Come Monday: Braves 8, Gnats 4

Gettin’ back to Atlanta
After ass whoop all over the place.
Eric Stults is going to the mound,
And depression seems to be our new face.
I guess this team is meant for 90 losses.
But Braves fans we couldn’t know,
That last night we’d enjoy such a show.

Come Monday, it will be alright.
Come Monday, we will whoop the Gnats right.
We spent 6 wasted days in a Northeastern haze
And we just needed time in the Ted.

Kelly Johnson hasn’t been such a bummer.
Gettin’ Baby Braves magic again.
Eric Stults pitched his first Braves gem,
And Cody Martin dazzled again.
But the Gnats can’t catch and throw,
So the Braves mastery grows.

Come Monday, and it was damn sure right.
Come Monday, The Braves put up a fight.
Forget 6 wasted days in a Northeastern haze,
And get yourselves back to the Ted.

This team is hittin’ somehow.
The fielding is like we believed.
If the back end starters can step up,
Then maybe we don’t finish last.

Maybe sometimes we’ll enjoy this season.
And make havoc for Ol’ Washington.
We don’t need to win these games always.
We just need to keep ship upright.
This last road trip wore us quite thin,
And we needed to see Ted again.

Come Monday, it was sure alright.
Come Monday, this was such a delight.
We spent 6 wasted days in a Northeastern haze,
And we’re glad we got back to the Ted.

210 thoughts on “Come Monday: Braves 8, Gnats 4”

  1. What a fine pirate you are, Cliff.

    For folks curious from the last thread, no Braves starter has completed the 7th inning yet, but Alex Wood has gotten an out away from it twice. 5 innings a night is a problem, but pulling guys in the 7th not so much. Let’s keep leaning toward 7 and maybe we’ll get over the hump.

  2. Over on Tomahawk Take, Alan Carpenter labeled Andrelton’s slide “Kung Fu Simba.” I like it; but while I love for the Braves to kick the Nats, I’d prefer they kick them in the box score rather than in the glove hand. Sometimes you get it both ways.

    Go Andrelton. Go Braves. Kick those Nats.

    (And Cliff, this well past 50 Parrothead applauds your fine recap. Thanks.)

  3. I know there are a lot of reasons I shouldn’t like Jonny Gomes, but I can’t help myself. Now that he’s on my team, I love that guy.

    Don’t worry, still holding my nose to root for Grilli and Pierzynski.

  4. Well guys and gals, I am going to try to stick with the song parodies. They are a challenge in a good way.

    I won’t use Monday songs except when they really fit. This one fit so well with “Come Monday, it will be alright,” so it was a strong fit.

  5. @3

    I’m with you Stu. Gomes is the personality this team has been missing for the last few years.

    I am glad the Front Office saw the lack of leadership on the team and brought him and Cakes in. They have already shown their value off the field.

    I hope Gomes starts tonight and there is a play at second.

  6. I like Gomes too. I always thought he was a jerk when he played for other teams. Neck Markakis is a ballplayer, but Andrelton is still THE MAN.

  7. So who do we drill? I’m guessing Harper — Desmond is a possibility, but we most definitely want him in the game.

    The ESPN announcers were in disbelief that the Nats took exception to the Simba slide, and threw at him.

  8. In a clubhouse interview before yesterday’s game, Pierszynski said something about how the Nats had already been handed the trophy, etc., which is all the more reason why the Braves needed to come out and beat them. Something to that effect. I appreciated his no BS response. No hemming and hawing. Refreshing.

  9. @7

    Someone needs to get plunked. Werth, Zimmerman or Harper will be the likely targets. It probably won’t happen tonight.

  10. I’d rather beat them than hit them. I certainly don’t want to get into a beanball war with a team we play 18 more times this year.

  11. I’ll bet it is tonight. And the first time through the lineup.

    The only thing assuaging the Braves’ mood right now is that the message pitch was fairly low-message. Just grazed him in the heinie. Wonder if the pitcher was reluctant but under orders.

