to Milwaukee we go…

watching sausages go racing
might be seen as self effacing
sadly for the Crew
Braun’s well overdue
PED’s, they need replacing.

Teheran tonight, always seems an extra buzz for Braves fans when he goes – the promise and vulnerability of youth…and Uggla starts? some confusion here re lasic surgery – when? if not already then are we the first MLB team to start a blind second baseman? didn’t one of the coaches say this week there are pitches he literally can’t see? UPDATE, not blind, Dan has new contacts, no more ducking curves…wow, exciting!
Brewers pretty dismal so far but needless to say there are some underperformers who with the Bravos on the horizon burst into full flower a week or so ahead – we get a lot of these, pitchers too… young Segura at SS sounds one to watch with the bat…ROOF OPEN

1st   1,2,3… Peralta, great stuff, wild, Simmons wilder…
    Bases loaded, no outs!! Ramirez SFly, JT great pick off, slim Juan 12 pitch AB pops out… 1-0 Brewers
2nd   J Up deep fly out, Mac ground out, BJ s/o…..ho hum…read this book before? surely not…
    Carlos Lee retires, 358 HR, good career/pension- no onfield ceremony…Teheran, single only…
3rd   Uggla walks, new lens crucial.. CJ walks, Terehan poor bunt.. AS pops out(yuk)…JH grd out..nothing
    first 2 on, good bunt..Gomez, big s/o..JF hpb, bases loaded, 2 out..escape again, still 1-0 Brew Crew
4th   still no hits(they have 6)..FF s/o(2)…seems we’ve lost the last 6 games in this park, now they tell us…
    lead off single, pitcher bunts, Mac interfered with, no call…finally we get Aoki out with RISP…
5th   HIT! BJ, l/off single..Dan just misses, lenses on full song…JT squeeze? late break? ..AS line out,unlucky
    lead off HR Segura, 3/3…living up to the hype…2-0 Brewers
6th   Jason l/off walk, gets to 2nd..McCann pops out to end threat…he’s cold…bah
    3 up 3 down…why should they worry..
7th   ROOF CLOSING…this will make all the difference..(no it doesn’t)…but Dan walks again and looks good..
    Pitching change, Gearrin in…JT was fine, no walks,no support..6.1/8/2/2/0/5 1HR…Gearrin does the job
8th   K-Rod pitching, 2 k’s, Success and Jason…Simmonds grounds out, good play Segura.. deja vu…
    Alex Wood pitching, no glasses…2 fly outs, 1 k, no walks…lose those glasses
9th   Henderson pitching…2 walks, 2 flyouts, McCann k’s as tying run, swings through 3 fastballs….. shut out…


is it fair to say we are no longer a streaky hitting team, we are now a weak hitting team- in fact we’re currently very consistent as such, no? So in what can we take solace – Uggla, i am obsessing on his new lenses, he looked good tonight and just missed a 2 run homer in his first AB…he will have lasik in the fall they now say…new lenses for everyone else i say, mandatory…Andrelton must learn from Aoki how to bat lead off, he will…JT was JT, he’s fine…nothing else it seems

and then there’s our Hero, waiting in the wings…

when in this race with Eastern foes despised
we near the break do curse our ‘battled state
to heaven have we oft and sadly cried
that cross we must environs of home plate
yet ‘spite of all it need be understood
our pitchers hurl such thunderbolts from Zeus
our mighty sluggers wield their fearsome wood
(well, some of them, the others what’s the use).

while in these thoughts, the awful Mets despising
we most haply think on thee, astride the plate
the foetid fastball gloriously arising
from sullen earth sings hymns at heaven’s gate
for thee brave Gattis angels swarm the Ted
our foreign foes retreat, we happily to bed.