Padres 3, Braves 0

Atlanta Braves vs. San Diego Padres – Box Score – August 27, 2012

Not a lot to say about this one. The Braves mustered three hits against a guy making his major league debut. Perhaps the only surprising thing about this is that the mystery rookie who beat the crap out of us was a right-hander, Casey Kelly. (Kelly was perhaps the top prospect who went from the Red Sox to the Padres in the Adrian Gonzalez deal. He doesn’t suck, but still.)

The Padres mustered two runs off Paul Maholm, both coming on a Yasmani Grandal no-doubt home run. They tacked on a third in the 8th inning when we had the inexplicable Miguel Batista on the mound.

Mac is being moved to hospice. As I said during the game thread, he’s still with us, but there may be no time left. Of course, there are no certainties in medicine, but he may not have much time left.

I promise that Braves Journal will continue.

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  1. Thanks, Alex. Of course Braves Journal will continue.

    Right now, I’m praying that Mac has an easy passage to the next life. Also keeping his family and friends like Alex R. in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Don’t post much here but read regularly. This is incredibly sad news. My thoughts are with Mac and his family.

  3. Mac, thank you for brining us all together by creating this wonderful place to meet and share
    Not many people on this planet can have so many friends he has never seen nor spoken to, yet, you have managed to do such a thing.

  4. I honestly can’t think of a person whom I never met who has more impact on my day-to-day life than Mac. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but I have visited this blog almost everyday for well over a decade. What would I have done with all those hours had Braves Journal never existed? Something less, I imagine.

    In one of life’s strange little ironies, I was teaching at the U of Alabama when I discovered this blog, but had no idea Mac was a Tuscaloosan until I moved away. Had I known, we might have met face-to-face.

    Peace, Mac.

  5. I will never laugh as loud or as long or as hard as I did when I read Mac’s “Franclet.”

    “Now cracks a noble heart…”

  6. Thanks for the updates, AAR.

    Guess all I can say is: We love you, Mac. Thanks so much for all you’ve done and, yes, thanks for bringing us all together.

  7. And thanks, Mac and community, for teaching me more about baseball.

    I shudder to think about it… when I first started visiting this site, I thought it was a good idea to offer Frenchy the BMac-like contract.

  8. I’m probably not alone in saying I just got a sinking feeling in my stomach after reading this post.

    I’ve never met Mac but I look forward to seeing his work online everyday. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this blog, Mac.

  9. What a courageous battle we’ve been privileged to observe.

    Go in peace, Mac – knowing that the community you created will live on and be guided by the civilized, educated principles you imposed.

    God Bless.

  10. “Philadelphia, known as “The City of Brotherly Love” ever since Benjamin Franklin invented sarcasm in 1767, is the largest city in Pennsylvania and a suburb of New York.”

    -Mac July 5, 2010

  11. Wow, for some reason I thought he was improving. This is very tough news. I don’t have anything to say that someone else hasn’t already said better, but thank you Mac. Your blog has been an everyday part of my life since I found it.

  12. Mac, thanks for helping me get through my PhD, postdoc, and starting my job as a professor. Don’t know what else to say, but I hope the angels are with you. God bless and godspeed.

  13. Thank you, Mac. Thank you for this space, and these people whom you have gathered together. Thank you for sharing your voice with us–your passion, your disappointments, your snark. Thank you for your visible struggle, which serves as an inspiration to us all.

  14. Good luck Mac. Prayers all around. Thank you so much for making such a great site. I come here everyday, and will continue. Thanks.

  15. This sucks so bad I don’t know what to say except thank you Mac and God bless you and your family.

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  17. @25 – I had thought much the same thing.

    Very sad to hear this news. Mac, you’re in our thoughts & prayers. I don’t know what you really need most right now, but if it is something we can help with (at all!), please let us know.

    Also want to echo the comments that many others have said – you have brought lots of enjoyment, to many of us, through all kinds of ups & downs as Braves fans.

