So apparently it’s Star Wars Day today (i.e. “May the Fourth be with you”), which gives me an excellent excuse not to particularly recap last night’s game, when Mike Minor pitched okay, but O’Flahbrel coughed up a lead, and the Mets homered the Braves to death. Good things that happened include the Braves roughing up Marcum early, Jordan Schafer drawing four walks (!) in the leadoff spot, Evan Gattis hitting a solo shot, and B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla getting two hits each. Bad things include Juan Francisco getting injured just as the Braves staff seemed to have realized that Chris Johnson had cooled off.

If the Braves keep scoring five runs a game, I like our chances. But losing to IWOTM sucks a lot.

Anyhow… I’m calling this a game thread. It’s Jon Niese vs. Julio Teheran, and Niese is actually a pretty good pitcher, but the Mets don’t score seven runs every game, so if Julio can figure out how not to throw so many gopherballs he should be okay. Just for perspective, over his last two starts, Teheran has gone 12 1/3 innings, allowed just three earned runs, and gotten eight strikeouts against just one walk. He’s given up 18 hits, but 17 of them were singles, and he threw 71% strikes. So he’s actually been good recently.

Anyway, today’s another day. And tomorrow is, too.