Braves 1, Mets 0 (by coop)

The New York Mets came down to Georgia in first place, 3.5 games ahead of the third place Braves.

The Braves are still in third place. The Mets are no longer in first.

The Braves swept the three game series, winning the finale behind the best Julio Teheran outing in memory. The erstwhile ace of the Atlanta staff pitched seven innings, yielding a single single, two bases on balls and fanning four. Julio threw only 78 pitches.

Matt Harvey, Mets world beater, was nearly as good. He blanked our boys for six; but with two out in the seventh, Ryan Lavarnway blasted a double off the left centerfield wall.

Julio Teheran’s night was at an end, Fredi opting to use Pedro Ciriaco — not Jonny Gomes, thank you, Fredi — to hit for Julio. Pedro broken-bat-blooped a single in front of Juan Lagares, whose throw to the plate was up the first base line allowing Lavarnway to score. Braves lead one-zip.

The game now rested on the strong arms of the Atlanta bullpen.

Fredi Gonzalez hates Julio Teheran.

Here’s the proof: Fredi sent Nick Masset out to pitch the eighth.

Mirabile dictu! Nicky gets both Kevin Plawecki and Dilson Herrera to fly out. Fredi does know what he’s doing! He’s a paragon of strategic brilliance!

But Eric Campbell doubles. Frediot’s dumb as a stump.

But there are two outs, and Fredi’s going to the pen again.

OMG! Dana Eveland! Fredi does hate Julio! What a dunce!

Miracles never cease. Eveland strikes out John Mayberry, Jr. The lead abides.

The bottom of the eighth proves something, I know not what.

Jim Johnson is in for the save, and Curtis Granderson singles. All right, JJ, you’re still the man. Juan Lagares drops a perfect bunt: runners on first and second, nobody out and the meat of the Mets lineup coming up. Doom is imminent.

Yet miracles do happen; lightening does strike thrice. Lucas Duda flies out to left, and Michael Cuddyer raps into a well-turned 5-4-3 game-ending double play.

The Braves Way works! Pitching and defense shall prevail! Bring on the Nats and the Bucs! We are in this thing! To win!

113 thoughts on “Braves 1, Mets 0 (by coop)”

  1. Just remember it takes a full Year Of Miracles to make a Montrose, and they hung him anyway.

  2. Looks like we get to miss Scherzer. It appears to be Strasburg Zimmerman and Fister. So two out of three looks very possible.

  3. Nice weekend out of town, would have been Braves-free if it weren’t for the guy from Cartersville who managed to get himself invited to the same wedding in Ann Arbor I was at and get himself placed at my table. He wore baseballs on his tie. Folks up in Michigan were nice, but they thought I’d be impressed by their football stadium. Nope. But the Zingerman’s reuben was great.

    Catching up–

    @Blazon, sonnets for the 4th it is! Bring your a-game, because I’m bringing mine. Is the theme just ‘baseball’ or something more specific?

    @jjschiller, The question isn’t what doesn’t WAR like about Maybin, it’s what doesn’t Defensive Runs Saved like about him. It rates him terribly. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s a somewhat human system of people actually watching the games and categorizing different plays before running them through the calculator.

    So what is it? I haven’t watched enough baseball this year to have a sense of what Maybin’s up to out there. Does anyone on this board agree with the stats that his defense is sub-par?

    (Also, jj, neither bb-ref nor anyone else thinks Jace is bad with the glove. I think you may have misread that one.)

  4. @5

    Cameron Maybin is the team MVP.


    I am sure the Atlanta bullpen is better than Norfolk.

  5. @6,

    Don’t read it that way. If Gee opts out of AAA, then he has no contract. So, he will go to AAA for the bucks and not hope somebody else wants him.

  6. @11, good read. My favorite part was the scout texting Gammons “Mallex Smith!”

  7. I assume this is some kind of typo? But then he retweeted someone calling him out so maybe he’s just trolling, who knows.

