23 thoughts on “Cubs 9, Braves 7 (by spike)”

  1. It must be really nice when you cut a player and have to eat 8 figures of his contract for that player to be the goat when he plays against you. Such was Edwin Jackson’s return to Chicago in which he served up a platter of meatballs and the win for the Cubbies. If we had cut him and he returned to face us, he’d have pitched a no-hitter, based on the Melvin and Uggla’s career nights against us.

    Edwin Jackson
    Must be faxin
    Or telegraphin his pitches
    He really shat his britches

  2. I know that I’ve seen worse teams, but I really can’t remember when.

    That said, I have seen a lot I like, just not lately. If we are determined to tank the rest of the season, Fredi is the perfect guy to ?? LEAD ?? the spiral of doom.

    Edit: And yet I watch, until I can stand no more.

  3. It’s more trivia, really. Edwin Jackson is one of many goats–it’s just interesting that the Former Brave Syndrome we suffer from doesn’t seem to have correlates for other teams, especially when we’ve got their formers.

  4. It used to be the opposite. We had a habit of shelling Tom Glavine when he was with the Mets.

  5. For some reason dish network tells me that the Braves game is out of market today for me even though it’s on sports South. I guess I should just count my blessings and go ahead and watch the Cowboys with John Wayne.

  6. @6

    Yeah, probably a good idea.

    Our rookie pitchers do not have the first clue about how to pitch in Wrigley Field with the wind blowing out. I mean, they might as well be trying to split the atom or something.

  7. Let’s hope Snitkers judgment on minor-league potential is better than his judgment on whether a runner can score from third.

  8. @8, hopefully the rookies aren’t trying to learn from the veteran Edwin Jackson. His pitching yesterday was the very definition of “vet’ran presents”

    @9, LOL

  9. What? You mean we’re allowed to hit a ball up into the jet stream for a cheap home run, too? Are we sure about that? Better check the ground rules.

  10. @15

    You’ve missed Wisler batting practice (as mentioned above) and a game-long conversation on the efficacy of extended screens down past the dugouts as fans have been hit both in the head with a line drive and the shoulder with an inadvertently thrown bat, and Jenn Hildreth (the Braves dugout reporter, for those who don’t watch the Fox Sports South broadcasts) was hit in the shin with a wild throw from Adonis Garcia.

  11. This will complete a 40 game stretch in which we are 11-29. This is a historically bad stretch of atlanta Braves baseball. Looks like we were 12-28 in a 40 game stretch in 1988. Maybe there’s a worse 40 game stretch but this one is close.

  12. 11-29
    By design
    Christmas present tickets for September 1 and 2
    Thanks front office, for the screw you.

  13. There have been a lot of road games in this stretch and we are unbelievably awful on the road. Probably historically awful. Assuming we lose this, we will have lost 22 of the 24 road games during this 40-game stretch. For the season, we’ll be 21-47 on the road. That’s really really really bad. We continue to be a somewhat respectable team at home, with a 9-7 record at Turner Field over the same time frame. (That also shows that we’ve played 24 road games and just 16 home in this span.) Some of this is going back to when we were actually playing well, but for the year, we’re still 32-24 at home. Now some of this has to do with strength of schedule in both places, but nevertheless, it’s pretty clear from watching on a regular basis that whatever small amount of confidence we can muster at home completely vanishes on the road.

  14. 11 wins, 29 losses
    Mostly due to bad rookie tosses
    Somewhat due to playing on the road
    For contention next year, well this does not bode

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