  12. Great win. I’m pleased with the play of outfield corners. But through the first 19 games, our CF’s are playing worse than BJ Upton. Didn’t think it was possible…

  13. We can, Sam; and we can teach our guys to duck fast so that when our urinary Olympiad escalates, our injured will only be lost for a month or so instead of the rest of the year. Violence begets violence. You reap what you sow.

  14. When the Nats pitcher threw behind Andrelton, that settled it, never mind that Andrelton’s slide into 3B was fair. If the Braves throw at one of the Nats, then the Braves are no better than the folks over in Kansas City. I get sticking up for your player, but it’s settled–for this round, at least.

  15. I got no issue with the Braves retaliating. Throwing at Simmons for a hard clean baseball play with no malice was way out of line, as was the carping coming from the Nats’ clubhouse afterward. He’s your All-Star shortstop and you need to let people know that you can’t do that with impunity.

    I also got no real beef if they don’t, recognizing the half hearted nature of the Nats’ attempt at chin music.

  16. I would shy away from it with the Royals incidents so fresh. Punishment may be harsh and somehow we are above .500 still, lets not give it away with a bunch of suspensions.

  17. Just saw the replay of Freddie’s ejection…that was really odd. He definitely did not appear to do enough to get himself ejected. He obviously disagreed with the call, but he wasn’t showing the ump up or anything. His explanation after the game corresponded to his body language on the replay. I know players get fined when they get ejected, but I hope his is a small one because that was ridiculous.

  18. @20

    Why didn’t our manager go nuts? I though the ejection was stupid.


    I bet it won’t be a starter that throws at someone. It is going to be an automatic ejection

  19. With Teheran on the mound, it’s safe to say he will throw at someone. My money is on Harper again (lol).

    Only question is when, and if it’s an auto ejection.

  20. Freddie didn’t get ejected until he dismissively waved both his hands at Hirschbeck. My issue is that this developed over a period of about 45-60 seconds. The manager should have recognized what was happening, that it wasn’t naturally deescalating, and intervened.

    Even though Teheran has proven he has the gall to do it, like Smitty said, if he plunks somebody and it looks remotely intentional, he’s gone.

  21. @22 Stop criticizing Fredi for not being a players’ manager. You’re too blinded with hatred for him to see that his value actually comes from his wizard-like in-game strategy. LOL, you Fredi haters–if this team won 150 games this season, you prolly still wouldn’t given him his due. LOL@YALL

  22. Beanball wars are so, so stupid. Baseball would be a lot better without a lot of adolescent dick-waving.

    My dream for this season is for the Nationals to keep expecting teams to roll over to them just because they won the offseason. I would laugh my ass off if the best the juggernaut-in-waiting, “we don’t actually need to try in the playoffs because we’ll be back plenty of times” could produce was a couple of NLDS exits. And then they lose half the team to free agency at the end of the season. That seems about right.

  23. Just so you know there are no hard feelings, Nats fans on the local WaPo blog are calling for the Nats to break Andrelton’s leg. Classy.

    Mulder and Boone last night said that anyone who thought it was a dirty play (e.g., the Nationals) didn’t know baseball. Nats fans are proving them right.

  24. I’m curious- does anyone know why MLB umpires are given such wide latitude when it comes to ejecting players? At least, why they STILL are? I know at its inception baseball was a pretty rough-and-tumble sport and a lot of very dirty play went on; probably made sense to give umps unilateral policing power back then. But nowadays it seems sort of ridiculous, at least when compared to the other major sports in the US. At least I think so- you don’t often see football or basketball players ejected from the game for disagreeing with a call.

    I played a lot of rugby in my time and that’s the sport closest to MLB in terms of referee/umpire power, I think- if the referee saw you playing dirty (and at least in low-level American rugby, it typically takes something pretty extravagant to be deemed dirty!) he could send you to the sin bin. Hell, if you argued with the ref and didn’t address him as “Sir” you could be sent off! But even then the ref would typically look to call a penalty rather than resort to sending players off. Just seems strange how umpires can kick people out of the game for no reason other than they feel disrespected.

  25. Umpires are like any other class of rule-enforcers: at the end of the day, their word is absolute, and there is no recourse to a higher authority other than a league protest at the end of the game. (Even instant replay just kicks the call to another ump, not to an umpire overseer.)