  18. If this is truly the end, then it’s fitting that his last recap was for a game that the Braves won.

  19. ‘Minnesota, the only U.S. state which is technically part of the Scandinavian peninsula, is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, all of which are frozen. It was easy to count the lakes as there is nothing else to do in Minnesota.

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    Thanks for everthing Mac Thomason.

  20. As with everyone else, this place is a daily stop for me. I know it’s not much, but if it is in any way helpful for just one more random guy to let Mac know that his writing was a part of my daily routine for years, please do it for me. God bless you Mac.

  21. Mac, thanks for helping me get through my PhD, postdoc, and starting my job as a professor.

    Me too, actually. I started reading Braves Journal about eight years ago, when I was still taking classes. Now I’m a professor. Thanks for everything, Mac.

  22. As a longtime reader and occasional poster, I’ve gotten much joy from this site over the years. Thanks for everything, Mac.

  23. Mac, God bless. Your contribution to the Braves has made me love the team more than ever. Thanks for the community you’ve built here.

  24. Mark Graybill’s comment (@15) pretty much describes the way I feel. I mainly lurked for the better part of a decade, and only now realize how much Mac and this site meant to me. Spent lots of late nights unwinding after long, stressful days by reading through Mac’s recaps and the game threads.

    Mac, thanks for everything you’ve done. Some day when my little boys are ready to go online I’m going to make them read through some of the archives and hopefully they will see that you offer an ideal model for how to interact respectfully, compassionately and with good humor.

  25. This is great site and Mac has done a tremendous job leading this tribe. And I am happy to be a member of it. Thank you.

  26. Remember when Mac put the videos up making fun of Mike Hampton?

    Hampton crashes a helicopter was my favorite:

  27. Very, very sad. Every day, when you would come to this site, you felt as if you were visiting with Mac, not just reading stuff he wrote. His good humor, good sense, and love of the Braves were always present, even when all he posted was the game summary and left the commenting to us. He elevated us as well, overseeing and quashing out-of-line and inappropriate posts, making sure that this site didn’t degenerate into name-calling and political squawking. He will truly be missed.

  28. Mac,

    I wish you the best in this next phase in the cycle of your life. Your efforts here have left a mark that will continue on with all those you have reached. You have created a community, and those of us who are a part of it owe that all to you.

    Thank you for your efforts and your unique sense of humor. We will miss you but we will not forget you.



  29. If I remember correctly, I’ve been reading Mac’s website since I was 13 years old. I’ve read and posted on his website all through high school, college, and now into my adult life. Because of Mac’s leadership over this, I have learned so much from so many smart and wise people. I am very thankful that Mac had the vision for what this needed to be, and he was very successful in creating a great place for great people to get together.

    I’ve met a few people in person from this website, but I have not been able to meet Mac. I am so deeply saddened by Mac’s struggles, and I just haven’t been able to keep away the tears. I feel like we are losing a friend who we have come to know in a meaningful way, while most of us have never even met him.

    Mac and his website have meant so much to me personally, and I feel like a part of my adolescent and young adult life is being lost right now. Mac, thank you so much for the work you’ve done, and I pray that I finally have an opportunity to meet you one day.

  30. I don’t post much anymore, because I assume Marc, AAR, Ububba or Bethany will just say it better, but I never miss a game recap.

    Thanks for giving us refugees a place to get along. I wish you and your family the best.

  31. It’s a tribute to our host that he’s created this site. Far more ambitious sites have fallen apart because they failed to put in the effort or the detail work required to keep from being overcome by spammers, politics, or just petty bickering. And Lord knows the Braves haven’t always made it easy.

    This site has meant a lot to me, and even after last year’s on-field disaster, I just couldn’t stay away for too long.

    Mac, you’ve done something great and you should be very proud- you’ve provided a lot of joy to a lot of people. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice.

  32. I discovered this site just before the Hudson trade, which was when I was 16 years old. Been coming here just about every day since then. It’s one of the few websites I have bookmarked (most are just dumb pictures I like to pull out every once in a while).