  8. I’m not the world’s biggest Heyward fan (that’s reserved for Edward), but Jayson Werth is 36 years old and currently injured. I think there’s at least a couple GMs out there that would take Heyward for the next 3-5 years. Werth may not be even playing in 3-5 years.

    EDIT: Ummm, yeah, I think I might have read that tweet wrong. I’m going to crawl into my hole now.

  9. Edward, I haven’t checked my fantasy team in a few weeks. Are you still in last place?

  10. Re: Fredi’s use of the bullpen, I can’t really criticize him. He has maybe 1.5 good options out there, and they can’t pitch literally every inning. Build a garbage bullpen, blow a lot of leads.

  11. @5

    Edward…welcome, bring it on…Baseball with a Braves bias if you please…my A game is about as elusive as JT’s two hitters…have fun…note to other invitees(anyone), please join us.


    Darryl Hamilton…KO did his usual class job on his death today…I find it strange his(KO) name barely gets mention here, he consistently is head and shoulders above the pack both in intellect and humor…I have to assume his MSNBC past still rankles many here, shame…get over it, it’s Baseball we care about i thought.

  12. @25: I must admit that when I watched KO do his Tony Gwynn tribute, someone must have been chopping onions in the next room.

  13. @25 As someone who grew up watching the Olbermann/Patrick Sportscenter era, I have tried tuning into Olbermann’s current show and I just don’t think it’s very good. The pacing is often awkward, too many jokes are duds, and the format still seems clunky. Or maybe your backhanded attack (“get over it”) on everyone’s supposed political affiliations/preferences is totally justified and on the money.

  14. In all candor, if Braves Journal is going to slide into political discussions, I’ll never darken the door again. That was one of Mac’s few rules, and a wise one.

  15. Olbermann is too controversial and divisive for such a wide forum like Braves Journal.

  16. Mentioning a guy’s name and how he gave a tribute to a dead athlete constitutes a “political discussion” now? As someone who’s been reading/commenting since 1999 or so, I think that’s taking the rule just a little bit too far.

  17. @32 I think we are referring to the part where the entire forum was collectively chided for apparently holding political grudges, manifesting in the form of not offering enough regular praise of Keith Olbermann and his work.

  18. FWIW, Olbermann’s a longtime SABR member. It’s quite possible to discuss his baseball-oriented views without delving into the other stuff. Reasonable human beings are allowed to understand the notion of context.

    And having said that, I haven’t watched his show much at all.

  19. @33. Yep. If you want to mention his SABR work, no need to mention his MSNBC work.

  20. But my favorite posts are the ones where someone makes their political affiliations and personal frustrations clear while simultaneously invoking the rule!

  21. Without crossing over the no-politics line, the Jacobins were totally right and anybody who disagrees is a miserable fascist, you guys. I’ll just step aside now and abide by Mac’s rule. GO BRAVES! :D

  22. The only fascists allowed on Braves Journal are those that prefer strikeouts to ground balls. And they are welcome.

  23. On Braves Journal we are all Liber(tyMedia)tarians. (and a “tarian” can be pro or anti.)

  24. That Ryan Cothran guy is at it again on Tomahawk Take. This time he’s resolved out pitiful pen woes. Personally I’d like to see Manny Bananas as a LOOGY for the rest of the year, but that’s mainly because of his name. He has been lights out lately though.

    Also, Ryan wrote one heckuva lengthy lead to his article. As a guy who prefers ten words when one will serve, I can only offer praise.

  25. Bethancourt has a nice little .897 OPS in his short stay in AAA. Remember, he’s only 23.

    I really hope Peraza can develop a little power. Does anyone know why he’s still playing 2B? I thought he was moving to CF. I can’t believe he’s also only 21. He’s got to be one of the youngest people in AAA right?

  26. I assume they just want positional flexibility. Mallex Smith is a real prospect in CF and we’ve got Maybin for one more contract year. Jace Peterson is obviously a real find. If he can play either/both, all good.

  27. They obviously like Jace as the long term solution at 2b, thus Peraza’s move to CF. With Peraza being sandwiched between Maybin and Mallex he’s probably an offseason trade candidate.

