Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 25, 2013 – ESPN

Great, I’m recapping another weird-fight game.

Getting the boring stuff out of the way on the front end: T–he Braves lost again, despite a nice effort by Paul Maholm — especially by Paul Maholm standards — and are officially in a dead heat with the Cardinals for home-field advantage, meaning they’re gonna have to get two wins against the duo of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke in order to play in the NLCS. The hitters just continue to not hit. It’s pretty gross to watch.

Milwaukee’s first run came when Carlos Gomez hit a bomb in the first inning, after which he preened and jawed at Maholm — Paul Maholm — for most of his “run” around the bases, making the Jose Fernandez homer celebration look like a Jerry Riche touchdown catch. Freddie Freeman was not happy. Brian McCann was really not happy, and stood several feet in front of the plate, in the baseline, refusing to let Gomez get past him. Benches cleared, Reed Johnson threw a shove-punch at Gomez for which Freeman was ejected, butthurt Brewers fans and the other usual suspects (think Joe Sheehan) lamented the Braves’ lack of class on Twitter, etc. Apparently, Gomez was jawing because Maholm had hit him with a pitch in June? Or something? Whatever the case, I actually thought the Braves, apart from Johnson, handled it pretty well. (I’d buy Brian McCann a beer for his work, for sure.) Oh, and all of this led to Dan Uggla, Three-Hole Hitter, so the “Braves 0” part of the above-mentioned score was kind of hard to avoid.

Chip Caray is so bad. When he’s not making you think a routine fly ball is ten rows deep via his ridiculous-sounding Excited Voice, he’s just inaccurately describing the very (basic) things you’re watching, like bunts rolling foul or pitches being strikes. It’s pitiful and maddening. Hilariously, he was forced to read a promo for an upcoming special on NC State football (!), so at least his producers are messing with him, even though they won’t (can’t?) fire him.

That’s all I got. See y’all in the playoffs.