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Philip Larkin wrote that line. He should have had the Phillies in mind as he did it rather than, alas, his obsession with his own death.  A renowned pessimist and misanthrope he famously said of himself that deprivation for him was what daffodils were for Wordsworth…which ties in quite nicely with what opened last night’s salvo on a certain broadcaster. And is a good indication of how humor can hide among the direst prognostications.  Had the Phillies been in his ken back in the seventies when his reputation was at its height  he might well have first admired the way they kept hobbling on, pushing their weary legs, denying their ultimate collapse but then. patience and tolerance exhausted, condemned them roundly, their pathos now abhorrent and too evocative of his own mortality.

The game..

Lots of fresh, young faces from the LeHigh Valley

so why did BJ let Gattis catch that?

Minor struggling for command early

Miss America – we didn’t get to see

my man!  love him          1-0

there they are!  bow wow

Minor listened – KKK

Hernandez looks 11

Fine play, effort, JuP

Miss Georgia.. collars and cuffs?

Gattis fields it by the book

5 gone, a little insurance maybe

(Logan Morrison 485ft HR..Hernandez nono thru 5)

Mac flies out deep, CJ too

Asche – who’d have thunk it?     1-2

(Reds get 2 run Votto HR, lead Dodgers 3-2 after 5 )

Lee 13 in a row..Joey T needs to get going

Strange that Lee is not pitching the 9th…we’ll take it

no storybook ending, Gattis flies out as go ahead run.

all this age stuff – it was a kid who won it!