  26. Way too many petulant prima donnas among the ranks of umpires. It’s long past due for the league to cull the herd.

  27. Evidently the umpires’ MLA is strong, but I agree there are some that need to be employed elsewhere.

  28. Freddie should have given it a rest, Fredi should have noticed things were boiling, and Hirshbeck should have walked up the left field line (or alternately, not blown the call in the first place.)

  29. The O’s are going to play tomorrow’s game against the White Sox at 2 PM in a closed game., and are moving the weekend series against the Rays to St. Pete and will be the ‘home’ team.

    I sure hope everything calms down soon there up in Bal’mer land.

  30. I don’t get booing Uggla. Taking someone else’s honest failure personally is a sure sign of ignorant overinvestment. Worse was the Hawks’ crowd booing Joe Johnson.

  31. FWIW, Fredi said he was trying to figure out if Simmons was hurt and didn’t see the drama until it was too late.

  32. @36 – Likewise. I hope to never see Uggla in a Braves uniform again, but by all accounts he was a hard worker and a model teammate. He never badmouthed the team or the fans. He just couldn’t hit, and was overpaid. It’s hard to hate the guy for that.

  33. Braves are the free game, so I get to see them for the first time this year. For some reason the sound isn’t working, which is even better!

  34. Also the radio guy said the bench warning would be in effect for at least tonight’s game and probably the entire series so you may not see any fireworks.

    Damn unlucky there

  35. This poor pitcher has failed in every phase tonight – in less than two innings. Completely in over his head.

  36. Yeesh. I actually feel bad for the kid. We’ve got 8 runs you can get him out of the game now.

  37. Why didn’t Tanner Roark, a solid starting pitcher who won 15 games last year IIRC start tonight?

  38. When he kind of reached back with his foot to tag first base after missing it, knowing he didn’t even have the ball in his glove…that was sad and pathetic. Poor kid.

  39. Roark has been in the bullpen all year, and so isn’t stretched out. The idea was, if you use Roark he can go 50 pitches tops, then you have to burn your bullpen. Oops.

  40. Everyone has a hit, save Teheran.

    @68 The radar looks spotty. Don’t think a cancellation is in the cards.

  41. This offense may be better than last year’s. If you added JUP and Kimbrel, it might be a playoff team

  42. Excepting April (aka Rakepril), when is Justin Upton better than a Gomes/KJ platoon? I’d rather have a guy who has a Crushtober

  43. This game is like that game in Colorado in 2010.

    Sad thing is I thought of that game when we went up 9-1 in the second

  44. That Rockies game was the worst. Just about as physically ill as I’ve ever been after a regular season game.

  45. All those flyballs allowed by Julio that didn’t leave the park in the past are doing so this year.

  46. Just got in and turned the game on. My immediate thoughts: 11 runs?! What is up with the offense? … 7 runs?! What is up with Julio??

  47. Haven’t looked up the yearly average fastball velocity, but Julio appears to have lost a couple of ticks.

  48. As I recall, Mazzone threatened to pull him in the 5th before he would qualify for the win and Smoltz took great exception

  49. 2 years ago, Teheran averaged 92.0 on his fastball. This year, it’s 90.9. Not a huge amount, but noticeable.

  50. Avilan doesn’t have it tonight, and it looks like no one currently under contract does.

  51. So I said to myself a few innings ago–Uggla is going to beat us today. The thing is I’m a pessimist so I always think things like this will happen. But why do I have to be right?

  52. @102, the thing about these games where you blow a 10 run lead is they have a feel to them. It just feels like no matter who you bring in will give up runs. And they do.

  53. I know there are few quality options in the bullpen, but Fredi has to be smashed if he thinks Avilan should ever face a righty.

  54. That wasn’t an instant replay? Jeez, Markakis ought to know how much (or how little) range he has.

  55. Fredi is such a clown. And Avilan continues in the game after completely pissing away the 4 run lead. That mo should be fired if they lose this game. He is so inept I can’t stand it

  56. Silver lining: it would be quite demoralizing for the Nationals to get this close and still lose.

  57. @115
    He should have been fired three years ago and the the year after and the probably last year too. Pissing away a 8 run lead won’t do it either. I think he has the pictures

  58. We still have to get through a Jim Johnson inning. Wonderful. A comeback like this could be what the Gnats need to get a hot streak going. Please don’t let that happen, Braves.