  28. Unless the Braves can trade Peraza for a big OF stick, I’d like to see them treat Peraza as a super-utility player.

    On a personal note, I just made homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream and it is DIVINE!

  29. Peraza’s hitting .296/326/372 at Gwinnett, so he is holding his own as a 21 year old leadoff type player in AAA but not exactly lighting it up. He may stay in Gwinnett until the September callups barring any injuries.

  30. Between Mallex, Jace, Maybin, and Peraza, we have potentially 4 players for two spots. We obviously need better performance long-term out of LF, 3B, and catcher. With all of the other pieces at those positions, if we could acquire an elite player at one of those positions, which player(s) would you be most comfortable dealing (based on their value currently)?

  31. I like Keith Olbermann and watch him nearly every day. His show is at its best when he’s going the snarky route, as he’s often hilarious with that. His interviews are also almost always highly informative, as well. That having been said, I certainly understand why other people don’t like him, and that’s even if you totally ignore the political history. Even I get annoyed with him sometimes. For instance, not everything on this earth needs to be a gigantic moral battleground. You may not think I can both recognize that the NFL has serious issues and still watch my NFL team play every Sunday without really thinking about it during those three hours, but I assure you that I can.

  32. I don’t know if anyone’s pointed it out, but we picked up former top prospect Alex White and he is at Triple A, and still just 26. A lot of people wanted the Braves to draft him instead of Mike Minor back in 2009.

  33. 55 — Someone is going to have to be moved IMO because none of those guys project as a corners bat, unless Maybin can sustain his offensive gains this year in future seasons.

  34. “For instance, not everything on this earth needs to be a gigantic moral battleground.”

    This is what annoys me most about Jason Whitlock, among all the things that annoy me about him.

  35. Would there be anything wrong with moving Peraza to 3rd or LF and having Mallex Smith take over in center in 2017?

    Mallex Smith probably spends at least a portion of next season at triple AAA since he’s been in double AA all season so far. Maybin probably moves on to a fat contract if he continues his work this year and next.

    Or, could we have Peraza at 3rd next year with Smith and Maybin in the OF at LF and CF.

    Yes, our lineup would be void of power, but having Peraza, Smith, Maybin, and Peterson in a Lineup would be interesting.

    Personally, I am fine with the offensive approach this year and can live without a power bat in the lineup.

  36. @59

    Right, that’s kind of the issue. None of those players can play anywhere, realistically, other than SS, 2B, or CF. And with Markakis providing no power in RF, it’s more important than ever to get some power out of LF, 3B, and C. Justin Upton looks really good right now.

  37. Obviously, the smart play would be to deal Maybin this winter if you’re truly thinking about 2017. I just think the Braves maybe want him around next year.

  38. I would actually see what the interest is in Maybin at the deadline. Don’t trade him just to trade him, but he could help a contender and it seems like a seller’s market this year with so many teams in the race. They could get something real for him, rather than lottery tickets.

  39. 61 — Peraza doesn’t have the power for 3b or LF, plus that would be wasting his defensive range. Not sure if he has the arm for 3b either.

  40. As I’ve posted before I’m not as sanguine on Peraza as some here. The low OBP, lack of walks in particular and no power don’t scream top prospect to me. I know he has speed but so does Billy Hamilton. What is very cool though, is that if indeed Cameron Maybin has elevated his play, we have time for Mallex and Jose to grow and to see if they can round out their skill sets. If Maybin returns to old Maybin or if he is allowed to leave then there is a good chance that one of Mallex or Peraza could be a perfectly cromulent CF.

    Some folks here were ready to hand 2b to Peraza and move Jace to 3b. I think the Braves have indicated their preference. Simmons and Peterson could be our middle infield combo for some time.

  41. If the Braves could somehow afford to bring JUp back as a free agent he would be a perfect fit.

    I think the Braves might be wise to sell high on Maybin or Peraza in the offseason.

