Maybe we were wrong about BJ Upton batting leadoff. Probably not, but let’s enjoy it while we can.

As noted above, BJ was the hitting hero of the day. He drove in two runs in the second with a triple. Gerald Laird also drove in a run in the fourth with an extra base hit.

Aaron Harang did his best “Joe, he just knows how to win” performances, scattering 11 hits and walking two over seven innings. Shae Simmons continues to show signs of being the go to set up guy, with two Ks in the eighth. The Kraken was released in the ninth, gave up two hits (I assume he was bored) before slamming the door.

The Braves went 8-3 on their longest road trip of the season. It’s really hard to do better than that. The Bravos are back in tonight Atlanta to welcome our ole pals The Mets.