Rockies 5, Braves Error: Value >0 Detected

In a week full of computer glitches, crashes, and hacking news, probably the most bizarre story occurred last night. First, United Airlines had to shut down all flights when their system crashed due to a faulty router. Minutes later, the New York Stock Exchange went dark during the middle of the trading day. 21 and a half million people had their personal info, including SSNs hacked from the OPM, and finally – most unbelievably – late Friday night, the Colorado Rockies AND Major League Baseball’s computer reported that the Atlanta Braves actually scored three runs while Shelby Miller was pitching.

Miller went six innings, and did give up the five Colorado runs, but he didn’t pitch too badly. He struck out 7 and walked only 1 – which is key in Coors Field. He did give up 11 hits, but several of them were Coors Field specials.

The Rockies started off the scoring in the first, when Nolan Arrenado doubled home D.J. LeMahieu. The main damage came in the 4th. Nick Hundley blooped a single that would have been caught in 29 other parks, but Nick Markakis, playing deep because Coors Field, couldn’t reach. Then Daniel Descalso broke out of an 0 for 20 slump when he tripled to the wall in right center. Neither Markakis nor Cameron Maybin could cut off the ball because Coors Field. Brandon Barnes then singled home the second run of the inning when his grounder eluded both a diving Miller and a diving Jace Peterson.

Things started to look like it would end there when Barnes stole second, but overslid the bag and was tagged out, followed by the pitcher striking out. But, Charlie Blackmon hit a flyball that Jonny Gomes couldn’t track down because Coors Field for a triple, and LeMahieu hit another flyball that Maybin couldn’t run down because Coors Field for a ground rule double. Carlos Gonzalez completed the scoring for the Rockies with a solo shot to dead center in the 5th that probably would’ve been gone in most parks, but with Coors Field….?

The computer glitch occurred in the top of the 6th. Maybin was shown to have singled, followed by Markakis reportedly hit by a pitch by Aaron Laffey. Kelly Johnson then allegedly homered because Coors Field taketh, and Coors Field giveth.

Manny Banuelos, Arodys Vizcaino, and The Other David Carpenter finished up the game without surrendering any runs. But, the Rockies pen was just as effective (of course, they were facing the Braves) for the final score.

Matt Wisler heads to the hill tonight to get his baptism of fire against Jorge De La Rosa.

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  1. Pilgrims Progress…

    1. Braves fan…basis – geographical/tribal

    2. Baseball fan – the game not the team, the aesthetic…

    3. Sports fan – no geographical/tribal/parochial basis.. life enhancing

    Most make the jump from 1 to 2 but it is a big one…the final move brings the greatest reward…Wimbledon this morning proves the point, magnificent intense competitiveness between two athletes…high drama…did you watch it?

  2. No, I was out trimming a giant holly bush. The good side is that now I can see out my living room window.

  3. Step 3 is something that I’ve vowed not to do for the sake of my marriage. The wife already puts up with my Braves fandom for 1/2 a year. I can’t imagine what she would do if I watched sports for the other half of the year.

  4. I’ve proceeded through blazon’s steps, but when it comes to blind passion, I’m still halfway in Step 1 (although I do have baseball on in the background all the time as I work; as soon as the Braves game ends, I find another).

    Tennis, at its highest level, may be the most enthralling sport of all. It’s the one-on-one confrontation element of it (which is probably why baseball appeals to me, but I’ll leave that analysis to my psychologist). Probably half of the best sporting events I’ve witnessed — in person or from my home-office chair — are tennis matches, starting with Nadal-Federer at Wimbledon in 2008.

  5. Jonny Gomes did so well playing the Coors Field outfield yesterday that Fredi has him out there again. Speedy Eury hasn’t started in the series yet.

  6. Gomes starting. Chris Johnson starting. Kelly Johnson, .840 OPS against lefties (albeit a small sample size) on the bench. Eury Perez, who can actually cover ground, on the bench. I suppose at least now we have the option of immediately yanking CJ once the Rockies are in their bullpen. I’m paying $50 to watch this. Thanks, Fredi.

  7. I have a random idea that’s a little radical: how about, instead of striking out, we put the ball in play at Coors Field?

  8. Arodys Vizcaino is going to need a nickname with that 100 mph fb


    Raising ‘caino?

    Surely not Arod…

    Rowd Rody Pitcher is my vote

  9. First to Second: CJ ran like he was trying to steal. Home to First: CJ ran like he was trying to beat out a double-play.

  10. Shoot. Looks like we’ll neither get to watch Grilli play for the Braves for the rest of the year or get any prospects for him. Haven’t seen a pitcher look like this since Hudson went down in New York.

  11. It’s a good thing that Dan Uggla’s three run homer killed any feelings I had for this years Braves team, or I might be really depressed right now.

  12. We’re bringing in a guy with an ERA of 5.27 in a situation where one more baserunner means the ballgame.

    Edit: With predictable results.

  13. Bunch of jokers. So I guess these last few games is where the truck officially started backing up

  14. Too bad we can no longer sell our most marketable commodity.

    Contract the Rockies and burn Coors Field to the ground.

  15. Why was the outfield not at little league depth? Or were they and Maybin still couldn’t get there?

  16. I’d make Johnson the closer. Foltynewicz needs some grooming. Inthink Simmins is our future closer

  17. @53 – yeah, I’d guess they’ll give it to Johnson first and try to pump up his value.

  18. We might be without Johnsons by the end of the month. Two of them have value, and I will wish them the best. The third needs to slowly meander his way down to first — kind of like he did today — and keep strolling all the way to the tunnel. He obviously wants to be paid for doing nothing. Grant him his wish.

  19. They have four sell-high guys: Johnson, Pierzynski, Maybin, and Miller. All will provide most of their value before the new stadium.

    I kind of hope they keep them, but I wouldn’t trade for any of them at their current price.

  20. Not for nothing, that’s for sure. Like Maybin, it depends how much they value the interim.

  21. Maybin, Aardsma, JJ, KJ, Uribe, and AJ are all sell-high veterans Braves should look at trading.

  22. @61 He’s that to everyone else too, but he’s hugely valuable in his pre-arb years. Someone could blow them away. If there’s a team that thinks he is as good as he’s looked this year, they wouldn’t be able to say no

  23. If we moved Miller, it’s because the Cubs called with a 2-3 really good hitting prospects

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