Braves 5, Nats 1

Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals – Box Score – August 22, 2012 – ESPN.

And then there’s Kris Medlen. It’s a lot to ask of a kid coming off of surgery to be the staff ace, but so far he seems up to the task. This time he only went for seven shutout innings (scoreless streak: 20 1/3 IP) with seven hits, seven strikeouts, and one walk, in a close game, to break a four-game losing streak.

The Braves did finally score, in the fifth inning, when Martin Prado doubled home Tyler Pastornicky and… well, Medlen, who had walked in front of him (Prado led off with Michael Bourn taking an off-day). It stayed 2-0 as long as Medlen was in the game. But Eric O’Flaherty entered to pitch the eighth and a hit, an error on the play, and another hit cut the lead to 2-1, and a walk put the go-ahead run on. O’Flaherty got a GIDP to get out of it.

Then the Braves got some breathing space. Chipper Jones reached on an error, and Freddie Freeman doubled. Chipper scored on a sac fly, and Bourn, in the game now, singled home Freeman. He then went to second on a wild pitch, stole third, and scored on a throwing error, making it 5-1. It was no longer a save situation, but there was little reason not to use Craig Kimbrel, who struck out the side in the ninth.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, our ace – Kris Medlen.

    Got to get the start in the playoff game, don’t you think?

  2. Small sample size, but makes you wonder…..who in the Braves’ FO felt Medlen was better suited for long relief? Or is long relief easier on the arm following TJ?

  3. It’s not a question of what he’s suited for. Medlen has never pitched more than 120 innings in a season. Starting him in the bullpen may have something to do with the injury, but it was mostly done to avoid ordinary fatigue, even though he’s not quite young anymore.

  4. His post-game interviews are as refreshing as his pitching performances.

    Medlen, Beachy and pray for rain?

    Certainly means we can trade Hanson.

  5. I think Hanson’s value is at a low.

    Really, if we want to trade anyone we will move Minor or Medlen. Though I don’t want to do that, they have the most value.

  6. As some used to say back when Matt Diaz was good, perhaps Medlen’s success is attributable to proper treatment, not in spite of improper treatment.

  7. The braves needed a RHP in the pen who could throw strikes and get guys out. The lack of that guy was one of the big reasons the big 3 got used so much last year. It was need that put Medlen in the pen. Then when Durbin stepped forward, the need shifted to the rotation and Medlen was ready. He may be our darkhorse MVP at this point.

  8. I could spend endless hours at Baseball Reference.

    Minor leads the team in innings pitched? Makes some amount of sense, but it wasn’t something I would have thought possible back in April.

    Janish has more starts at shortstop than Simmons. Time flies.

  9. From Capital Avenue Club:

    Chipper Jones on Kris Medlen: “He’s poised beyond his years. He’s one of those guys that is pretty quiet, but he always walks around like maybe he knows something you don’t. He’s got Doggie’s kind of presence out there on the mound. He’s not a big guy but he walks out there like ‘I know I can get you out.’ And he’s got a few different ways to do it.”

  10. According to this article, Andrelton Simmons is likely to be out a full 8 weeks from his July 13 injury date, which would put his return somewhere around September 7, two weeks from now. I’m thankful to Paul Janish for keeping Simmons’ seat warm, but it will be great to have Andrelton back.

    On a separate note – does anyone know how this affects Simmons’ service time clock? Will it prevent him from possibly becoming a Super Two player?

  11. I was pretty ticked the umps missed the call on the throw from Ross that hit the runner inside the baseline. It seems over the past couple of years we always had that call go against our hitters, sometimes even questionably.

  12. He seemed to be straddling the baseline to me – left foot in fair territory.

    Did Ross ever say if he drilled him in the back on purpose, expecting the call?

  13. I watched it back a few times and I’m pretty sure he never even touched the baseline. Was inside the whole time.

  14. Here come the Cardinals. Dammit.

    Really hope we face the Pirates. Even if we lose, I’ll have a team to root for.

