When the Going Gets Tough

This is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad team right now. And when the going gets tough, the tough grit their teeth, dig in their heels, take a deep breath, look deep inside, and listen to a Brazilian band on a show that’s sort of like American Idol doing a cover of the Phil Collins hit “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).”

116 thoughts on “When the Going Gets Tough”

  1. After watching this video Sam, do you still think we’re a bunch of weak-willed nambypants? I don’t think so!

  2. I would’ve gone with “I Don’t Care Anymore,” but perhaps that’s just me.


  3. I think anyone who got past the first 5 seconds of that guy’s wannabe-Creed impersonation(*) in service of a Phil Collins song deserves the Lord’s own watery revenge. The Deluge to the lot of you!

    (*)who the hell thinks “I need to impersonate someone; oh, I know, that guy from Creed!” Fucking Brazilians. Ex-soccer stadium slum living Creed mimicking fools.

  4. Woo, that was tough to make it thru…

    But we gotta dig deep to beat King Felix. May the power of a Brazilian Phil Collins Proxy carry us to a great & glorious victory.

  5. We’ve reached Defcon Brazilian Phil Collins. I don’t even want to know how you found this on YouTube.

  6. Prado, 2014: 268/316/365. In power friendly AZ mostly. I guess you might wonder if he was out of his element in the D-Bags’ manly man of manly men locker room. Never struck me as a redass when he was with the Braves. Owed 11 mil per for the next two years. I guess if the Yankees want to swap him for BJ, give it a run.

  7. @7 – I’m a huge Prado fan, but check out the batting average and OPS of the 3 players below:
    1) .289/.716
    2) .279/.693
    3) .268/.681

    Player 1 is Tommy LaStella, player 2 is Chris Johnson, and player 3 is Martin Prado. Prado definitely gives us more flexibility, but is not an upgrade offensively at 2nd or 3rd. He had some good years with Atlanta, but at 30, I don’t see anything better than .280/750 (275/700 more likely) going forward. Not terrible, but again not a huge upgrade.

    I would say no, and I hate that.

  8. Yeah I don’t think we want him either – but maybe it would help our Likability Index.

    Tons of guys with big/bad contracts are clearing waivers. If only we had some payroll wiggle-room…

  9. @DOBrienAJC: #Braves lineup: Bonifacio 8, La Stella 4, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Heyward 9, Gattis DH, Johnson 5, Laird 2, Simmons 6 (Wood 1)

  10. AL games is where our lack of a power bat on the bench really shows. I still don’t understand why we wouldn’t have kept Mejia as a bench bat option.

  11. Again, if you could trade BJ straight up for Prado, I think you do that at this point. I don’t think the Yankees do.

  12. I’m always in favor of sitting BJ.


    Except when we could perhaps showcase him (hey, we might get lucky) to an AL team that only vaguely remembers him as a pretty good player for the downtrodden Rays.

    He’d probably strike out three times and bitch all night and play a ball off of his knee, but you never know …

    Our luck can’t be all bad, can it?

  13. @19 – I have a feeling that AL teams actually look at things like batting average, obp, and ops. If not, I’m all for showcasing BJ.

  14. @18, I know this is never happening, but walk me through that one. Suppose the Yankees say yes. As I see it, that leads to one of the following two scenarios:

    1) Emilio B is CF, Prado/Johnson play 3B.
    2) Heyward is CF, Prado/Bonifacio/Upton play the three corner outfield positions, Johnson plays 3B.

    I’m not convinced that functionally improves the current situation of Upton and Johnson.

    That said, we should certainly trade BJ to Kansas City.

  15. Well you have two capable players who are willing to work a few counts over two free swingers in the lineup. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Prado perform better coming back to Atl either.

  16. Excellent. Many cultures believe a lack of hair connotes manly vigor, and in those cultures, Phil Collins starrex in Over The Top as an arm-wrestling truck driver. For personal reasons, I wish I lived in such a culture.

  17. I’ll be interested to see if any/which teams plans are impacted by the next round of Biogenesis suspensions.

  18. This Biogenesis stuff happened in Florida, right?

    BJ was in Florida.

    So there ya go. Free at last!

  19. Regression must have forgotten which team he is on. Are we allowed to not waste leadoff doubles?

  20. Imagine how much better the team would be if CJ could do that on a somewhat regular basis.

  21. As torturous as it was, I feel like the video is at least responsible for a run. That is better than a lot of teams have done against Hernandez this year.

  22. He’s going to be working hard tonight. I wish we had a rotation option to give him a couple weeks off and get his arm back strong for the stretch. I remember how he pitched in September last year–lost his command. I doubt we get more than 6 from ol’ Mouth Breather tonight.

  23. A lead was a nice change for two innings. I guess I can’t ask for more than that.

    If Simmons is hurt…

  24. So one moron over-throws by 50 feet, and another moron trips over a base. We seem to be getting stupider…

  25. Good night. Good riddance. Bring on football season, because this is too painful to watch anymore.

  26. Oh Tommy. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. What a way to lose this game. This road trip is getting beyond ridiculous.

