The Braves winning streak is over. Shelby Miller’s non-winning streak continues. Braves lose. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes Shelby Miller doesn’t lose, but Shelby never wins. Miller must been a nasty rascal in his last life, because his karma really sucks.

The August 2015 Atlanta Braves also suck, but at least they managed to give Miller a 3-2 lead after seven innings. Our recently pretty dang good relievers couldn’t hold it. They got hammered. I wish I had. Gregor Blanco torched Atlanta as surely as William Tecumseh Sherman. Our relievers poured gasoline on the flames.

Blanco had a single and a double in three at bats, walked twice and scored four runs. Hunter Pence only had one hit, a three run home run in the eighth; but he got a fourth ribbie in the sixth when dumbass Chris Johnson forgot there was only one out, not two. Chris made up for his idiocy afield at the plate, however, going hitless in four trips with three strikeouts.

The Braves did have highlights. Daniel Castro had three hits and scored twice. Best of all, Shelby Miller did not lose. He pitched well enough to win again, but we know how that story goes. No wins in his last 14 starts. I wonder if he misses pitching for the Cardinals.