  15. Yep, the non-call on the runner in fair territory was terrible, but in all fairness it was made up immediately, because the runner was safe at second on the double play.

  16. Are there any BravesJournal’ers in the Charleston, SC, area who could lend a hand regarding a job? I just relocated to the area with my fiancé as she has started a graduate program at the College of Charleston and I am seeking employment.

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  17. Im going to the game on Friday night. I sure hope Chipper plays because that will be the only chance I get to see him this year.

  18. I’m listening to Mets/Rockies at work. Aside from experiencing another routinely great radio broadcast from Metland, I’m really enjoying hearing Howie Rose describe the major-league debut of Mets starting pitcher Collin McHugh. (He took the roster spot of Johan Santana, who was shutdown yesterday when his MRI revealed a back injury.)

    A righthander from Covington, Ga., McHugh’s described as “Dillon Gee with a better curveball.” He pitched at Berry College in Rome, Ga., and his mother made the trip to Flushing for the game.

    So far he’s making his mother proud: 6 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 8 K, 1 BB in 88 pitches.

    This being the 2012 New York Mets, the score remains 0-0.

  19. SDP – If you know how to assemble commercial aircraft, Boeing builds 787 Dreamliners in North Charleston. What are your skills/educational background?

  20. @24, @30: I’ve targeted Boeing a lot in the last year. I absolutely love aviation (planes have thrilled me since childhood) but I don’t have any experience and Boeing doesn’t seem to be in the business of training people.

    I have a mathematics degree from Clemson. 3.30 GPA. I’m very interdisciplinary–I like looking at connections between math and the sciences. My faculty research advisor led me into that mindset. Now we both see how it kind of hurts–employers want people with specific skills and specific expertise, not renaissance men who would love to learn a little bit of everything.

    Thanks for the responses.

  21. The Georgia kid went 7 shutout innings (2 H, 9 K, 1 BB), then the Mets pinch-hit for him.

    As soon as they brought in Parnell to relieve, Jordany Valdespin misjudged a fly ball into a triple–now it’s 1-0 Rox.

    Oh, Mets…

  22. sdp – I don’t live in the Charleston area anymore but the biggest employer is the Medical University of South Carolina. Also Blackbaud a software developer, Mil a defense consulting company, SAIC, SPAWAR (Navy) also. From friends I know that they are always looking for Science and Math teachers in the Charleston County School District. I had heard that at one point in time you did not need an education degree but that may not be true anymore. A lot of folks make a living in the service industry and as Charleston is a tourist town there may be work there but as the season is winding down, I dunno. Good luck young man.

  23. 33 — He would need to be a certified teacher to teach math or science unless he was a substitute.

  24. My guess — after two more starts (unless he turns it around) Sheets will go on the DL for the remainder of the season, thus ending the six-man rotation.

  25. Michael Bourn 8
    Reed Johnson 9
    Martin Prado 7
    Chipper Jones 5
    Freddie Freeman 3
    Dan Uggla 4
    Brian McCann) 2
    Paul Janish 6
    Tommy Hanson 1

  26. I think if you’re gonna sit Heyward once this series, it would be better that you do it against Madison Bumgarner and not Barry Zito.

    I love night games. Three hours of solid studying with’s audio turned off is a great way to cap this Thursday from hell.

  27. It is tough enough watching games on the west coast when they move along quickly, but with Hanson pitching, it is just torture

  28. He was going to take second anyway. Tommy was probably going for a two base error.

  29. So Tommy puts a runner in scoring position with no one out and squeezes out of it. I think we’ve seen this movie before.

  30. Of course we’ve seen this show before! It’s The Amazing Tommy! Stay tuned, because next inning he will walk the pitcher to load the bases but then induce a rare double play on a pop foul out and play at the plate to nab the tagging runner. All while juggling plates and eating fire!

  31. Through two, Tommy’s doing good and not stressing me out overmuch. That’s high praise from me to Hanson.

  32. Still firmly believe Hanson would be a lot more effective if he would start throwing his change up. He gets ahead and then just throws mediocre to poor offspeed pitches.

