71 thoughts on “Brewers 11”

  1. delenda sunt? I should have paid more attention in class.

    Excited for Must-See Shelby today.

  2. I didn’t get to see the game, and based on the box score, it’s tough to say whether Cahill or Stults pitched better. It’s too close to call, but that’s good. A little healthy competition never hurts.

  3. “The Braves have certainly upgraded defensively, adding a Gold-Glove right-fielder”

    Gotta love the national broadcast

  4. Our offense needs to get it going at some point. It’s been awhile since we’ve put up any runs.

  5. Will the Braves score again this season? Will Gomes and AJP continue to play or be put out to pasture?

  6. For those who have played a sport that has a clubhouse: What on earth does “policing the clubhouse” mean?

  7. Bases loaded pop-fly!!! Good thing these aren’t the 2014 Braves and are so fun to watch.

  8. Edward may disagree, but Andrelton, not Jason, is really Superman. That said, the bat is again Andrelton’s kryptonite.

  9. Andrelton is Superman. Jason’s just a really good mortal ballplayer.

    BJ Upton is Lex Luthor?

  10. Johnny Gomes beating out a grounder and AJP turning into one for the good of the team is the epitome of gritty baseball

  11. @15 – I missed your comment somehow, but it looks like there is a consensus.

    Edit: I also went back and forth between delenda-ed delenda’d and delendaed.

  12. @23 That is awful news about Wright. One of the few Mets (maybe the only one) I respect. Hope he can overcome this, but it does sound bad.

  13. Nick Masset clearly wants to fit in with this slovenly, pathetic bunch in the bullpen.

  14. We are at the game. Not sure what Freddie was doing there. Need a run so we can get to the green lot and to I-75.

  15. The number of times Fredi has run Freddie into a strike Em out throw em out…

  16. They’re showing The Sandlot on the big screen after the game. Watch this thing go 18 innings.

  17. Both trades we made with the Padres were bad ones for them. I’m not sure why they did either one.

  18. The Justin Upton trade is looking like an absolute swindle. Jace Peterson is looking like a useful piece at the very least, Mallex Smith is destroying AA, and even Dustin Peterson, the lottery ticket in the deal, was having a nice little season prior to the bus crash. And that’s without the prize of the deal having thrown a single pitch in a Braves uniform to date.

  19. The Padres are trying to win a World Series. What they gave up, in their mind, pales in comparison to the banner and the trophy.

  20. Justin Upton is sporting a 152 OPS+. I’m sure the Padres have never been happier to get swindled.

  21. By the way, this now makes Shelby Miller’s eighth start with two or fewer earned runs allowed.

  22. We should thank the Padres to take BJ’s contract while still giving us their best pitching prospect. I think we did quite well in each of the Justin, Heyward, Gattis, and Kimbrel trade.

  23. I feel like everything the Padres did made sense, but they just didn’t do enough of it. Like, they actually didn’t push the envelope far enough. I suppose they must be trying to deal Hunter Renfroe for a shortstop or whatever.

  24. Mallex Smith went 8-12 over the last 4 games with 6 steals. That kid.

    also of note, Jose Peraza hit his first 2 HR of the season in consecutive games to push his slg over .400

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