3. I just got a notification that Max Fried’s on the 7-day DL. Anybody know what happened to him?

  4. 3—I know he went to the DL with a blister issue (whew!) a week or so ago…not sure what a new DL stint would mean.

  5. Ronnie Mustelier outrighted. How odd… I thought since he was called up for the Fort Bragg game it meant the organization favored him in some way. He had a .761 OPS at Gwinnett.

  6. Well, he’s still in the organization, just not on the 40-man. He may well be added again and called up at some point this year. De La Cruz has been outrighted at least twice already this season, I think, and we can’t seem to get rid of him.

  7. Why would the Royals give up Dozier for Markakis? That is a no-brainer for the Braves, even if we have to pay 90% of Nick’s contract.

  8. Minors have a 7-day for generic injuries.

    Yeah, there is no chance in Hades we’re getting Hunter Dozier for Nick Markakis. I guess it could be Nick Markakis, tons of prospects, and money for Dozier and Soria. Royals might be wanting to shed Soria’s $8M per for ’17 and ’18.

    I don’t think we’re going to see a whole lot between now and the deadline. The more you think about the pieces that could move around, the more it seems likely we’d wait until the offseason to make a bunch of changes.

  9. Markakis and Vizzy for Dozier and Soria makes a lot more sense. Soria basically cancels out most of Neck’s money. Still would be surprised if they did that.

  10. It would make sense to take on bad salary on a reliever since you can slide bad relievers up and down the spectrum based on how they perform. Soria can rot in the bullpen as a middle reliever if he continues how he is, whereas Markakis is your only RF, and there’s nothing you can do about it except put him on the bench. There’s such a gap in usefulness between starting RF and backup outfielder vs. where you can slide a reliever based on effectiveness.

  11. Kyle Muller at GCL today, 3.1 ip, 3 h, 1 bb, 5 K, 0 runs. That’s 18 K’s against 6 walks in his first 15 innings of professional ball.

  12. @17, The box score I saw at had him with 3 BB, not 1.

    Julie Andrews got his first stolen base of his GCL career. A teenage deer, perhaps?

  13. Yeah, I saw that, and then it changed, and now it has changed back. What do you know, GCL box scores are not the most reliable. So he has 6 K, 3 bb, 0 runs in 3 innings. So 19 K’s in his first 14.2 innings against 8 walks.

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