My sorry-ass Braves lost big time to the Dodgers and fell below .500 one more time again. There was great news, bad news and even a little good news, if you take comfort in small things.

GREAT NEWS: Ken Rosenthal reported that Alberto Callaspo reversed his decision to veto his trade to the Dodgers for Juan Uribe. Ken Rosenthal never lies, and he is never mistaken. Therefore, pending Bud’s boy’s approval, the deal is done. The only drama remaining is what pieces are leaving the Braves and which is coming with Uribe.

BAD NEWS: Julio Teheran turned into Trevor Cahill in the fourth inning, allowing six runs on six hits and two walks. It would have been seven runs, but Andrelton Simmons’s relay to Christian Bethancourt turned that run into the second out.

GOOD NEWS: I saved this for last, because today could be better. Today we only have to face Zack Greinke.

Clayton Kershaw did not no hit the Braves. Neck broke up the no-no leading off the fifth, and Simba followed an out later with a liner to left.

Neither Pedro Ciriaco nor Bethancourt could drive the run in, however; and Julio and all doubt left when Adrian Gonzalez hit a two run home run in the bottom of the fifth. Gonzalez’s blast also sent me to bed; and the final score of this debacle can be gleaned from the box score Wednesday morning at whichever site you prefer.

At least the Braves didn’t lose by 30.