  33. Hate to pile on, but it’s really dispiriting watching so many of Hanson’s pitches go nowhere near where he intends.

  34. Walk, stolen base, and a two out single: that’s familiar; but this time Prado’s throw was a smidgen off line.

    Score many runs, please.

  35. Imagine the damage Rickey Henderson could have done against a Hanson-McCann battery.

  36. I wouldnt mind at least seeing one decent AB tonight. Zito is leaving everything up, of course we are swinging away and cant hit anything.

  37. Despite my constant whining about Hanson, the truth of tonight’s matter is that we can’t put together any type of offense against Barry Zito. If we can’t find a way to score some runs, we are totally …


  38. btw, that was two back to back 86 mph fastballs and 4 straight fastballs for balls. If you cant throw 90+ you at least have to be able to throw strikes. This version of Tommy isnt very effective.

  39. This team’s chances are far better against Strasburg and his ilk than pedestrian lefties. It’s comical how the Braves turn the Zitos of the sport into the reincarnation of Walter Johnson.

  40. This one will hit the Pythagorean W-L hard. Feels like a 10-0 whitewash in the making.

  41. Zito with the Giants, against everyone else: 4.64 ERA, 49-69 record.

    Zito with the Giants against Atlanta: 0.82 ERA, 3-0 record.

  42. The Braves were determined to improve on last September’s performance. So this year, they started their collapse halfway through August.

  43. Ross for McCann would be a pruden move here. Not that I have hope or anything.

  44. Sorry. It’s my fault. I stopped watching before the 9th and they immediately start coming back…turn it back on and they hit two little dribblers. My bad.

  45. Well, we benched the only guy on the team that’s been hitting well, and we lost. Go figure.

  46. Bowman wrote something about how McCann’s injury history could bring down his price next off-season or in an extension. Good. I figure this is a way for the FO to try to keep him at an affordable price.

  47. Braves RISP: 1-12 (C Jones 0-1, P Janish 0-1, J Heyward 0-1, J Francisco 0-1, M Bourn 0-1, T Hanson 0-1, B McCann 0-1, M Prado 0-2, F Freeman 1-3)

    Oh yeah and Hanson was awful. We need to get rid of this 6 starter idea soon.

  48. Yeah. The next time the team should consider starting Tommy is spring training of next year, if we don’t trade him.

  49. @92 – yes and yes.

    Ya know, I think I hate everyone in cycling right now. Think I’ll go run over one of those insect-looking road hogs right now.

    “Same Road. Same Rules. Same Minimum Speed Limit.”

  50. We need as many starts as we can get from Medlen, Hudson, and Maholm. Even Minor for that matter.

  51. And here come the Cardinals. One-game playoff at their place is looking like the best we can hope for.

  52. He really has morphed into Jurrjens this season. Ive never seen two guys in a rotation go from throwing 92-94 with good command to 86-88 with awful command so quickly. Ive got to question Roger on that or its just extremely bad luck for the Braves.

  53. This should tell you all we need to know.

    Fredi on Tommy’s performance

    “Tommy didn’t pitch that bad.

    On Hanson’s command

    “Better today.

  54. Unless you blame McDowell for exactly how Hanson’s delivery has been remade — which I’ve seen criticism of, so maybe you do blame McDowell — I would say it’s bad luck. Not extremely bad luck. Promising pitchers get injured and can’t adapt all the time.

    Jurrjens’ fastball never averaged 92, so we’re really talking about two different things. One guy was pitching over his head, wasn’t sold high at the right time, got injured, and his luck also ran out. The other guy wasn’t pitching over his head, his shoulder blew up, and he can’t compensate with whatever talent he can scrape together.

  55. He really has morphed into Jurrjens this season. Ive never seen two guys in a rotation go from throwing 92-94 with good command to 86-88 with awful command so quickly

    At least Hanson is still competent.

  56. Hanson didn’t pitch all that bad. The hate here is consistently over the top with him. Our starters are gonna give up 3 or 4 runs or worse a good bit of the the time. When you score 2 you are probably gonna lose.

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