Braves 5, Mets 2 (by coop)

Bud Norris, Freddie Freeman and Adonis Garcia led the
Atlanta Braves to a 5-2 victory over the defending National League champion New York Mets.

Norris had his best outing as a Brave. He went seven, fanned eight and threw only 88 pitches, 61 of them strikes. Freddie Freeman led the offense. In fact, for seven innings, Freeman was The Offense. His first inning opposite field home run was the only run in the game until the Braves busted it open in the bottom of the eighth. Freddie ended the day with the homer, a double, a single and a walk in his four plate appearances.

Norris was relieved by Jim Johnson in the eighth.
Johnson retired the three Mets he faced without incident, and the Braves led one-zip going into their half of the eighth.

Ender Inciarte started with a single, was balked to second and stole third as Freeman walked. Nick Markakis singled in Ender, bringing up Garcia with two on and nobody out. Adonis had hit the ball hard but at
them all game, but this time he smashed a three run home run to give our Braves a 5-0 lead.

The Mets rallied for two off Alexi Ogando in the ninth,
but Arodys Vizcaino ended the drama and saved the game. For the record, both Freddie and Adonis played
well afield as well as at the plate, and Bud’s outing enhanced his trade value. For teams needing a middling starting pitcher, this Bud’s for you.

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  1. Adonis is hitting righties better than lefties this year. Since his defense looks a lot better he needs to be playing every day

  2. Connor Lien went 4-4 for Mississippi today with a double. He was injured on opening day this year and just came back this week. He is a strong defensive outfielder built for power (6’3, 225), former 12th rd pick, who had a pretty good season for Carolina last year with a .285/.347/.415 line and 9 HR. He’s one to watch with our woeful OF options.

  3. Now that the short seasons have started, one that should be fun to watch is Izzy Wilson. He’s my dark horse to fill that RF power bat void one day.

  4. Predictable Peanut strikes again:

    While quieting his doubters, Norris has enhanced his trade value.

  5. So, predictions on which Braves players get traded this year? My list (in descending order of likelihood): Norris, Ogando, Johnson, Vizcaino, Beckham, Markakis, Teheran, Inciarte, Aybar, Freeman.

  6. Norris inserts a gauzy, noise-suppressing cotton-based substance into the ears of skeptics, that they may no longer hear the broadsides against his effectiveness as a pitcher.

  7. Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it. I guess every fifth starter enjoying a good stretch need his theme music.

  8. @15 Bud Norris is no Julio Teheran but he’s certainly pitched like a good starter since rejoining the starting rotation in June – 30.1 IP, 7 ER, 8 BB, 29 K. His ERA/WHIP has been helped by some BABIP luck but you can’t fake a 3.5 K/BB rate or the fact that he’s hitting 96 on the radar gun.

  9. It’d be interesting to see if a team in need of lots of pitching (like the Red Sox) would do a huge deal for Norris, Teheran, and Vizcaino. I wonder if they are more valuable separate or together. If a team is just one stud pitcher away (Teheran), I wonder if they would offer more just to have him put them over the top, or if the right team nearing contention would sell the farm to overhaul their staff.

    For a team that is terrible, they are 9th in the NL in pitching WAR, and 7th in ERA over the last 30 days. We’re also 12th in the NL in hitting WAR during that time.

    And listen, when it gets closer, my excitement will cause me to forget to remind you, but Hector Olivera is eligible to return in 34 days!!! I could not begin to tell you how game-changing that is going to be for this club.

  10. You need to remind yo’self that he’s not going to play for us ever again. But it’s ok to be excited, I guess.

  11. @17 I read Rob’s enthusiasm for Olivera as distinctly sarcastic in nature, though I could be wrong.

  12. I had forgotten that Frank Wren is now in the Red Sox front office. That probably tilts a Teheran trade to the Sox more towards the “Likely” column.

  13. Norris needs to be traded before he pitches again on friday.

    And whoever worked on Garcia’s defense during his stretch in minors needs a raise.

  14. Garcia actually credited TP for the fielding improvement in an interview yesterday.

  15. Yes, very much sarcasm. I like Olivera, still, but I like to play to the crowd that would rather see him displaced.

    I honestly can’t see Norris improving in value. Any additional start he makes can only be worse than his previous, I’m not extremely confident he will lower his numbers much lower than they are now, and every start he makes means that the other team will not get that start.

  16. @24

    I’m sure they are looking to move Norris, but probably will want something in return.

  17. 11—I’d say something like: Norris, Vizcaino, Ogando, Markakis, Johnson, Aybar, Inciarte, Teheran, Beckham, Freeman.

    I really don’t think Beckham is going anywhere. I think he’s a guy they like and will try to keep around next year and beyond.

    26—Still waiting on Neslony to sign for $5K or $10K. Beyond that, everything’s pretty much set, I think.

  18. So Neslony has tons of leverage here. I hope he gets a sweet side deal – maybe we can get some SEC football bagmen to help us out.

  19. I don’t think Olivera plays in another Braves game. Coppy recently talked about how big of a mistake it was and I think he’s released when eligible.

  20. 29—Well, sort of, if he wants to go back on his word. They draft those guys in those rounds because they’ve already agreed to a specific signing bonus.

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