    I don’t often post much stuff of real substance, as most opinions I have are already been posted numerous times. I usually try to lighten the mood by making dumb, yet in my mind funny, comments, although I’m afraid there’s nothing like that that I can post now. I have learned so much about the statistical background of the game of baseball just from this site alone, and my overall knowledge of the game has increased exponentially since I started coming here.

    This site has become more than just a Braves site. I can’t count how many times people have come here for personal advice or just to vent about things that have happened in their life. It’s fun to hang around here even in the offseason, as just about any sport can be discussed knowledgeably by the people. It is a great place that I hope will continue on for a long time.

    Thank you, Mac.

  33. I usually try to lighten the mood by making dumb, yet in my mind funny, comments,

    Hey, that’s what I do! It’s nice to have a place where I can match my dumb, yet in my mind funny, sense of humor with the team that I have loved since I was 12.

  34. Thank you, Mac Thomason. May God bless and comfort you, your family and your many friends and fans.

  35. There has been no individual more influential in my recent growth as a baseball fan than Mac. I started reading Bravesjournal in 2006, when my first job at Auburn left me with a lot of spare time and my renewed interest in Braves baseball had began. A google search for Braves blogs brought me to BravesJournal, and Mac’s funny, sharp and insightful commentary and the equally enlightened group of commenters here drew me in. It’s not an overstatement to say that I would not be the same fan I am today without Mac, and my life path would likely have been quite different. Without Bravesjournal as an introduction to advanced baseball metrics, I’m sure I never would have learned about OPS, WAR and WHIP. I never would have learned that Yunel was a great shortstop for us, despite my blinding hatred of him, and I would have kept on believing that Khalil Greene was a better player.

    I never would have started the Eephus League, and I would have missed out on a once in a lifetime experience. I wouldn’t have met hundreds of amazing baseball fans and I would have missed the countless opportunities the site has provided me. It’s not inconceivable that my career path would have been completely different if not for Mac’s guiding hand. The kindness, wit and grace Mac has shown me and the rest of the bravesjournal crew opened countless doors for me personally and professionally, and I can’t thank him enough for the positive impact he’s left on me and the baseball community. I’m so terribly sorry that I didn’t tell him these things sooner.

  36. I used to think Jeff Franceuour was good at baseball, then I found and learned a lot.

    Thank you Mac. I will be praying for you and your family.

  37. Last Saturday, as Chad Durbin preserved his statistics while drowning Mike Minor’s in a pair of runs, I muttered, “Double Grybo.” My eight-week-old daughter immediately shot me a quizzical look. I explained the backstory of Kevin Gryboski. Her face remained unchanged. So perhaps she was merely hungry, but I prefer to think she was awestruck by her introduction into the vernacular that has seeped its way into conversation. Hopefully she will grow up not knowing what a “Braves Save” once meant, because that will mean Kimbrel became our Mariano Rivera.

    I owe Mac thanks for this site, because it showed me — first as a long-time lurker, then whenever I have time to declare that the sky is is falling — that others gave as much of a damn night after night as I did. I once suffered alone, or at most with my English expatriate mum, when the closer of the moment blew yet another sure win or Ryan Klesko tripped over a blade of grass in left field, allowing two runs to score. Mac’s work helped me learn that the suffering was shared. Fandom remains a solitary endeavor for me, in part because I work in an environment where sports impartiality is sacrosanct and fandom is looked at by many with scorn. (Or, put simply, “No cheering in the press box.”) Thus, all my pent-up negativity and panic manifests itself here. But I’ll never be able to thank Mac enough for this site and its reassurance that others unapologetically feel as I do, even if there is no logic in our loyalty to an arm of a soulless corporation.

    I often wish I believed in heaven and a resurrection. I wish I had the certainty of my high-school girlfriend, who resolutely declared that if she died the next day and was robbed of the possibilities of life before her, that she would be at complete peace because she knew she would be in heaven. Two months later, she was killed in an automobile accident, and I spent the next 15 years of my life searching for the same blind yet bedrock belief she possessed. I never found it.

