Braves 2, Cubs 0 (by chasT)

Game 2 in this series was another pitching treat with Jeff Samardzija taking on Ervin Santana. Both are pitching lights-out this season and look like No. 1 staff aces. Last night’s game was pitching FUN!

Samardzija, all 6’ 5”, 225 pounds of Notre Dame grad of him, is 0-3 in seven starts this year, but has a 1.62 ERA. If you think you’re frustrated the Braves aren’t scoring any runs, think of what it feels like to be this guy who is now 0-4!

Fortunately, the Braves manufactured two in the 7th and that’s all they’d need because Ervin was on all night, throwing darts at the Cubs. He went 7, struck out 7, sprinkled 5 hits and looked like an ace all night. BUpton looked terrible at the plate all night with strikeouts in the 2nd, 5th, but redeemed himself somewhat in the 7th putting down a perfect bunt to put Chris Johnson into scoring position and the Braves scored first after Andrelton singled and Ryan Doumit doubled deep to left. The Braves produced another run when Tyler Pastornicky bunted Andrelton home.

Justin Upton left the game in the seventh after getting hit by a Samardzija pitch in the back.

Heyward was 0-3, Freddie was 0-4, and is not terrorizing pitchers like he did in early April, Oso Blanco was 0-4, But Chris Johnson who sucked in April is starting to look like the Chris Johnson we traded Martin Prado, Randall Delgado, Nick Ahmed, Zeke Spruill and Brandon Drury for. He’s 8 for his last 15. He got fooled by a Smardzija slider in the 7th but managed to stick his bat out and plunked it into center field. CJ had two hits on the night with others by Andrelton, Doumit and Jupton. The Braves look like they finally got the memo and are moving more on the bases, showing they can manufacture runs.

Pastornicky started at second, giving Pena a night off.

Santana went to 4-0, the loss went to Schlitter who relieved Samardzija in the 7th, and Kimbrel got his 10th save.

Braves (20-15) are still in first by a game over Miami.

Ed. note: This is the game thread, so here’s today’s song:

27 thoughts on “Braves 2, Cubs 0 (by chasT)”

  1. @ajcbraves: #Braves lineup: 1 Heyward RF 2. Pastornicky 2B 3. Freeman 1B 4. Gattis C 5 C Johnson 3B 6 Doumit LF 7. Simmons SS 8 Harang P 9 Schafer CF

  2. Fredi’s repeated decisions to let Doumit take the field at any position remain indefensible, baffling.

  3. Well, with Justin’s back hurting, giving Dounit the start today isn’t awful.

  4. Didn’t Doumit play left during Harang’s only bad start?

    Maybe BJ can just not hit today

  5. 8: I have no problem with Doumit hitting. He’s been brutal so far, but has been a decent hitter in his career. He’s never been a playable catcher or outfielder, so he shouldn’t be asked to do it.

  6. Doh! mit. He’s actually got a pretty sweet swing. There’s just nowhere to put him defensively.

  7. I’ve learned to no longer start questions: “Why does Chip…” I was led to it from watching generations of Carays. Call it Darwinian evolution.

  8. When one of the players who’s not hitting starts hitting, we score more runs, it seems. I await further tests on the subject before drawing any firm conclusions.

  9. Maybe Uggla should try hitting with his leg. He seems more effective that way.

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