Gettin’ back to Atlanta
After ass whoop all over the place.
Eric Stults is going to the mound,
And depression seems to be our new face.
I guess this team is meant for 90 losses.
But Braves fans we couldn’t know,
That last night we’d enjoy such a show.

Come Monday, it will be alright.
Come Monday, we will whoop the Gnats right.
We spent 6 wasted days in a Northeastern haze
And we just needed time in the Ted.

Kelly Johnson hasn’t been such a bummer.
Gettin’ Baby Braves magic again.
Eric Stults pitched his first Braves gem,
And Cody Martin dazzled again.
But the Gnats can’t catch and throw,
So the Braves mastery grows.

Come Monday, and it was damn sure right.
Come Monday, The Braves put up a fight.
Forget 6 wasted days in a Northeastern haze,
And get yourselves back to the Ted.

This team is hittin’ somehow.
The fielding is like we believed.
If the back end starters can step up,
Then maybe we don’t finish last.

Maybe sometimes we’ll enjoy this season.
And make havoc for Ol’ Washington.
We don’t need to win these games always.
We just need to keep ship upright.
This last road trip wore us quite thin,
And we needed to see Ted again.

Come Monday, it was sure alright.
Come Monday, this was such a delight.
We spent 6 wasted days in a Northeastern haze,
And we’re glad we got back to the Ted.