  42. Listening to Terry Collins on Sunday say: “We’ve had everybody from Triple-A here. One guy hitting .500 (in Las Vegas), he’s here. Another guy hitting .375, he’s here. Another guy hitting .350, he’s here. I don’t know what you want me to tell you. We’ve done everything we can. We’ve brought all those guys up that are swinging the bats good. This is not the (Pacific) Coast League. You can make all the changes you want. When they come up here, they’ve got to get the job done.”

    Reminds me of how recently the Braves cupboard was bare. Talking about too many players at positions is really fun.

  43. Whitlock is just a tragedy. Those two Deadspin pieces describe exactly what’s wrong with him, and I’m glad that he’s no longer at the head of that still-unlaunched website, but I’m just sorry that this is how his career went. He has talent, but like George Lucas, he failed to recognize what he was good at and what he was bad at, and he went full steam ahead in the wrong direction.

    Neither Peraza nor Mallex Smith is ready for the major leagues right now, so we have plenty of time on our hands. Peraza will likely be ready at some point in 2016, and Smith may or may not. I’d rather trade Maybin — if he keeps this up, I’d guess that he’d be at least as desirable a trade chip as Michael Bourn was for the Astros when we got him — and let the kids on the farm play their way into a starting spot.

  44. I have a question about LF power that echoes @61. Here’s the question: If a team had two Kenny Loftons (or slightly worse versions, since Lofton was the greatest lead off hitter of the 90’s), would the team need to trade one of those bc of insufficient HR power to play in LF?

    Is it a major advantage to get 3-4 WAR from a power hitter in LF rather than 3-4 WAR from a speed/on-base guy? Even if it costs millions and millions of dollars?

  45. A major advantage? Not at all. WAR doesn’t necessarily take into account ALL network externalities related to how a given player may fit on a given team — if nobody on your team has any power at all, the addition of a 3-WAR player with power may be better than the addition of a 3-WAR player with no power — but that difference is likely pretty minor. For the most part, it’s a pound of feathers versus a pound of lead.

    The thing is, left field is one of the lowest spots on the defensive spectrum. So if a guy’s chief value is in his glove, he’s somewhat wasted in left.

  46. Would it be so bad to consider turning Peraza into our version of Brock Holt or our former favorite Prado? If he played 2nd, SS, 3rd, and all OF spots, he would get regular playing time. He would probably get 80 to 100 starts a year. Plus, we have a guy getting regular MLB at bats ready to go if an injury occurs at any of those positions. He could probably play 1st, too considering he’s bigger than both Holt and Prado who have both played 1st.

  47. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow …

    Oops. Sonnets. Gotcha. Sorry. But then time is on our side, yes it is.

    Damn. Sonnets, dummy. Just sonnets.

  48. That’s what I figure. It’s a bit of a waste perhaps to put a GG CF in LF, but if the bat is good enough, it seems like it could play even without power. I’m all for trading for a power bat if we can get one in a good deal. I’m just a little concerned about overpaying for home runs when our current philosophy seems to be working OK for us. Justin Upton is one of the most awesome power hitters I’ve ever seen–for 2 months a year. And then he’s basically his brother for the rest of the season.

  49. I just can’t get on board with the idea of using our #1 prospect as a super utility guy. If he doesn’t fit then we should trade him for pieces that do.

    Like AAR said, there is no rush to do this yet. The season should be played out and let Peraza and Mallex get more time to develop.

  50. We need to jump on Strasburg early tonight. If he starts getting rocked, he’ll fold like a two dollar suitcase. Would set a nice tone for the series.

    Great stat: Strasburg is 4-7 against the Braves lifetime with a 4.24 ERA. He has not beaten them at DC since 2012.

  51. @75

    I’m not saying make it a permanent thing. I’m saying, if at the end of this season Peraza has shown he’s ready for the MLB, you let him fill that role at the start of next season. Maybe he settles in at LF or 3rd as an every day player after seeing him there for a few games. I just think there will be an open spot for him to play on the big league club next year in some capacity where he gets regular MLB bats instead of Triple AAA. If we get a LF this winter, his spot is 3rd. If we get a third baseman, his spot is LF. This is all based on if he continues to play like he is currently playing.

