17 thoughts on “Pirates 6”

  1. welp…sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.
    was that Wandy Johnson on the mound tonight?

  2. I’m concerned about 3 shutouts already. Can’t count on a ton of solo homers every night. Need to get some basehits, lots of guys in the lineup with miniscule BA’s.

  3. Ill take a 13-3 start wih no real contributions from Heyward, BJ, Uggla, Simmons, Bmac, Venters, and Beachy. This team is solid and these bats will heat up.

  4. Wandy Rodriquez is a very good pitcher. The Braves have lost three games. Two against top tier LH starters – Cliff Lee, Wandy Rodriguez – who were on top of their games. One against Doug Eddings’ strike zone.

    That’ll happen, kids. Tip your caps to the starters and make voodoo dolls of Eddings. Sometimes the other guy really is better than you that night.

  5. If Kris Medlen had pitched the same game Rodriguez pitched last night folks would be talking about how awesome he was and how he was back to his late 2012 season form.

  6. We apparently don’t like games that are out of the ordinary. No cold temperatures or odd start times for this Atlanta Braves team!

  7. If there’s one thing I remember about my childhood, it’d be how utterly miserable playing baseball in cold weather was. I don’t envy the guys tonight that’s for sure. Should be below freezing by game’s end. YIKES!

  8. The weather only looks like it’s going to get worse for them in Colorado—the temperature hanging around freezing with forecasts of snow. What a miserable month to have such a long road trip in.

  9. I don’t think the Bibi Jones joke is getting a whole lot of love here. Not my brand of humor, but clever nonetheless…

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