With ESPN in the house and the greatest pitcher and left fielder ever on hand, there was no chance the Braves could take down the undefeated defending World Series champion Washtreal Natspos.

All the stats and hype the ESPN crew was throwing around they forgot to mention that the Braves have beaten the Natspos seven times in a row.

Both Steven Strasburg and Julio Teheran pitched in and out of jams all night, but both were bailed out by some great defense, poor base running and toss up calls from the umps.  In the end it came down to a battle of the pens, which of course, isn’t close.

Justin Upton came to bat in the first and was amazed to see a runner on base.  He immediately corrected that abnormality by driving in Jordan Schafer. The Natspos answered with two in the top of the second.

In the bottom of the fourth Gerald Laird plated Freddie Freeman, but Dan Uggla was thrown out at third. ESPN claims Uggla was out before Freeman scored and the run shouldn’t count. Of course, they were openly pulling for the Natspos.

With the game tied in the seventh Andrelton Simmons hit a sac fly and scored Laird. That is all the Braves would need. Simmons also threw a guy out from his butt in the ninth.

Walden, O’Flaherty and Kimbrel were dominate over the final three and a third, not allowing a base runner and punching out six.

Nothing cures a losing streak like the Washtreal Natspos! Make that eight strait!