Phillies 6, Braves 2; Braves 8, Phillies 2

I have pointed this out before, but I still find it absolutely freaking mystifying.

Vs. the Braves, careerGSW-LERAWHIPK/BB
Roy Halladay104-
Kyle Kendrick137-12.861.261.26

I will never understand this.

I apologize for the non-recap of Friday night’s game, but it was not worth dwelling on anyway. The Braves are 5.5 games back in the division with 10 games to play, and their wild card magic number is 3. Barring the not-exactly-unthinkable-but-you-know-what-I-mean, the Braves are going to be the home wild card team. (Home field in the play-in game is apparently determined by the head-to-head record for the two teams. The Cardinals are 2.5 games up in the wild card, and the Braves are 5-1 against them this season. We’re 3-3 against the Dodgers and Brewers, but we have a much better regular season record, which I assume is the tiebreaker.)

Of course, we’d be in a better position if Fredi had followed my advice and skipped Tommy’s turn in the rotation. Right now, according to DOB, Fredi’s planning on swapping Medlen and Maholm’s next turns in the rotation to put Medlen in line to start the play-in game. Still, I’m taking the chance to say I told you so.

There were only two players who recorded a hit in both Friday and Saturday’s games. One was Martin Prado, because of course he did — he’s playing shortstop and batting second and hitting .300 and when Peter Moylan tweeted that Prado should be in consideration for the MVP I found it hard to disagree. The second, however, perhaps encouragingly, was Michael Bourn. When Bourn and Prado are hitting at the top of the lineup, this is a very dangerous ballclub.

Our offensive sputters track pretty well with Bourn’s slump, as you might imagine. For example, Bourn’s slump began before this, but the last day of the season that he was hitting .300 was July 24. Through July 24, the Braves were averaging 4.6 runs per game with a .728 team OPS (including pitchers). Since then, we’re averaging 4.1 runs per game with a .690 team OPS.

It’s worth taking a second to point out how freaking good Mike Minor has been of late, especially because I absolutely hated him earlier in the year.

Kris Medlen, Sept. 201243-0300.900.7310.28.5
Mike Minor, Sept. 201243-024 2/31.090.778.762.67
Sandy Koufax, Sep 196675-1571.420.917.113.0

That’ll do, Mikie. That’ll do.

51 thoughts on “Phillies 6, Braves 2; Braves 8, Phillies 2”

  1. I would welcome David Wright to the Atlanta hot corner with open arms. But I really doubt it’s a possibility.

  2. Sunday lineup, folks:

    Johnson cf
    Prado 3b
    Heyward rf
    Freeman 1b
    Uggla 2b
    Baker lf
    Ross c
    Simmons ss
    Hudson p

  3. Is the home field really determined by head to head record? So a team could finish 6 games ahead but not get home field because of head to head records?

  4. First wild card (Braves) gets home field advantage in the one-game playoff. Then the wild card winner plays two home games vs. the division winner with the best record, before playing the final three in the best-of-five away.

  5. Thanks, AAR.

    Yesterday was a great sports day in the Coop: Braves won, big Dawgs ate and Mac’s Tide rolled. Too bad justhank’s wildcats couldn’t whup Florida and Bethany’s tigers fell half a biscuit short; but if the Braves win today, it will have been a great weekend.

  6. Justhank,
    I’d have to say that UGA is better than last year. For one, we can actually run the ball. Don’t miss Crowell at all because Gurley and Marshall are special talents. Our O-Line is much approved (yeah, yeah it was just Vandy but still.) Defense is finally going to be at full strength against Tennessee with 2 of our 3 best players coming back from suspension.

    By the way, so much for those saying the SEC West is far superior to the East. Bama may have the easiest schedule in the conference.

  7. @11- Don’t forget about us Techies! We were able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yesterday. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a team scoring 36 unanswered points and still losing.

  8. AAR, the frightening thing is that this actually constitutes improvement for this team from most of September.

  9. Caray in a nutshell: Phillies at four games out with ten to play are doomed; Braves at 5.5 game out in the division still have a decent shot.

  10. 26- To be fair, the Phillies do have two other teams to pass to make things harder. But why should I be fair? It’s Chip!

  11. To be fair, Dan, the Phillies have to pass three teams. And that is hereby the last time will ever be fair to Chip. Every time he mentions what will happen if a player gets a hit in a particular situation I want to scream, though every time he says “our game” I do scream. There. I feel better.

  12. I think that Chip Caray’s shortcomings boil down to three things:

    1) He isn’t very observant, and so the few things that he sees he really latches onto. Ball hit hard => RAISE VOICE UNTIL it’s caught or it’s actually a HOME RUN!

    2) He isn’t very smart, and so he draws analytically poor conclusions that he draws from the things that he inaccurately observes.

    3) He isn’t self-aware, and so he appears to have no recognition of the fact that all of his broadcasting boils down to obnoxiously loud, inane and often inaccurate drivel.

  13. Way to go, EOF. Unchain the Kraken…

    Re: UGA/Vandy
    Hard to play better than the Dawgs did last night. Yeah, they got some help–Vandy had about 427 penalties in the 1st quarter. You kinda knew that when we got that bogus roughing-the-kicker call on the 2nd drive, this game could turn into a bloodbath.

    Didn’t matter, of course. That one looked like a line-of-scrimmage mismatch dialed up from the Matt Robinson-Herschel Era. And Murray was as sharp as I’ve ever seen him.

    So, if I know anything about UGA football history (& pay some homage to Vince Dooley’s poormouth), next week’s Tennessee game will have some kind of letdown. Easy to imagine that there will be some points, but I’m more curious to see if the Dawgs can put together two consecutive stellar efforts.

    If that game was only about let’s-punish-uppity-lil-Vandy, that’s not a good sign. They shouldn’t need that kinda incentive. It appears that this team might be onto something big. Next week will give us a better clue about this group’s focus.

  14. Maybe a bit of both. Of the regulars who are sitting, Bourn apparently jammed his thumb; Brian played last night, so it’s common for him to get the day off for a day game that immediately follows a night game; and Chipper has to be given a lot of rest.

    I wish Baker were making a better case for inclusion on the playoff roster, but honestly I haven’t seen much from either him or Overbay. Johnson has been decent, though.

  15. Bases juiced for the Brewers in top 7 with 1 out and they’ve already score to take the lead. Could be 4.5 after today!

  16. Subs on playoff roster, Francison, Ross, Johnson, Contanza and Pastornicky? Who else when we drop a starter, Boscan, relief pitcher or?

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