Happy Cinco de Mayo Game Thread, May 5

Just a quick game thread to get you in the mood for today’s game with one of the best mariachi-punk songs I know, “El Clavo y La Cruz.”

The Braves are 17-12 and by Pythag they should be 18-11, even though they’re 5-10 in their last 15 games and 2-7 in their last nine. This is a feast-or-famine team with a pretty good rotation, a killer bullpen, and a decent offense.

There are going to be a lot more frustrations. But hey, these are the Mets. Eventually the Braves will remember that.

102 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo Game Thread, May 5”

  1. Why was BJ barking after he K’d? I didn’t see anything which was deserving of a chirp, much less a bark.

  2. BJ is in danger of making me wish we could find Reggie Sanders….

  3. I want to see a lineup with Success and C. Johnson 1-2 in the order. They look like brothers. Chris, the older, less douchey-looking brother.

    Okay, Justin. Two runners on, brother. Let’s do this thing!

  4. @12, I’m watching the game on TBS

    Do you live within Metro Atlanta? All I get, for both TBS and Fox Sports, is: “this program is not available for viewing in your area…”

  5. I worry about Andrelton’s batting eye when he’s swinging at pitches like that.

  6. This may be spin but I thought it was interesting.

    “If Heyward returns too soon before his abdominal muscles have healed, he runs the risk of straining an oblique muscle or sustaining a hernia.

    Braves hitting coach Greg Walker held the same role with the White Sox in 2011, when Adam Dunn returned from an appendectomy in less than a week in early April. Dunn then proceeded to have the worst season of his career.”

  7. So, it seems as though the Braves have concentrated all of the non-HR-driven offense they had been missing thus far in 2013 into today’s game. I’m not complaining per se, but… where were these hits when we really needed them, guys?

  8. Hudson’s bunt reminded me of this quote (from the AJC) from his home run last week:

    Hudson had to sign a bat and several other items to get the home run ball back from the fan in right field who caught it. He’ll have fun showing it to his 8-year-old son, Kade, who went to bed after watching the game on TV in Auburn, Ala., on Tuesday night, but was a happy kid seeing his father Wednesday morning.

    “He’s fired up about me hitting,” Hudson said. “He doesn’t think I can hit. I still don’t know if he thinks I can hit. We’ll be out in the backyard playing ball, and he’ll go ‘I’m going to hit like you, Dad.’ He’ll act like he’s going to hit and then he’ll just bunt. He said ‘All you ever do is bunt.’ I was like wait a minute. You’ve got to look at my scrapbook, kid.”

    Poor Hudson—he’s so proud of his hitting and his own son thinks all he does is bunt!

  9. Up five with no outs, first and third, I think you let him swing.

    I know it is tic-tac, but we bunt waaaaaaay too much

  10. @65 Small ball and leading the league in HRs? Sounds like the best of both worlds.

    Huddy may not be a HoFer, but it’s a lot of fun watching him pitch.

  11. I didn’t know it was physically possible for the Marlins to score 9 runs, let alone off Halladay.

  12. Wow. B.J. wasn’t having much luck with the “swing” strategy, so he switched to the “don’t swing” strategy and watched a called strike three. He’s just mentally lost right now. I hope the Braves have a good sports psychologist, because he needs to find a way to regain his confidence at the plate.

  13. Tomorrow if McCann comes off the DL you may see Gattis in LF and Jupton in RF.

  14. If they threw Gattis at first without much experience, why wouldn’t they do the same in left?

  15. Speculating but I do remember reading that the Braves were going to move him around to get him ABs.

  16. 82- Gattis did play several dozen games in left last year in A and AA, many more than at first.

  17. Varvaro now has the lowest ERA on the team, as well as the most IP out of the bullpen.

  18. Just back from the game – can’t figure out why Hudson came out in the 8th.

  19. @97—It was especially odd since he had hit the inning before. He was only at 94 pitches.

  20. Hudson gave up a big double, and he’s shown in the past that you need to have a quick hook for him once he gets to the 8th inning. Avilan and Varvaro were both hitting 95 — Varvaro actually touched 97. I’m not too worried about Luis long-term, but he’s not a setup man just yet. Still needs to hit the plate more consistently. But he’s nasty.

  21. I agree that after a point you have to be ready to pull Hudson at a moment’s notice.

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