Los Angeles 4, Atlanta 2

Julio Teheran pitched just well enough to lose last night, surrendering three home runs, two to Corey Seager and one to Trayce Thompson (Klay’s little brother), as the Braves fell to the Dodgers 4-2. Hunter Cervenka gave up a third solo dinger to Seager to finish the scoring.

The game started off well enough, with Adonis Garcia singling in Freddie Freeman in the top of the first, and Mallex Smith singling home Tyler Flowers in the second. However, that was all the Braves would muster against Kenta Maeda. It must be nice to have a shortstop who can hit home runs. I wonder what that’s like.

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  1. Norris vs. Kershaw today. Baseball needs a slaughter/competitive balance rule that would outlaw fans having to pay for such a matchup. Players should at least be somewhat on the same planet before they face each other.

    (If Norris now goes out and pitches a perfect game and beats Kershaw, I am going to take all the credit for it.)

  2. Bud Norris is no Freddy Garcia. Just my tickets for the Braves Nationals tilt in August. It’s Star Wars Day at Nats Park.

  3. I’m going to trust the official site’s report that Folty doesn’t have any structural damage and that this is just rest. With the minor trades of Grilli and Chacin, minor signings, and the shuttling of players back and forth between AAA, the DL, the big league club, I just want to see where we sit for 2017. If we don’t trade Teheran, the official site is correct that AJ Minter somehow is not far from the big leagues, and Jenkins stays in the bullpen, this is how the staff looks for next year:





    Of course, some of these players will get injured, not recover from injury, be ineffective, etc., but that’s just who is currently under contract for 2017, and that only assumes one surprise candidate (Minter). Teheran’s the only person making any money there, so you’re literally looking at $12-15M dedicated to what is probably a slightly above average pitching staff. What you can do, financially, from there is interesting. Half of your team only accounts for about 10% of your payroll.

    But, today… we suck.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kershaw throws a no-hitter tonight. Seriously.

  5. The current avg money line has you betting 450 on LA to win 100. This has to be one of the most lopsided games all year.

  6. To me, these can be the kinds of games that are fun to watch. At least until it gets lopsided… but until then you’ve got that great mystery of baseball to build anticipation: that on any given day even the worst team can beat the best team. I don’t know if the Dodgers have the best team, but by golly, we have the worst, and I’ll be proud of ’em if they can take it to Kershaw tonight.

  7. Prairie Home Companion just did a skit on the Braves moving to Cobb County.

  8. It is a good question: what odds you have to be given to bet $100 on the braves tonight?

  9. Since you opened the music door, AAR:

    I picked up that Courtney Barnett record everyone was talking about during the off-season. Wow.

  10. I know the Braves are trying desperately to improve Bud Norris’ trade value, but I really don’t know why John Gant did not get this start.

  11. Two blown tag calls on steals of second base. It was like Brooks Conrad tagged Buster Posey on two different plays… and yet… they were safe. It’s like I had seen it before.

  12. Low angle on the LA broadcast showed the foot in first. Why bother having replay?

  13. When was the last time a Braves manager has been ejected? This is ridiculous. Show some freaking emotion.

  14. Ramon De Jesus is not making a great first impression. Send him back down to blow calls in the minors.

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