The Clerihew – great start. Can we make them better, more fun? (by blazon, Game thread)

Yes we can is the easy answer to that – inquiries with he who should know, a savant type  who suggested this form in the first place as being well suited to an acerbic  baseball board says great start, now move on.  Why? It can be more satisfying, more fun to attempt the purer form and it turns out to be an easy upgrade.

New mantra – AA/BB per se does not a Clerihew make.

The Metric, the peculiar, fractured metric.
This is at the heart of it. Reread the Christopher Wren one, the first on the Wiki page. In particular the truncated third line, the greatly expanded fourth. There’s your bite. This could be taken as a baseball example of what he’s talking about, below…

Albert Hall
with his back to the wall
hitting one forty nine
there was minimal consensus to enshrine.

That’s a good, simple baseball Clerihew primarily because the metric has largely been captured and the last line incorporates the whimsy factor in the form of hyperbole – there would have been no consensus at all. But the metric is what is important.

Here’s a so-so one, near miss in two senses…

the swinging bunt
it doth affront
such mighty force
near miss of course.

this actually is a good little poem but is not a classic/purist Clerihew – all four lines about the same length. It was meant to convey a Fielder/Sandoval type getting to first base embarrassed that his mighty swipe produced but a little dribbler and feeling he had to explain it .
Try to change the format?

the swinging bunt
always the potential to affront
such wasted  force
must likely be explained as a near miss of course.

take your choice…but one is a classic Clerihew metric, one not. And the greater length of the last line provides more space for the whimsy factor to be introduced. So to conclude this metric thing…

Yes, there are always multiple exceptions and we said from the start pretty much anything goes with the Clerihew, and it does…but read fifty of them in all styles once they’re up and choose the style you prefer…might you not agree sometimes it’s more fun, more of a challenge, this way? The other characteristics we  seek – forced rhymes etc – we will leave for another day.. much relief all round.


41 thoughts on “The Clerihew – great start. Can we make them better, more fun? (by blazon, Game thread)”

  1. Darrell Evans
    the ladies at sixes and sevens
    he swung for the ages
    vicariously inventing the tabloid pages.

    Tom Glavine
    he pitched well at Chavez Ravin
    LaSorda annoyed
    he got calls a yard outside,into the void.

  2. Al Hrbosky was just on MLB talking to Russo in his capacity as a Cardinals broadcaster -I did not know he had any other source of income.

    Al Hrbosky
    was injured while playing long tosski
    we’re paying him still
    a Hungarian bank is listed in our will.

  3. Nick Esasky
    Need directions? Don’t ask he
    He developed vertigo
    Turning our free agent investment into an inferno

  4. Thankfully, the Falcons stepped in last night and, despite making a real effort to blow it, ended what has been a solid two straight months of nothing but complete and abject sports misery for me (a couple of small and meaningless victories scattered across sports notwithstanding). Thank you, Falcons!

  5. I genuinely wonder: What the odds are for the Braves to win just 1 of these 3 games in the Toronto series?

    Right now, the Jays are looking like ringers on some beer-league softball team. It seems like they score 2 or 3 runs every first inning they play. Hell, last Friday night at Yankee Stadium, they scored 5 while I was on line waiting for a new Guinness keg.

    Yes, it was encouraging to watch a game that mattered from a team that’s trying to win. And thank goodness that Saturday football is here as well.

  6. Greg Maddux
    his great grandad fought at Appomattox
    the shots that he fired
    veered left, then dipped and were universally admired.

  7. Chipper Jones
    we say he has Shea in his bones
    they say La-rry, La-rry
    so who’s the next you will ma-rry?

  8. Vinny Castilla
    two homers a week? Mama Mia!
    at five feet tall
    we just marveled he could ever play at all.

  9. Jim John-son
    we are grateful that for us your swan-song
    was much superior
    to that which you produced in the Chavez interior.

  10. Alex Wood
    if circumstance allowed that he could
    prefers to be here
    around Puig there’s a certain element of fear.

    the Cuban mafioso
    whose ethics he calls soso
    there’s a contract out
    and it’s not one whose terms one can readily flout.

  11. Arodis Vizcaino
    in his youth he played classical piano
    tho’ his skills did diminish
    he starts well but somehow he can never finish.

    BJ Surhoff
    he would give you the shirt off
    his back
    but had no propensity to attack.

    Jason Marquis
    to a certain degree
    the pick of the bunch
    we sold on a hunch.

    Wilson Betemit
    he and his dad both bet a bit
    they were asked about Pete
    they couldn’t remember anything, discrete.

    Damian Moss
    we remember becoss
    his stay so short
    he refused to be tort.

  12. Marcus Giles
    he had just too many miles
    Brian his brother
    they both blamed everything on their mother.

    Donnie Veal
    we know exactly how you feel
    no sooner here than gone
    as transient, the ultimate sine qua non.

    Williams Perez
    he’s originally from Mexico so he sez
    now he’s hiding el chapo
    in a tunnel somewhere underneath his chateau.

  13. Kent Mercker
    No relation to Larry Dierker
    Both pitched a no-hitter
    But Kent couldn’t finish his–he had to use the shitter

  14. I want the Braves to get that #1 pick, but does it matter? This team will probably draft the same Georgia-born high school pitcher in the first round, regardless of if it’s the #1 pick, or #10.

  15. Don and Jim are enthusiastic about Daniel Castro and noticeably cool talking about everyone else on the team.

  16. Braves had men on second and third, no out, and I’m all excited they actually got one run out of it.

    This season has changed me.

  17. Oppo yicketty for Justin Smoak. Julio has got to get himself vaccinated against the home run bug this off-season.

  18. Can Persian Julius make it out of the sixth? One more out to go…

    Edit: Nope! Apparently he wasn’t too pleased with Fredi about it.

  19. Persian Julius
    We thought him an Ace but he was fooling us
    Now not exactly a pillar
    But at least he wins occasionally, unlike Shelby Miller

  20. Peterson (Jace)
    Plays a nifty second base
    Once a safety at Mcneese State
    I wish he hit so hard at the plate

  21. How many of these things need to happen for the Braves to become a .500 team next year:

    1) Bringing the bullpen to a level it was at the beginning of this season.
    2) Markakis regaining his power back to career levels.
    3) 2 out of Folty, Wisler, Banuelos, and Perez become average-to-above-average starters.
    4) Jace Peterson becomes an average second baseman offensively.
    5) Sign power-hitting LF.
    6) Average hitting CF.
    7) Someone matches AJP’s production at catcher.
    8) Hector Olivera becomes Travis Fryman.
    9) Freddie returns to form.
    10) Teheran returns to form.
    11) Sign 5th starter.

  22. @33, this may sound wildly optimistic. but considering where we were in June #1 should just about do it by itself.

  23. The market for starters is really deep this offseason. You have the obvious guys who will make tons of money (Zimmerman, Samardzija, Greinke, Cueto,Price and Kazmir etc), but there are also several potential reclamation project types that we could maybe get a good year out of without having to commit to years and dollars that will block the talent coming out of the farm system, assuming such a thing exists. I suppose I’d rather see us sign two of these kinds of guys to pillow contracts rather than getting stuck in a Derek Lowe type of deal. I’m seeing tons of names that I can remember at least being solid fantasy contributors in the last few years who are still relatively young: Brett Anderson, Bucholz, Chacin, (not Bruce) Chen, Marco Estrada Fister, Gallardo, Jaime Garcia, Iwakuma, Kennedy, Lackey, Latos, Colby Lewis, Lohse, Masterson, Bud Norris, and Porcello. Considering our need for short term veteran pitching depth, I think this market is pretty favorable.

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