    Five years on, I once again hope that she was right and I am wrong, because whenever this team becomes a giddy pile of humanity near the pitcher’s mound on a crisp October night, I want to believe that Mac, Skip and Ernie will see it. And if they do, I hope they’re watching together, because Mac, you meant as much to deepening our mad love for this team as they did — and you belong with them.

  38. I was in a morbid mood and was wondering what Mac’s last post would be. I decided it would be a ‘Where do I go from here?’ post in which Mac is headed off to Cooperstown for The Murph’s Hall Induction, and he would run into Jeff Francoeur, Chief Driver for the Cooperstown, NY Bus System.

    (I hope that post is many years away, but if it isn’t, then I want to add my thanks for finding a fun and enjoyable place to hang with like minded Braves nuts.)

  39. This is some of the saddest news I’ve seen all year. I am usually pretty good with words but I have nothing good to say right now. Just awful =(

  40. As a lifelong Braves fan and a reader of this blog I can only say thank you to Mac for everything he has given all of us. Ever since I heard about Mac’s condition I made sure I read the blog everyday. Hopefully the Braves show their love with a some big wins!

  41. Another lurker for at least 8 years.

    Through my own failed sport blog (laziness) it was (and still is) awe inspiring the fortitude Mac has. To keep posting night in and night out. To fight the way he has. To never lose his spirit or his humor. I envy him for these things and so much more.

    Thanks Mac!

  42. In 2005, I was a big a Braves fan as you’d care to meet. Then, I moved out of state just as the Braves Division Title streak ended with that painful Astros series. Over the next few years lack of proximity (and maybe a little bit of spoiled fairweatherism) led me to become less and less of a baseball fan, only checking the standings from time to time, not really even knowing who was playing for the team other than the stalwarts.

    That changed in 2007 when I stumbled across this site. I am now a bigger (and certainly better informed) fan than I ever was before. I have learned about advanced metrics, about how to be a fan during the lean times, about great music I never would have found otherwise, and much else.

    I hope Mac stays with us for a while yet. But if he goes soon I sure hope creating the best place on the internet and touching so many folks’ lives gives him the peace he deserves.

  43. Damn.

    Damn. Damn. Damn.

    I’ve been reading what Mac’s been writing for farther back than I can easily recall. I remember him posting on back when people actually used newsgroups so we’re talking back into the late-’90s at least.

    I wish the best for him, whatever that can be at this time.

  44. …. What can you say other than thank you, Mac. May you find peace and happiness with your loved ones. God bless.

    Anyone know how we can get Mac and Bravesjournal mentioned during a game broadcast? Some kind of tribute?

  45. Thanks Mac for the good times. You obviously have influenced tons of people with your passion and dedication to the Braves.

  46. I’ve been a devoted reader since the Rico Brogna/Mike Hessman days, and until then had never paired my fandom with a blog. Braves Journal is great humor, insight and wit — a community and a wonderful legacy, to boot. Safe travels, Mac. I shall miss you.

  47. The best way to get Mac mentioned on a broadcast would be to Twitter-bomb the primary broadcasters.

  48. numbing news. Thanks Mac, to borrow a line from Warren Zevon, we’ll keep you in our hearts for a while.

  49. Danke, Mac.
    I’ve been reading Mac’s blog since 2002. Every day of my life. Every day.
    I feel I know Mac, Alex, ububba (man, you are my favorite), Bethany, Sam, Smitty quite well even though I’ve never met any of you guys living half a world away.
    Thank you, Mac. THANK YOU!

  50. As someone who’s had too much experience with hospice, I recommend taking advantage of Ativan and oxygen. It will help deal with hibernation mode.

    In tribute to Mac, the Braves should have Keith Lockhart spend a game in an actual dog house perched on Chief Noc-a-homa’s outfield platform.

