Braves 3, Cardinals 2 (by coop)

Atlanta avoided getting swept by St. Louis thanks to rookie Matt Wisler. The Braves won 3-2. It shouldn’t have been that close.

It’s ho-hum routine for Wisler to pitch well. He did so again today, going seven strong innings and limiting the Cardinals to two runs despite a blown double play and a mistakenly overturned appeal at the plate that turned a St. Louis out into their first run.

Atlanta’s runs were provided by unexpected heroes. In the second Eury Perez walked with one out, and Ryan Lavarnway doubled him home. Cameron Maybin then continued to work his two-out magic with a single that scored Lavarnway.

In the bottom of the fourth, Jace Peterson caught the ball, touched second and botched the throw to first to allow Jason Heyward to reach. I know you cannot assume a double play, but Jace provided further evidence that, yes, sometimes you should be able to assess an error when a routine play is botched.

Anyway, The World’s Greatest Rightfielder was safe at first. Randal Grichuk singled Heyward to second. Then Stephen Piscotty singled to left, and Eury Perez threw Heyward out trying to score. The home plate umpire got the call right, but the cheating Cardinals appealed; and after a review that lasted longer than John Smoltz’s Hall of Fame induction speech, the idiots in New York overturned the call, giving the Cards a seriously unearned “earned” run.

The Cardinals put together a pair of doubles to knot the game at two in the bottom of the fifth, but virtue prevailed in the top of the sixth when Adonis Garcia hit his first major league home run to give the Braves the lead for good.

Random observations and philosophical musings:

  • Matt Wisler is a stud. Pretty soon he’s going to be something very special.
  • St. Louis gets the calls. Perhaps it’s because the Cardinals play the game THE RIGHT WAY.
  • Freddie Freeman’s return, Ryan Lavarnway spelling A.J. Pierzynski at catcher and Adonis replacing Chris Johnson at third definitely improved our defense. Adonis was stellar defensively today, and Lavarnway deserves more playing time.
  • Nick Markakis is no longer an elite right fielder. Based on what I’ve seen of Eury Perez, I think they need to swap positions.
  • Jim Johnson is doing a good job as closer. That’s good, because we need to package him and his brother Chris. Arodys Vizcaino has nasty stuff and looks ready to be the closer.
  • John Smoltz is a Hall of Famer. Congratulations, Smoltzie. You belong.
  • Bring on those old Orioles.

40 thoughts on “Braves 3, Cardinals 2 (by coop)”

  1. Kudos on the recap, coop. Perfect amount of humor, and “…a review that lasted longer than John Smoltz’s Hall of Fame induction speech…” was fantastic!

  2. Sometimes infield flies can be caught in the outfield with ordinary effort even if the infielder does not attempt to actually catch the ball, and sometimes taking 5 minutes to look at replays is not inconclusive.

  3. Adonis Garcia is a 30 year old who had a 95 wRC at Triple A.

    Gonazlez (sic) likes what he’s seen of Garcia now that the sample size is growing. The rookie had a two-game stint with Atlanta on May 19-20, when he made two plate appearances (a strikeout and a walk).

    “He’s got seven or eight at-bats in the big leagues, but I like the at-bats he’s given us,” Gonzalez. (sic) “He’s made some nice plays at third base, so that’s a nice addition. We’ve got to find a way to keep him in the lineup somehow.”

    Feel the excitement! Steamer has him hitting .255/.287 /.368 the rest of the way. We have the new Jose Constanza, guys.

  4. I was forced to listen to the Cardinals radio team on Sirius (Mike Claiborne and Mike Shannon). We don’t know how good we have it with the Braves Radio Network. Those guys were horrible. Incidentally, they both said that Lavarnway was illegally blocking the plate and that’s what led to the safe call. Well, they also said Heyward got in there before the tag.

  5. I thought the umps’ official ruling from NY was that he was not blocking the plate, but that Heyward’s left foot got to the plate before Lavarnway applied the tag on his knee. Of course, that completely ignores the fact that Heyward’s left foot was on Lavarnway’s shin guard and not the plate, but I guess that was the best they could do to help the Favored Franchise in five minutes…

  6. One last round of applause for the Samuel Beckett’s ghost. What a delight that was.

    I will miss Juan Uribe because the man is the closest-looking thing to a pirate I’ve ever seen in a Braves uniform. He’s one of those Bartolo Colon-Adrian Beltre-Ervin Santana-type players whose personalities shine through in all manner of tics and expressions. Good for the Mutts fans.

  7. Amazing, we hated Uribe for years and now we hated to see him go. I would like to see Uribe and KJ come back during the offseason

  8. I still expect to see AJ, CJ, and JJ all traded.

    How’s Bethancourt doing since his demotion?

  9. @13

    Currently, the MLB average slash line is .253/.314/.397. The projection for Adonis is definitely below average.

  10. By a couple of singles. That’s why he’s at 95 OPS. He’s the walking talking definition of league average journeyman.

  11. If I’m Fredi, I play the hot hand, and by that I mean actually measuring the physical temperature of each pair of hands in the clubhouse and putting the hottest hands in the lineup. Rumor has it, Adonis Garcia has very toasty mitts.

    @21, his offense is basically Chris Johnson, but mustn’t his defense be at least a bit better? Mustn’t it?

    Another thing about Adonis: he only struck out 41 times in 350 plate appearances at Gwinnett. He puts the ball in play so that the good things will happen.

  12. Olney reporting that the Mets asked about Andrelton. Said conversation went no where and we placed an unreachable price tag on him.

    I think Harvey and DeGrom would be a nice return.

  13. My barber gave Buster Olney a free haircut and found out the following:

    Braves Get: Michael Conforto and Michael Fulmer
    Mets Get: Maybin, Johnson, Peraza,

  14. Look guys, are we really gonna complain about Fredi finding a way for us to not have to watch Chris Johnson mope around on the field?

  15. That’s barber talk. It ain’t real. Smitty’s barber also deals pot on the weekends.

  16. I wish we had a collection of all of the Smitty’s barbers trade ideas. There have been some good ones.

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