11 thoughts on “Postgame puppies”

  1. HOLY CRAP IT WORKED!! who would of thought puppies and kittens could of helped so much, someone should of thought of this earlier.

  2. Can minor leagues still be called up for the rest of the season? If so, do you think Prado and Devine will be up?

  3. Hello to all my Bravesjournal pals from Victoria, B.C., Canada.

    Look how far away I am going to hide the shame of the Braves failed season.

    The sad part is as horrible as this past weekend was (and again, someone explain how tghey came to our house & beat Hudson AND Smoltz????) our win today only has us 2 1/2 behind the Phils.

    Amazing. We deserve to be 12 1/2 behind. I see very little heart from this team. The only guy showing some heart of late it seems is Lance Cormier and maybe Soriano.

    Thankfully, a shout out to ububba and the rest of the Dawg fans on here for Georgia’s impressive win Saturday. I missed the game flying from Chicago to Seattle but I sure enjoyed reading about it when we landed.

    At least Georgia football can nwo distract from this increasingly depressing Braves season, save for Cormier today.

    FYI…Canada is clearly run by women. Our hotel has 45 channels and plenty of American ‘girlie’ channels like the Food Network, Lifetime, Bravo, etc. NO ESPN. (Maybe we’ll get it in Vancouver tomorrow).

  4. Alex,
    I think Victoria Island is one of the most beautiful places in North America. Enjoy.

    As for the UGA game, there were very few flaws. Sure, we had the usual couple drops by the WRs, but the most important thing is that Stafford was very, very accurate. He also made some big 3rd-down conversions when the game was still in doubt.

    Other upsides: Moreno, the new RB from Jersey, is a real waterbug. Undersized, but really fun to watch. He’s got a little Mercury Morris in him. (Only on the field, one hopes.)

    Henderson had a couple great kick returns, too. If we can keep him on the field, I’m sure he’ll win a game down the road.

    Sean Bailey had a big game at WR. Stafford shared the love, but Bailey got the most tosses & made the most of them.

    I’m Unconvinced About: The O-Line was mostly good, but had a couple breakdowns. I’m not sure OSU is any measuring stick.

    Also, the secondary. OSU kept passing to the flats and tossing those little screens, avoiding the vertical game, which was weird because when they did throw downfield people were open.

    Spurrier was noticing that, I’m sure. Next week won’t be 35-14, but I won’t see it. I’ll be away myself (in Ibiza, Spain), beginning Thursday. Hopefully, I’ll tap into a PC while I’m there. Go Dogs.

  5. I wish I was going to Ibiza. I’ll be in Athens for the game against USC, though. The Dawgs certainly looked good last weekend, but I think Okla St played horrible. Georgia should be favored by a touchdown again, but I’m sure the USC defense will blitz a lot more.

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