    In all seriousness, thanks for everything, Mac. I’ve enjoyed being along for the ride with you. It’s been fun. You are a talented writer, whose humor and patience have made you one of the best bloggers there is.

  51. Keep on rockin’, Mac. If you can take a lead into the 9th, you’ve got Kimbrel to bring it home for you. Them’s good odds.

  52. You are a talented writer, whose humor and patience have made you one of the best bloggers there is.

    Agreed. But allow me to put it crassly and without any writerly talent: You’re fucking funny as shit, Mac.

  53. I do want to say that Mac has attacted an unbelievable group of people to this blog. Never stale, always enlightening. Mention things other than the Braves, and the good folk here really shine with their obvious education, talent and command of the language. I’m certain Mac is proud of each of you. I just wanted to say thanks.

    I cannot count the number of times that I have been reading this journal, Dee sitting behind me with her crosswords,and I am forced to laugh out loud. Dee will look up, and ask ‘What are your friends saying now?’ Most of the time, it had nothing to do with baseball. Laughing out loud may be hackneyed, but it should not be underrated.

    Where else can you get running commentaries on how to use italics, or McCartney on bass, or follow young Rob and Bethany on the road to adulthood? Where else can you find Sam? (Please don’t answer that.)

    Again, thank you all and thank you Mac. Apologies to Sam, I was going for a laugh out loud.

  54. I’ve been reading Mac’s work for at least the past 10 years and there’s a good chance this is the website I’ve visited the most in my life. Thank you for everything, Mac. There’s no better baseball blog community out there and you are the reason for that.

  55. I called my barber and he hears the following deal is in the works:

    Ahmadinejad gets: Mac’s cancer

    Mac gets: A nuclear weapon and a player to be named

    Get it done Wren!

  56. Thank you for everything, Mac. You’re both a wonderful person and an extremely talented writer. I’m very sorry that you had to deal with this.

  57. Posted by Keith Law:


    Mac Thomason, founder of @BravesJournal, is nearing the end of his battle vs cancer. Let’s get the @Braves to mention him on air tonight

  58. Love to Mac. He is an internet pioneer and if there’s any sort of sports blog award out there, it should be renamed the Mac Thomason Award. He’s always good for a laugh and by all accounts a damn decent guy. Long live Braves Journal.

    “I guess there’s only one thing left to do…win the whole fucking thing.”

  59. You know, this is the toughest news I’ve ever taken about a person I’ve never met. However, being here since I found Braves Journal as a college senior in 1999, I really feel like I know Mac. I’m all for the previous suggestion in re: Mac Thomason Award. I think I can speak for Stephen in the UAE when I say that this site helped me through some overseas deployments, and also taught me something about the game when I thought I knew it all. Hell, I once argued that wins were a better measure of effectiveness than ERA, but was quickly and rightfully schooled. All I can say to Mac is that I’m forever indebted to you for building this community. Man, this sucks.

  60. What horrible horrible news. My afternoon was already pretty rotten but now this.

    Thank you for providing such a great site Mac. This is one of my first visits each day and I loved reading your writing. I hope prayers and comfort come to you and your family.

  61. Wow. I have not been around as much lately and had no idea how bad things were. This is dire news indeed.

    Mac, I hope that you have read all of this and know the kind of legacy you already have. I am praying for a comeback and a chance to build on that legacy.

    However, if you pass on, I am sure that in heaven you get to hear Skip broadcast the ganes as opposed to the younger Caray.

  62. it would be nice if the Braves as an organization would do something to acknowledge what Mac has done for the team. While it still matters.

  63. Keith Law and Dayn Perry among others have tweeted to the official Braves feed that Mac deserves to be mentioned on the air.

  64. The sun bursts through in unlooked for directions.
    Strong thoughts fill you with confidence, you smile,
    You forget you are sick, as I forget you are sick.
    You do not see the medicines, you do not mind the weeping friends, I am with you,
    I exclude others from you, there is nothing to be commiserated.
    I do not commiserate, I congratulate you.

