I didn’t let it bother me last night: Buie’s boys 7, Capitol Records 5

I opened up the web sites this morning.
I read about people with the blues.
The world sometimes looks like a tragedy,
But this is what you can do.

We watched a home run from Markakis.
Jace Peterson lifted our sorrow.
Brandon Beachy in a danger zone.
Braves World could end tomorrow.

But, I didn’t let it bother me last night.
I didn’t let it bother me last night.
Tomorrow I might just run and hide.
But I didn’t let it bother me last night.

Matt Wisler, he fights through the jungle.
Bases loaded keeps working for Jace.
Winning beats that old dog eat dog.
This team can’t win this here pennant race.

But I didn’t let it bother me last night.
I didn’t let it bother me last night.
The rosters in an uproar and I see no end in sight.
But I didn’t let it bother me last night.

I didn’t let it bother me last night.
Tomorrow I might want to run and hide.
But I didn’t let it bother me last night.

Braves, Braves, Braves
We’ve had all sorts of troubles.
Hart’s done all he can do for today.
So somebody hit us some doubles, right now.

But I didn’t let it bother me last night.
I didn’t let it bother me last night.
Losing too many and I see no end in sight.
But I didn’t let it bother me last night.

But I didn’t let it bother me last night.
I didn’t let it bother me last night.
The bullpen’s a disaster and I see no end in sight.
But I didn’t let it bother me last night.

51 thoughts on “I didn’t let it bother me last night: Buie’s boys 7, Capitol Records 5”

  1. Great recap, cliff. Keep the Braves winning.

    Evidently there’s a bumper crop at the farm:
    Touki Tousiant (sp?) threw six no hit innings.

  2. It’s “Toussaint”, and yes! 6 no-hit innings. I believe Rome lost the no-hitter in the 8th.

    Anyone find it odd Eury has 0 stolen bases this year? He was averaging 1 every other game at Gwinnett, comes to the Bigs, nothing.

    @Alex last thread…
    Joey isn’t a great defender, but RHH don’t hit the ball to the right side and it spin left hardly ever, especially multiple feet. Watching that replay from the front, you can see he was truly helpless.

  3. In the previous thread reference was made to Charley Steiner, now an artful Dodger, as being ‘absolutely terrible’…

    – May be in this current incarnation, but attention need also be made to his ‘acting’ debut in ’99 in an ESPN in-house commercial…at a time when half the world was consumed by Y2K mania and convinced their (immobile) computers were about to implode Charley did his 30 second promo for the home team closing the spot as an ebullient Pirate King, bearded and cutlassed, leading his motley crew to digital safety…

    ‘Follow me! Follow me to freedom!’ was his cry, emphatically addressed..

    Still in the memory these years later, it/he must have been good. Remember?

  4. That ESPN commercial was pretty funny, especially because Steiner seemed so straight laced at the time

  5. Now you’ve done it, Cliff. I’ve got Atlanta Rhythm Section in my mind the rest of the day. Curses.

    Those ESPN commercials were terrific. ESPN has great marketing. I’ll give them that. So much easier to do when the marketing masquerades as editorial content.

    Favorite Charlie Steiner moment: Happened when he was briefly John Sterling’s radio sidekick on WABC calling Yankees games.

    As he’s always done with other booth-mates, Sterling (doing play-by-play) very often stepped on whatever Steiner was saying. Eg. – The color person will be sharing a quick anecdote in between pitches and, instead of waiting for the storyteller’s obvious pause for the next pitch, Sterling will very purposefully interrupt over the other person’s words. (“A-a-a-nd the pitch…” completely unnecessary.) It’s as if Sterling intentionally makes his partners sound bad on radio and it can make for an uncomfortable listening experience. It always strikes me as a lame ego move.

    But there are a few innings on radio where the color partner does play-by-play, while Sterling does the color. So, as the Yanks and Red Sox went to the bottom of the 11th in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, Steiner was on-mic when Tim Wakefield threw his first pitch to Aaron Boone.

    It’s not that the HR call is anything special, but I get a small kick out of hearing it because Sterling is nowhere to be found… until the very end, when he horns in, of course. And, as you might imagine, that radio call is played a lot and I always think: “I’ll bet that still burns up Sterling.”

    The small pleasures provided by the Theater of the Mind. Thanks for that one, Charlie.

  6. not so small, ububba, our lives the sum of these, thanks…

    ‘it is high’..’it is deep’..

    but, arguably, a moving-on from ‘Dominique is magnifique’.

  7. Steiner had the reputation of never being able to get back on track once he fell apart (illustrated when he broke down in hysterics during Carl Lewis’ botched national anthem at a New Jersey Nets game), so the ESPN producers would make a point of giving him the absurd stories to read on-air. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko8qNUNpm3k) Unfortunately, his reading of the news regarding heaved hubcaps outside Tonya Harding’s trailer did not make it into that reel.

