If the Natspos are the front runners to win the NL East, either the talking heads are dumb or the NL East is super weak.

I wanted to make my way down to the Ted to give Braves Journal readers the best possible recap of events. So here were my observations from my seats in left center field.

BJ Upton is an underrated defender. Early in the game a Nat smoked a ball that looked to be a sure double. BJ came flying over and made a difficult play look easy. Not Andruw Jones easy, but still very good. BJ also appears to be coming around some with the bat.

 Justin Upton is hotter than Atlanta asphalt in July. Why would you give this guy anything to hit ? I assume Matt Williams is just now thinking the same thing.

Freddie Freeman’s home run was very impressive. The sound of the ball coming off his bat sounded like thunder. It was hit so high, I thought it might rain.

– The Natspos are a very poor fundamental team. They run into outs. They throw the ball all over the place. Good teams, like the Braves, will take advantage.

Aaron Harang was in total control. So far he has been a great pick up.

– I thought the Braves “Home Town Hero” may have to come out and put a stop to this massacre.

Andrelton Simmons’s field goal in the eight was cool. He really got a lot of leg and split the uprights over Bryce Harper’s head.

-If you haven’t heard Timothy Miller sing “God Bless America” in person, you are missing out.

Great weekend for the Braves. While it is only April, anytime you can sweep these guys is good. The bats are starting to pick up and the starting pitching has been awesome. I think we would have all signed up for this start a few weeks ago.

By the way, my unborn child is undefeated!