  52. Maybe since Freddy is hurt we could trade him for a middle reliever. MIght as well get something for him.

  53. We should replace Freeman with a really fast guy and see if we can score more runs that way.

  54. The missing piece of information to any hypothetical trade is – what are you getting back? An equally interesting question in my mind is – which of the 4 do you think would bring the biggest return?

  55. I don’t know that the best way to acclimate a young player to the majors is by screwing around with their playing time and defensive position, but then, I still think the Braves badly mishandled Bethancourt. When the time comes, I’d rather either let Peraza play or trade him for value. Giving him two or three starts a week plus pinch-hitting duties feels like a waste.

  56. Tanto, I definitely agree that supersubbing a player is not the best development route. Peraza needs to either play 2B or CF with ATL or be traded to a team who needs a 2B or CF.

    But what part of Bethancourt’s handling would you disagree with? Should have not been brought up to start the year, or should he have not been sent down?

  57. They shouldn’t have demoted him to backup catcher the second Pierzynski had a hot streak; or if they did, they should have given him an opportunity to earn his job back after Pierzynski cooled off. No, he didn’t hit, but he got like one start a week after April — I don’t think it’s settled fact that he simply can’t hit.

    The bizarre thing is that Peterson started the season ice cold too, but they were patient with him and let him find his feet. When Bethancourt didn’t immediately hit they made Pierzynski the starter and began inquiring after Jonathan Lucroy’s availability. That kind of behavior makes me wonder if there’s something else going on behind the scenes, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if Bethancourt was a starting-quality catcher in the bigs for a while.

  58. I know nothing and have nothing to support what I’m about to say, but where Betty disappointed most was with his lackadaisical approach to defense. I believe that had he been a strong defensive presence, he would have been given the opportunity to become a big league hitter.

    That’s just my opinion, but I think Betty would have played more if he’d simply been better defensively.

  59. I’d be more receptive of the defense argument if they didn’t install A.J. Pierzynski, of all people, as the starter after deciding they’d had enough. How do you say to a young guy “You’ll play if your defense improves” while Pierzynski fumbles around back there every night?

  60. Okay, but no hitting + no defense or some hitting + terrible defense and the terrible defense is not a young player acting like he’s been deprived of his entitled starting position.

    Hey, I’ve been wrong before, and I have no conduit into Fredi or the Johns’ decision strategy; but if your starting is based on your defense, catch the ball or at least look like you’re trying to.

  61. Was Betty acting entitled? I didn’t see it. I do wish he’d played more, but I also see why they played AJP when he was hitting .400. At least once AJP got horrible, it would’ve been nice to see Betty play more.

  62. Not sure why Fredi insists on hitting left-handers back to back 3rd and 4th even when Freeman is out.

  63. LOL…we’re about to have a Juan Uribe vs. David Carpenter matchup with Uribe as the go-ahead run.

  64. NOW he gets the out. May every pitch he throws in the future be a 79 MPH fastball with no movement.

  65. Yeah, fantastic of him to not throw a hanging slider that time. Thanks for nothing, David!

  66. Saw Jeff Francoeur play at Yankee Stadium tonight. Can’t say I miss his mad-hacking routine at the plate.

    But this Maikel Franco is looking like he could be quite a slugger for the Phils.

  67. I agree about Franco. Looks like the Phils have a good one.

    Has Kolby Allard signed yet?

  68. Well, 2 problems with game 1. First, that’s by far the best Strasburg has pitched all year, and 2 , we’re missing Freddy Free, who destroys Strasburg. We had the baserunners just couldn’t plate em. The local bootlickers say Desmond returns tonight, that should help.

  69. @75
    coop, the heck with just sonnets…sonnets plus! anything you want to throw up there on the Fourth…if it has a baseball in it and it sorta rhymes/scans we want to hear it…time is definitely not on our side, you and i…tomorrow/tomorrow.

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