    I don’t know if Mac considers himself a writer, but he is up there among my favorites with Walt.

    Mac, resist much and obey little.

  65. Mac,

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us. I have been a long time lurker and very seldom poster.

    checking in to BravesJournal has been a daily habit.

    Peace be with you, friend.

    Roll Tide!

  66. Hang on with the gusto of the marginal players with the Polaroids, Mac, the lurkers love ya.

  67. I’ve been reading this blog since I was 15. Couldn’t have gotten through the lean years without Mac’s wit and great writing. Even if I watched the whole game, I’d always have to come here ASAP to get Mac’s recap, which were, in a word, classic.

    God bless, Mac, and thank you.

  68. Speaking of Strasburg, keep in mind that just last month the Braves were down 9-0 against him with little time left and improbably came back and won. Keep that in mind, Mac Thomason.

  69. I have been reading this site since I was in college; I think my earliest visits were around 1999 or 2000. I have spent more than a few pleasant moments here since then, whether the Braves have been playing well or not.

    Thanks Mac. A job well done.

  70. I have never met Mac but this news is deeply saddening to me.
    Thank you for everything you’ve done for your fellow Brave fans and God bless you, sir.

  71. Mac just posted something on twitter. Glad he is able to read all of the support and great praise he is getting.

  72. Nolasco shuts out the Nationals! 4.5 back and Medlen is a guaranteed win tonight to make it an even 4. Let’s hope Mac feels well enough to offer a special recap when we catch the loathsome Nats.

  73. Long time reader, first comment. Mac got me through the post-TBS years before our return South. Horrible news. Thanks for the years of excellent reading, and I’m praying for you and yours.

  74. This was one of the first websites I ever visited when messing around in the computer labs in middle school. That was 13 years ago, and I still check every day. Thank you and stay strong Mac. Never quit fighting.

  75. Mac on Twitter:

    Macthomason? Little ole me! I was sick but glory be. Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

  76. Hoping for all the best of everything for Mac and his loved ones.
    For someone I’ve never met, Mac, you’ve been a huge part of my life for the past 10 years plus. Thank you so much for everything.

  77. I’ve been on the road these past few days, so I’ve been trying to ignore the news that AAR posted last thread. Reading through here, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Thanks for everything, Mac. I started reading this blog while I was in undergrad, and if it wasn’t for this, I’m not sure I’d have kept following baseball. More than any other “on line” personality/writer/blogger/whatever, you’ve had an real and lasting impact on my life. And I hope you continue to. :-)

  78. I rarely post, but I read this site at least 6 out of 7 days in any given week. I, like so many others who’ve posted, owe a great deal of thanks to Mac, and Braves Journal, for a much more informed fan experience. I discovered the site as I was getting back into both college and Braves baseball (around the end of the season in 2005), and the community here enriched my experience so much.

    I have resisted sharing this story, as to not dampen Mac’s (or anyone else’s) spirits, but given the current news I want it to be shared. As a child, Braves baseball was one of the strongest bonds I shared with my Dad. Upon “re-connecting” with the team, my Dad and I grew such a great camaraderie as adult baseball fans. Neither of my parents have the slightest idea of how to operate a computer, so my Dad would always come to me for the “scuttlebutt” around the team, and I would often share funny comments from this blog and others. He was particularly fond of the Francouer hate, the funny nicknames and, last season, making fun of Fredi’s penchant for bunting.

    Fast forward to last season. My Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in August. He still called or texted me from the Hospital everyday, and naturally we would always talk Braves, even if it was just a little. I expected to go to a Braves playoff game with him in October as he was fighting his cancer, but that never happened…he died unexpectedly from complications related to his radiology on September 12th. The Braves lost to the Marlins that night. I know because it was the first time I would never have the chance to complain about a Braves loss to my Dad. We all know how the 2011 season ended…I dreamed of the Braves making it to the World Series last year and getting to watch it with my Dad. I was going to take off of work, go to my hometown hand hang out with him the whole series. Instead I was mourning something so much more bitter and painful than a late-season collapse could ever think about being. My reason for sharing this is to express my sincerest gratitude that Braves Journal is here. Reading the posts on here in the days after Dad died felt so normal, and in a time of tragedy normal is right where you want to be. My family didn’t get its fairy tale ending. But Fairy tale endings do happen, and you better believe I’m praying that you get one.

