IWOTM, but they’re considerably better than the Rockies. And the offense continues to struggle, but this time the traditional unearned run was augmented by double-yicketty. Jason Heyward, who has done so little wrong this year that you hate to mention it for fear of the jinx, made a solid connection in the 4th, the unearned run came when Dan Uggla was licked picked off second but the throw from catcher Kelly Shoppach went awry and sent him to 3rd where a David Ross sac fly brought him home, and then an Uggla shot in the 9th finished the scoring.

Uggla had two hits: the homer and a double and scored twice. Sabermetricians have proven that on-base percentage and slugging are the critical offensive skills. Uggla, having only those skills (though not in abundance) tests one’s devotion to those two stats over the traditionalist’s BA. Uggla now has the most HR of any visiting player in Citi Field. The most.

But I guess shutout #3 in a row is the real story. Paul Maholm was shaky, but got it done, surviving runners in scoring position the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th, rescued in the 6th by a Durbin strikeout of pinchhitter Justin Turner, followed by Luis Avilan coaxing a smash from Lucas Duda fielded by Freddie Freeman. Jonny Venters had a 5 pitch 7th, Eric O’Flaherty had an uneventful 8th, and the Kraken walked a guy for fun combined with two strikeouts.

Finally, 3D paintings are to paintings as 3D movies are to movies. Chipper Jones was clearly so disoriented by the 3D Charles Fazzino painting that Fred Wilpon gave him that he went 0-4, striking out with the bases loaded and one out in the 3rd. He needs one HR at Citi Field to break his tie with Mike Schmidt as 2nd highest number of HR against the Mets. He needs 11 to catch Willie Stargell for 1st place, so that’s probably not going to happen.