  27. Rather unfortunate these guys are better at catching fish than baseballs.

  28. Holy hell I step out for an inning and this is what happens…how are we gonna score 5? FIVE!? We can’t score FIVE. Prove me wrong.

  29. @78 I agree with csg. Heyward had more than enough time to get under it. Anything an outfielder can take easily over an infielder, they should. It’s just a hell of a lot easier catching a ball running in than running out.

  30. I’m pretty comfortable saying that Braves fans.. baseball fans.. the world at large, deserve better than what this team has been putting on the field.

  31. Well, Bonifacio has already gotten one more hit and at least 3 less strikeouts than BJ would have gotten. I guess there is one positive.

  32. @78

    Yeah…no. That was entirely on Heyward. Easy catch for him, difficult one for La Stella. Heyward more or less abandoned the play and left him to it.

  33. So now they finally figure out this get him on, get him over, get him home thing when they’re down three in the ninth.

  34. “Entirely on Heyward.” What an absurd thing to say. La Stella was under the ball and it hit him in the glove and he dropped it. That was an easy play for both players, and the one who attempted it made it into an utter debacle.

  35. Also, blaming Heyward for not calling off La Stella on that pop-up is foolish. La Stella was closer. It was his ball. For Heyward to make a serious try, he would have risked steamrolling La Stella. We’ve seen that movie before. If a guy calls for a ball he needs to catch it, plain and simple.

  36. Well, got to see the King pitch. I wish the Mariner’s were good enough that we could see a Felix – Kershaw matchup in the World Series some time.

  37. Heyward could’ve walked under the pop up. 100% on Jason, he’s got to call off LaStella on that play.

  38. I refuse to hold Phil Collins or his Brazilian tribute performers accountable for this loss in any way. They got us two runs and put us in position to hold the M’s to one. It’s a success for youtube and Bravesjournal, even if it isn’t a win.

  39. I’m not gonna go nuts about it (and “entirely” might’ve been a little much, I’ll grant you), but I simply don’t agree. That’s the RF’s ball and it’s his job to call off the 2B. Not leave the 2B to make an over-the-shoulder catch. It’s the 2B’s job to get out of the way at that point. Any ball that the RF can easily catch in that situation should be his, and he can’t be worried about getting out of the way of the 2B. Plus, if Heyward is the defensive behemoth you think he is (and I mostly agree that he is), he should never be ceding routine plays to the damn 2B.

    Essentially, if the RF thinks he can easily make the play, he should pretty much ignore whatever call the 2B is making and force him off the ball.

  40. That was a vintage Barves playoff loss right there. It had all the elements. Close for a while with decent pitching. Unexpected boneheaded defensive play that costs runs. Offensive failure with tons of K’s. Nothing much at all from the heart of the order. Late hope at the very end that doesn’t amount to anything. Vintage.

    Football season can’t some soon enough.

  41. Heyward probably had a flashback on that popup to last season when he shredded Pastornicky’s ACL on a similar play. Still, it should have been his ball hands down.

  42. We’re closer to the Marlins than we are the Nats. Maybe the Marlins will win the division. Nobody else seems to want to.

  43. I rarely disagree with Alex so strongly, but Heyward has got to take ownership of that ball early on.

    Backpedaling at an angle versus moving forward is pretty easy to decide.

    Btw, Bonifacio looks like Willie Mays compared to Upton. Knowing Fredi, he probably won’t see the field for two weeks.

    And where did my Freddie Freeman go? I really liked that guy.

  44. Did not see one pitch of this apparent debacle. Was in a Union Square pub that was showing the Mets touch up the Nats. So, along with some nicely poured Guinness, I had that going for me tonight.

    Anyway… Cannibal Corpse video on the horizon? This has gotta end pronto.

  45. Evan Gattis has as many homeruns as Miggy Cabrera.

    That’s about as likely as me having as much fun as ububba.

  46. La Stella: “I’ve got to make that play, every time.”

    Yes, he does. Concern over who has the easier play on a ball doesn’t make any difference when both players have easy plays. Tommy wasn’t lunging at it at the last second. He wasn’t sprinting to the spot to catch it in stride. He was under the pop-up in plenty of time; then he misjudged it; then he dropped it. Major league second basemen make that play. And when they don’t, it’s their fault. And Tommy knows that.

    You can blame one of those runs on Justin Upton’s throw from the previous play advancing an extra runner into scoring position, although with 2 outs the runners were moving on contact. I don’t know what would have happened if the runners had been on 1st and 2nd at the time.

    If we’re looking for who to pin the loss on, Heyward, the only Brave with 2 hits, is probably the tenth worst culprit out of twelve Braves who appeared, ahead of the two relief pitchers, who did their jobs, and just behind Alex Wood, who pitched as well as he could for six innings despite not having anywhere near his best stuff.

  47. Amazingly, only 3 GB–not to imply hope. However, were also now closer to the Marlins than the Expos.

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