  79. Wow, glad I tuned into the radio broadcast just in time to hear Powell talking about Mac. I agree with his sentiments completely.

  80. Don’t have a radio broadcast (or any broadcast, actually) so if anyone could relay what was said, it would be most appreciated.

  81. Just that “fans have been filling up my twitter account all day about braves blogger Mac Thomason. … Mac Thomason, of Braves Journal fame, your work is greatly appreciated

  82. that is a paraphrase, and where the ellipses are, Jim gave a general description of Mac, and what’s going on

  83. Jason’s gonna be a Hall of Famer… if he can just stop swinging at those pitches down and away.

  84. Each team’s had a runner picked off in the first three innings. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen that.

  85. Good Medlen stories overshadowed by Medlen’s play last inning. How about some runs, Braves?

  86. Medlen is just unbelievable. 62 pitches through 5 2/3 with 5Ks and 2 pickoffs. I will take it.

  87. It’s getting to the point where not letting Medlen pitch the wildcard game would be just silly.

  88. Mac, my thoughts are with you. I’ve been a longtime reader and only sometime commentator, but all I have to type is ‘b’ and my browser jumps to BravesJournal.

    Medlen is doing crazy good work again tonight.

  89. It’s getting to the point where not letting Medlen pitch the wildcard game would be just silly

    Yes, but Gonzalez will go with Hudson because “he’s a veteran”, if they’re all available to start a one-game wild card playoff game.

  90. Went to the Yanks/Jays game tonight. Really wish I coulda heard Powell’s shout-out instead. Thanks, Jim. It means alot.

    And… how ’bout that Medlen, huh?

  91. Gonzalez should let Medlen pitch the ninth inning, just so we can have another 100 posts arguing about it.

  92. So sad to hear the news about Mac. This blog has brought so many of us together to the point that we all can share a small part of each others lives. This is a site I hit F5 on 25 times a day during the off season to see what kind of humorous quip somebody put out there about Fredi or whomever. All I can say is thank you so much Mac…you have brought so much joy and laughter to my life over the last several years and I hope you can go in peace. God Bless you

  93. 164: 5-game losing streak, and still up 4. This is exactly why I think the division is out of reach.

  94. Last year the Cardinals were 4.5 out of the wild card on Sept 12 and won the world series. Nothing’s out of reach.

  95. I know I don’t come on here very much anymore but thank you for all the kind words about Mac – he deserves them and then some.

    As was stated earlier, I went to Birmingham on Sunday and spent basically 20 hours with Mac before returning to Austin. He’s probably less than 100 LBS. and doesn’t have a lot of time. I talked to him a little today on the phone and a few minutes tonight. He’s so heavily medicated it’s hard for him to carry on a conversation too long.

    His family – his stepmom, dad and brother and sister, Clay and Becky, they are all pretty worn out, physically and emotionally. It was helpful to them for me to be there, but they all seemed very beat.

    Not sure if I am accepting reality that these are his final days, but being around him and his family was very important. I didn’t say goodbye to Mac…I spent my time talking with him about the Braves, and SEC Football, how it’s always been.

    I appreciate the effort to get him mentioned on air – I didn’t get to hear the game tonight so I am not sure if it happened. Completely independently, my brother (who Mac also knows) was contacting the Braves to shoot for a mention on Friday night, during the home game with Philly. Either way, just having everyone reach out for Mac is special.

    There’s no question Bravesjournal will continue – Mac’s left quite a legacy and guys like Alex, Stu and Smitty are the perfect people to carry the torch in the future.

