Things that happened when no one was watching (Braves 6, Bucs 2)

Bottom 2

    1.Chris Johnson doubles (26) on a line drive to left fielder Starling Marte.
    2.Christian Bethancourt grounds out, second baseman Clint Barmes to first baseman Ike Davis. Chris Johnson to 3rd.
    3.B. J. Upton walks.
    With Julio Teheran batting, B. Upton steals (20) 2nd base.
    4.Julio Teheran singles on a soft ground ball to first baseman Ike Davis.
    5.Emilio Bonifacio singles on a ground ball to right fielder Travis Snider. Chris Johnson scores. B. Upton scores. Julio Teheran to 2nd.

Bottom 3

    1.Justin Upton singles on a soft fly ball to right fielder Travis Snider.
    2.Jason Heyward lines out to left fielder Starling Marte.
    With Chris Johnson batting, Justin Upton steals (8) 2nd base.
    3.Chris Johnson reaches on a fielder’s choice out, pitcher Jeff Locke to third baseman Josh Harrison. Justin Upton out at 3rd.
    4.Christian Bethancourt hits a ground-rule double (2) on a ground ball to left field. Chris Johnson to 3rd.
    5.Jeff Locke intentionally walks B. Upton.
    6.Julio Teheran singles on a line drive to center fielder Andrew McCutchen. Chris Johnson scores. Christian Bethancourt scores. B. Upton to 2nd.

Bottom 4

    1.Andrelton Simmons lines out to left fielder Starling Marte.
    2.Freddie Freeman walks.
    3.Justin Upton homers (28) on a fly ball to left field. Freddie Freeman scores.

On the one hand, three straight innings of scoring runs. Yay?

On the other hand, two of those scoring innings involved key offensive contributions from Julio Teheran.

25 thoughts on “Things that happened when no one was watching (Braves 6, Bucs 2)”

  1. The mild Derek Jeter backlash over the last couple of days has been amusing and, I must say, good to see. Best I can tell, Derek Jeter and Craig Biggio are basically the same player. One can’t get into the Hall of Fame (though I’m sure he will next year), the other will sail in with no problem whatsoever and is being talked about as the greatest Yankee in history, which by the way is so absurd that I don’t even know where to begin.

  2. 3

    I went to compare the two and they are closer than I would’ve expected, though Jeter was moderatley better offensively, but of course the real difference comes in when you look at the postseason Biggio .618 OPS in about 200 PAs and Jeter .838 OPS in about 700 PAs. Obviously Jeter has more opportunities, but he certainly made the most of them and that’s not nothing.

    I wouldn’t argue your point that this is over the top.

  3. Chipper’s interview on 680thefan is very telling. In his interview he blatantly says Wren was the cause for Bobby’s departure from decision making in the organization, and guessing what we all have eluded to; that Wren dictated who played.

    He also says he’d listen to the organization reaching out to him about a spot on the coaching staff or FO job. However, to this point, the Braves have not reached out to him. He also says timing might not be right for his return.

    Favorite line from the interview, regarding his personal life: “If you had started in 1995 or ’96, I guarantee I would have had the #1 rated Soap Opera in America”. He’s become quite humorous in his older years.

  4. Who in their right mind would walk BJ Upton to get to anyone, I mean anyone (dead or alive)? That’s why the second of those scoring innings occurred. Pittsburg needs to update its book to “Never walk BJ Upton. Ever.”

  5. And tonight’s lineup is a La Stella away from being the best lineup possible:
    Bonifacio, Gosselin, Freeman, JUpton, Heyward, Gattis, Simmons, Pena

  6. One of the more funny things that will happen today…
    Mets beatwriter tweeted that the Mets hadn’t balked all year and will be the first team in 15 years to go an entire year without balking. 2 minutes later…balk. IWOTM!

  7. Hmmm, well I would imagine any GM other than John Schuerholz would have had a hard time dealing with Bobby Cox. How many GMs have a field manager with so much sway? Most managers have one foot out the door most of the time. With Bobby Cox at the helm, I would imagine any GM would have had a hard time balancing that relationship.

  8. 3: Come on, no one seriously says Jeter is the greatest Yankee of all time, do they? In a franchise that fielded Babe Ruth? I refuse to believe it without documented evidence.

  9. Just heard the organist playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for Marte. Have we extended the organist yet? Get’er done, Hart.

  10. Don’t know if this is going to surprise anybody, but the first two of our offensive sides have been less than inspiring.

  11. Jeter singles in the winning run in the bottom of the 9th in his last Yankee Stadium at-bat. Whatever your thoughts about the Yanks, it’s a beautiful ending.

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