Phillies 3, Braves 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Box Score – August 07, 2012 – ESPN.

So much for dominance. The Braves were shut out by Cole Hamels, and the Phillies got three runs in the first inning off of Mike Minor. It does seem like when he gives up runs, they come in bunches, but he pitched well enough to win.

The Braves never seriously threatened, never getting a man to second and grounding into two double plays, plus Brian McCann was thrown out trying to stretch a double into a double. Hamels is a really good pitcher, and he was on. It happens.

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  1. Yeah, BMac wasnt even close to beign safe. I think Chipper shouldve made a play on Rollins double in the first. Whatever, get em today.

  2. I like the fact that after Howard’s homer, Minor sucked it up and stopped the bleeding. He gave us a chance in the game, but Hamels never let us get into it.

  3. Bethany,

    What do you do that makes you so desirable to an employer? You’ve been jobless barely over a week. I earned my B.Sc. last May and I’m still searching for a f**king “real” job.

  4. Bethany – good luck. Nice to have a desirable skill set. Its a good problem to have.

    Yeah the positive from last nights game was that Minor didn’t disintegrate. Its not like Hamels is a journeyman soft tossing lefty either.

  5. Depressing thought of the day – since Jul 5, Braves are 21-8, .724 w%, and lost a game in the standings over that stretch.

  6. Yeah, it helps when your skills (considerable, in Bethany’s case) can be demonstrated immediately by opening a website. This worked well for me during the industrial design phase of life, but I’ve yet to figure out how to impress engineers as quickly. It’s hard to get the same emotional wallop out of a spreadsheet.

  7. Bethany:
    Framingham vs. Columbia. I can tell you right now that Columbia’s cost of living will reap rewards for you, and you won’t notice the lower pay. The wife and I lived there while I was at Fort Jackson for 5 months, and it really isn’t that bad. It’s all about where in Columbia you live.

  8. ‘plus Brian McCann was thrown out trying to stretch a double into a double’

    classic Thomason.

  9. Eagles – I hate their players, I hate their owner, I hate their fans, I hate their culinary specialty.

    But I can’t completely hate their team as long as Andy Reid is their coach. Just heartbreaking.

  10. Did you see how the Nationals won last night? Aargh!

    If you could bottle “Want To”, the Nats have it on tap.

    As opposed to our guys, I’m afraid.

  11. Yeah, it’s weird that LaRoche is raking in the first half of the season. Maybe he’ll reverse his history and go cold here on out.

  12. Gads, damn Nats. I’ve been a season ticket holder since they moved in 2005 and have watched them fail at winning in countless and creative ways. Now they can’t seem to lose. I get the pitching with Strasburg, Gio, etc., but the offense is surprisingly good too. I might be the only unhappy season ticket holder they have.

  13. I think the Braves at their best are definitely a better team than the Nats, but the Nats are above average more often than the Braves are.

  14. I think the Braves are deeper, especially in the bullpen, and tend to hit well against in-the-strike-zone power pitchers. But the Nats keep games close, clutch hit better than most teams, and play above average defense at most positions. I’d pick the Nats in a series right now. Oddly, sitting Strasburg against the Braves might be a wise move to improve matchups and extend his innings.

  15. @10 – That was about the point I was stretching a double into another double. But that sounds like classic Skip.

  16. I didn’t realize the Nats had the best record in baseball. It boggles the mind.

  17. Looking the offensive stats, the Braves and the Nats are almost even.

    I’ll take the Braves in the dog days of August.
    Then let’s see.

  18. Dan Roundfield has drowned while saving his wife in Aruba.

    I’ll try to find a link.

  19. LaRoche got off to a very surprisingly strong start, then slumped before the All-Star break and now has picked it up again.

    “I’ll take the Braves in the dog days of August.”

    But what about in September?

  20. Is anyone else having trouble getting the game today? MLB.TV isn’t loading this one.

  21. Sorry, Rob. It might be a Florida thing, since I can’t get the broadcast in Port Orange.

  22. I don’t even have the option to watch it on my phone or IPad. Only–sickly–the Cubs-Padres game is available.

  23. Cubs v. Padres broke MLB.TV. That sounds about right.

    Somehow, the cruel Internet gods made it the only available game.

    But hey, how is everybody doing?

  24. 41 — Unfortunately it seems like no matter how many runs we send Houston, they’ll find a way to bungle it in extra innings.

  25. You would think we have the advantage with our bullpen vis a vis theirs, but this feels like a loss for some reason…

  26. that kind of felt like the end of the Laurence Olivier made-for-TV movie version of King Lear when he staggers around blind and sputtering. in both cases, you start to feel bad, but in one, it’s the Phillies, and in the other, it’s Thank God This Is Almost Over.

  27. Pastornicky seems to have found his niche as a pinch-hitter. I know that sounds snarky, but I’m serious.

  28. I’m good with Pastornicky off the bench. He’s had a streak of clutch luck too, so I think he’s confident.

    That was apparently Ross’ first stolen base in the majors.

  29. Pastornicky could be a nice bench piece, moving forward. I’ve really come around to the idea of him being a useful part of this team.

  30. when Andrelton comes back, y’all think there’s a place for both Rev and Janish? I’ve gotten weirdly attached to Janish. This question also assumes Wilson gets cut, which is probably not a safe assumption.

  31. Tha Rev is a nice bat off the bench who can sub elsewhere, if needed. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  32. I’m definitely in the keep Janish camp, I was more thinking of the expanded roster time.

  33. It may be better for Simmons to came back in September IF team keeps winning. Fingers need time to heal.

  34. Speaking of things Tyler Pastornicky may or may not have earned…

    A what point did he earn a fairly cool sounding nick name?

  35. @71, a decent PH who can play short is a very useful thing. I’m not convinced, but still.

  36. It’s wonderful to have a centerfielder/leadoff hitter in Bourn. Too bad this is his last year with us. At least we will get a first-round pick for him leaving…I am sure we will make him a qualified offer.

  37. It’d be nice if we had the luxury of getting pastornicky playing time at 2b and CF in Gwinnett, so we could be confident about him as a super sub next year. But as it is, he’s been our best player off the bench and I feel gross having said that.

  38. #71
    Considering the kind of pinch-hitting we’ve gotten this year (.183 in an NL hitting .240), gotta like what he’s done recently.

    BTW, PHs for those charmed Nats are hitting .296.

  39. And Matt Downs strikes out with the winning runs in scoring position, so the Astros lose to the Nats by one run. Again. I expected that, but it still irks me.

  40. Houston is so bad that I just realized that I called them the “Colt 42s” instead of the Colt 45s @56. They got subtracted by 3.

  41. So, the Angels, Tigers, and Orioles all have the same record at 60-51. If those 3 teams finish with the same record how are they going to determine the 2 Wild Card teams?

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