ESPN box score

An inauspicious way to begin after the All-Star Break. The Braves had 9 singles and 4 walks and scored 1 run. The White Sox had 4 singles, a double, and 2 walks and scored 3. Go figure.

Mike Minor pitched a complete(ish?) game, giving up 3 runs (2 earned) and striking out 8 over innings, but it wasn’t enough against the generic lefty of the day (Jose Quintana) who managed to only give up hits when no one was in danger of scoring. I’m trying to think of what else went on, but there really wasn’t much else. I mean, interesting things happened during the game. Andrelton Simmons made a great play (but also booted one, accounting for the lone error of the game and eventually one of Chicago’s runs). The Braves started three catchers (one in LF and one at DH) and one of them (Gerald Laird) had a weird infield single before leaving after getting hit on the wrist by an inside pitch. Minor, after needing 40-odd pitches to get through the first two innings, got through the other 6 in less than 60. The Braves used 1 pitcher, but the White Sox needed 5.

But regardless, the result was a 2-run Braves loss making them 1-2 in against one of the worst teams in the AL. Luckily, the Nationals suck (I got to watch them lose in extras last night. Hahahhahaha! #NATITUDE) and no one in the NL East besides the Braves is above .500. It’s not necessarily the way you want to win, but it sure beats the alternative.