    Anyway, that’s all – it’s late and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kind words to Mac. He is out of it quite a bit in his final days, but I know he’s happy tonight with a Braves win.

  96. I know I don’t come on here very much anymore but thank you for all the kind words about Mac – he deserves them and then some

    Here’s something I hardly ever got to type when I was a regular poster: I completely agree with Alex R on this one. He couldn’t be more right.

    Came across this news on Primer and felt compelled to post something here out of respect. I spent a lot of years here back when I followed the team. Mac has always been a talented writer that deserved a wider audience. I always expected he would break out at some point but I guess it’s not to be. As unspeakably sad as this is, this little corner of the internet he built over the years is truly something to be proud of.

  97. Mac, we have never met but you have no clue how much this site and you mean to me. I love you like how much I love Kris Medlen tonight.

  98. Alex, thanks for checking in. This can’t be easy for you, and you’re in my thoughts. It’s comforting to know Mac has family and friends who are there for him in a physical sense, as we all are in spirit.

  99. ‘or like the snowflake on the river
    a moment white, then gone forever.’ Robert Burns

    God bless and thank you…

  100. I haven’t posted here in years, but wanted to let Mac’s family know that a long time reader is thinking of them in this terrible time.

  101. @162

    That would definitely be appropriate, although last time was a “walk away from the Internet” moment for me.

    Instead, a chart. Lowest single season ERA, Atlanta Braves, min. 70 IP and 5+ games started:

    1. Maddux, 1994, 1.56
    2. Maddux, 1995, 1.64
    3. Medlen, 2012, 1.71
    4. Niekro, 1967, 1.87
    5. Beachy, 2012, 2.00

  102. Mac, thanks for everything and thanks for giving this CPA something to do when it isn’t tax season (and sometimes even when it is). Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  103. Doesn’t it sound like Fredi’s taking a shot at Hanson here:

    He’s terrific,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said of Medlen (6-1). “He does everything you want a starting pitcher to do. Hopefully there’s young players out there watching him pitch. He gets the ball back and fires. He hold runners. He fields his position. He can bunt, hit-and-run. He does a lot of stuff.”

  104. @183

    Nah. We bash Fredi a lot, but he wouldn’t call someone like Hanson out in the media. If he were a pre-madona, then maybe.

  105. Hey Mac,
    If you read this, you are a Blessed man. It has been a pleasure reading this site for many years. I wish I could have met you. I’m sure you are just a good person in real life as you are on this website.

    This reminds me of another person I came to “know” in Shane from Center Point on the Finebaum show.

    The passion of you two are clearly evident. God Bless you.

  106. As yet another a long-time reader of Braves Journal – very, very sad news about Mac. Clearly a great guy, his wonderful wry sense of humor and love for the Braves has always shone through in his writing. He’s singlehandedly built this place in his vision – and he’s created what is without a doubt the best place on the Internet for Braves fans. Keep fighting the good fight, Mac! You’ve got many thousands of people pulling for you.

  107. We have 4 pitchers doing their jobs at the moment. We really need Hanson to find his old form, if possible. We also need our offense to pick it up. We wont last night because Medlen was brilliant, our offense is still asleep on the plane though. Bmac looks awful and his bat speed is nonexistent, that shoulder must be killing him.

    1 game playoff – ball go to Medlen or Hudson?

  108. @183 – Nah, Fredi’s just doing the “kids should play the way Kris Medlen plays” cliche spitting, he’s not calling out Hanson.

  109. I can’t help but cry at the sadness of change and feel so much joy at the possibility of something even better. Heartfelt wishes to Mac and his close family, including those of you here who know him personally and have supported him, and us.

  110. My thoughts are with Mac, his family, and everyone on here who knows him personally during this difficult time. I have gone through much the same with family members, and it’s a horrible thing to watch happen. I know that AAR and Stu will ensure that this great site will live on, and there can be no greater testament to Mac’s legacy than that.

  111. I never post but have enjoyed this site and Mac’s humor and fortitude for years. Thank you sir.

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