    He was also never afraid to make fun of himself in the ESPN commercials. Beyond the Y2K spot, this was my favorite of his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7po9cuzE-7I

  8. okay,

    Other than ububba (who as a professional is disqualified by me) do you get the team names?

  9. AAR,

    It is part of being a little older.

    I remember when Doraville first came out. An Atlanta radio station played it every day in drive time 10 years later.

    The ARS jams they put together in the late 70’s at Grant Field at Tech were probably the biggest music shows ever in Georgia. 60,000 people from 10 in the morning until after midnight. I never went to any of them, but I had lots of friends that did.

    Anytime after 1:00 EDT, if it isn’t answered, ububba, you can tell them.

  10. Doing some research this AM on bad contracts throughout the MLB and I realized how much worse it could actually be. Holy Red Sox! Holy Cano-ly!

  11. #12
    Buddy Buie, the guy who ran the Doraville studio, put together the band & wrote a bunch of its songs. Among many other tunes, he wrote that song “Spooky” for Classics IV & ARS covered it later.

    And I’ll assume you’re referring to the famous Capitol Records building in Hollywood, on Vine Street.

    I saw ARS a lot when I was a teen in Columbus, probably 4/5 times. They always came to the Municipal Auditorium, which was right next to Golden Park, the minor-league stadium. Live, they could be a little slow with all those ballad-y hits.

    But they’d usually bring an opening act that the locals found way more exciting. So I got to see a later version of Humble Pie — even then, Steve Marriott was incredible. What a voice. And I probably saw Mother’s Finest — this great, live funk/rock act from Atlanta — open for them a couple times.

    I also heard stories that the ARS drummer, a wild man named Robert Nix, was the only guy that Ronnie Van Zant was ever afraid of.

  12. Ububba got it.

    Buddy Buie died just a few days ago, or I would not have known that. Saw it in the ajc.

    And I saw Mother’s Finest in about 1979 at Georgia Southwestern’s Field House and they were GREAT and LOUD. They did the Pig Jig in Vienna a couple of years ago.

    Their politically incorrect line was their greatest one.

  13. Related – there is a fabulous story on Facebook by Mike Bone detailing the Atlanta promoting scene through the 70s. I can’t figure out how to link it or copy, but it’s pretty long, full of great anecdotes, and has a lot of names. His profile is public so you should be able to see it – posted yesterday around 4

  14. I used to go see MF at Six Flags… always a great show and like Cliff says, loud! They are still around and performing and are pretty active on the facebooks.

  15. And as to Mother’s Finest

    in the late 70’s it was quite avant garde to produce T shirts that had on them “MF.”

  16. #18
    Check “Baby Love,” that gal Joyce Kennedy could sing her ass off.

    Gotta read that.

    One of my mag’s longtime contributors is a former record-promoter who began in the mid-’70s and he told me stories about that scene (Alex Cooley, concerts, radio, etc.) that were hysterical & some others (Mike Thevis, gangsters, payola) that would curl your hair.

  17. Chris Johnson for Carlos Beltran makes some sense if Yankees can even out the $. Headley is really struggling against LHP.

    Chris Johnson for Michael Bourn after Maybin is traded also makes sense. Bourn isn’t the player he once was but could hold the spot ’til Mallex is ready.

    Both teams have struggled w/ production from 3b.

  18. Clearly, Wood’s strategy to make the pitcher run the bases last inning was just what his offense needed to get back on the board.

  19. That is the closest play I’ve ever seen. I mean, technology in the past wouldn’t allow you to see it so clearly

  20. In one of the episodes of Justified this year when Dewey Crowe shows up at Boyds (before Boyd blows him away). Boyd asks Dewey, was their a tapedeck in the car he stole, and if so, what tape was playing. Dewey replies CHAMPAGNE JAM. Boyd waxes wistfully and says, Oh…..A.R.S. what a great band!

  21. Fredi must be afraid of hurting Gomes’ feelings since he doesn’t ever PH for him against a RHP.

  22. In 20,223 games in Phillies franchise history, tonight is 1st time they lost a game 1-0 on a HR by the opposing pitcher.

  23. Bullpen since the All-Star break:
    16.2 IP, 3 Earned Runs, 15H, 4BB, 12K, 1.14 WHIP, 1.67 ERA and only 1 inherited runner has scored.

    2 of the runs were scored on Ryan Kelly, who has since been demoted.

  24. BJ and JJ talking on postgame about how CJ has kept a “great attitude” despite not playing much. I am trying to wrap my mind around this comment. Give me a few weeks…

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