you wonder, which?

his nick, you know

a total bitch.

Terdo seems to suck

Joey T for luck?

‘Titch we might propose

‘Slovi?  WTF?



Joey pinch it tonight, we didn’t need him to…we were cruising all game long with an early barrage of runs – 4 in the first with homers from Justin and CJ – one more in the third from Mac…Jason had two hits, the second a screamer to the base of the LCF wall…when he does that I get excited and remember watching him do it 3 times in the same game at GABP in his rookie year…going the other way with brute power, terrific….


But none of these guys could match the Evening Star, Mr. Beachy…will all those bleating for his return to AAA to get ‘sorted out’ please recant…he was masterful, struck out 6,  walked 1, just 3 hits …Fredi took him out after 8 innings – 99 pitches, 67 strikes when he may have been showing first signs of some fatigue…Downs and Ayala finished off the shut out…such an encouraging and important third start for Brandon – who would want to bet against him now taking over the Number One Spot before the PostSeason?


Miscellania…AS, lovely double play early – bettered by sensational grab by their guy, late, to rob Freddy…Dan showing rare anger when they threw close to his head, first at bat, had to be escorted to first by the Ump…Justin’s home run swing most certainly back in the groove, his brother hitless but still looking a new guy…


Really nothing more need be said…a routine, dominant all-round performance by our boys, FOURTEEN, how special is that?