  59. I will officially be on the AJP train for the season if he comes through here

    And there it is

  60. By all rights the Nationals should be sweeping this series, so I’m going with the glass half full approach.

  61. You’ve got to be kidding me. This is karma for the booing. I really hate baseball at the moment.

  62. They deserve every bit of this loss. I am glad Uggla did that. To have Avilan in with nobody warming up was a joke. This game completely flipped the Nats season and Fredi can take a bow and tip his cap for it

  63. How was the hardest hit ball by Dan Uggla hit in 2015 as a member of the Nationals? Sometimes baseball just laughs at you.

  64. It’s also fitting that a guy with 6 hits in the season going into tonight’s game has 5 tonight.

  65. There are depressing games, there are frustrating games, there are miserable games, and then there are games where you blow an 8 run lead while giving up a go-ahead three run homer in the ninth to a guy you are still paying 13 million dollars to. Against your most hated division rival.

  66. If, by some miracle, only one loss makes a difference for this bunch at the end of the season, this game is the one we can cite.

  67. That stench will linger for a while. Let the 10-game losing streak begin …

  68. This would have hurt more if we had any expectations for this year. Fredi Is the fall guy for this year and that’s fine, as long as they cut ties before it does start to matter again.

  69. This reminds me of the disbelief I felt when Brad Ausmus homered off of Farnsworth with 2 outs.

  70. And the curse of the Free Game strikes again. So many goats, though if Julio could’ve eaten some innings with an 8 run lead, we wouldn’t have had to go to our Russian Roulette bullpen.

  71. The only thing I could do when Dan Uggla hit a three run shot into the upper deck was laugh hysterically.

  72. I get to watch my beloved Braves a second night in a row and this……

    I think i just aged 6 years. I’d write some good cuss word combinations here but I promised ‘Rissa i’d clean it up and i’ve already scared my dog half to death yelling them. Of all people, Uggla?

  73. Throwing Uggla anything but sliders might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Sigh.

    Well, our hitting has been great and our pitching sucks. Don’t think many would’ve called that.

  74. I predict Nats blow an early lead tomorrow. Current hate rankings:

    1. Harper
    2. Scherzer
    3. Desmond
    4. Williams
    5. Uggla

    1. Drew
    2. Soriano
    3. Uggla
    4. Texeira
    5. Next guy out of the bullpen

  75. I was like 0-2, throw him a ball in the dirt for an easy K. Instead a fastball down the middle. I’m not sure what scouting report they were looking at…terrible baseball IQ.

  76. A #193 says, why the hell do you throw a fastball up? Ok, maybe he didn’t mean to, but still…. You throw something off speed for crying out loud. No where near the strike zone. Grilli just had a catastrophic brain fart there. I’m surprised his head didn’t implode.

  77. Was there anyone who didn’t think Uggla was going to hit a homer there? I very nearly turned the radio off because I didn’t think I could handle listening to it, and I really should have (and to make matters worse, Braves radio had cut out for me by that point, and I was regulated to listening to the Gnat’s radio team).

    I think most demoralizing thing about last night, other than everything about the game, was the post-game quotes. Fredi was so down he forget to even tip his cap. And then he said something along the lines of “we’ll see how we bounce back.” Uh, we’ll see? Aren’t you at least supposed to pretend, say “it’s only one game,” “we’ll get ’em tomorrow,” “we’ve gotta put this one out of our minds…” No one even came close to anything like that, though.

    @187 There are a time and place for exceptions to every rule. I think last night would have qualified as both the time and the place.

  78. Nobody’s gonna let out a DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMED?

    I saw a bunch of “it’s only one game” type quotes from our players. I’m impressed by how Uggla conducted himself. He talked a lot about how he has great memories of Atlanta, loves the city, etc. Classy.

  79. Maybe Fredi should let the motivational speaker from spring training hit him with a sledgehammmer again.

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