Braves 2, Phillies 0

An emergency session of the Georgia State Legislature met late Saturday afternoon to discuss a repeal of O.C.G.A. § 32-1-1, the section of the Georgia Code that prohibits winning streaks by the Atlanta Braves. They struck it down just in time for first pitch.

Last night, the Good Williams showed up and twirled a magnificent game, giving up two hits and no runs in 6 1/3 just five days after giving up nine hits and six runs. let’s keep these two and get rid of the other two.

As usual, the offense was firing on no cylinders, mustering four hits against “Adam Morgan,” another one of these anonymous Phillie second-year starters who have been stymying our offense for the last twenty years.

(Exhibit A for me is Dave Coggin, who was 10-12 with a 4.52 ERA in a total of 199 innings pitched over three years before getting sent back down to the minors for good in 2002. Against the Braves, Coggin was 2-1 with a 3.13 ERA. But Kyle Kendrick may be the worst of all. He has a career ERA of 4.63, but it’s just 3.41 against us. Against all teams other than the Braves, Kyle Kendrick’s career ERA is 4.76.)

Fortunately, last night, barely any offense managed to be just enough, because after Perez left the game, Ian Krol, Jason Grilli, and Arodys Vizcaino closed out the game in perfect fashion, retiring all eight men
they faced, half by strikeout.

All of the game’s scoring occurred in the second inning. This is the play-by-play:

Francoeur singled to right.
Markakis walked, Francoeur to second.
Flowers flied out to right.
Inciarte doubled to left center, Francoeur scored, Markakis to third.
Aybar hit sacrifice fly to center, Markakis scored.
Inciarte stole third.
Perez grounded out to shortstop.

Bring out the brooms!

14 thoughts on “Braves 2, Phillies 0”

  1. It used to take 12 games to get three wins, so, progress!

    And Kelly looks like the kind of pitcher who should have his turn in the rotation skipped if he’s still on the big club when it gets to Colorado. But based on what I’ve seen, he won’t last that long, since the Coors Field series isn’t until July.

  2. Just tuned in. Dammit you guys–I can’t trust you to keep it close. But from what I’m reading here, the silver lining is that Casey Kelly has a bright future.

  3. Title 32 of the Official Code of Georgia, Annotated is the book governing highways and bridges. I appreciate the subtle burns.

  4. @10

    Well, at least he’s finally pitching.

    Was Kelly as bad as you guys have said? I didn’t see the game. His line didn’t look that bad. I don’t think Kelly was meant to be anything more than organization filler, which is what they thought Bethancourt was. I am wondering why they felt they just had to trade a catcher (albeit one they seemed to hate) for a AAA pitcher. They definitely seem to be trying to flip these guys for anything of value, which is hard to hate.

  5. Adonis now has an isolated discipline of .65 and an OPS of 1.082 in AAA. It seems like he’s been sent to AAA to learn how to take a walk and play LF, and he’s doing both. Apparently the Phillies and Royals are interested in Nick Markakis, so I wonder if we’ll be seeing an OF of Garcia/Mallex/Inciarte soon. I really like Nick, but I am interested to see if we can get anything decent for him. Taking him out of the lineup and replacing him with Adonis would probably give us the same OPS, frankly similar defense, a righty instead of another lefty, cost-savings (yippee), and meets a need in the lineup (more power). If we actually get something needed in return (a lefty reliever, methinks), then we’re really in business. Another reason for keeping Adonis is that if we land an impact OF, it won’t be a problem to return him to the bench as a very good, cheap utility player.

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