221 thoughts on “Game Hagar: July 14, Mets at Braves”

  1. The challenge of sitting on the bench while we shop for another shortstop? I think he’s up to that.

  2. Pastornicky was not as bad as everyone on here is saying. He wasn’t good, but he’s certainly better than Josh Wilson. He had a pretty good start to the year at the plate, even. I don’t understand why everyone wants to bury him in favor of far worse options. He should be starting today over Hinske, who is certainly no better in left than Pastornicky is at short, and is actually probably worse.

  3. Bethany goes to Beantown and the SOX suck, MAC spends too much time in Philly and the Phils suck. good jobs by both.

  4. Bethany goes to Beantown and the SOX suck, MAC spends too much time in Philly and the Phils suck. good jobs by both.

  5. @8 Starting a bad shortstop is far more damaging to a defense than starting a bad left fielder. Your shortstop is the lynchpin of the defense, especially with a predominantely ground ball staff.

  6. @8 Starting a bad shortstop is far more damaging to a defense than starting a bad left fielder. Your shortstop is the lynchpin of the defense, especially with a predominantely groundball staff.

  7. @15 Don’t move to Atlanta.

    If Pastor didn’t understand his place in the organization, now he does.

  8. Updated WAR rankings (last updated after 7/7 game)
    Bourn: 5th (down 2)
    Prado: 7th (same)
    Heyward: 8th (same)
    Chipper: 26th (up 1)
    Uggla: 27th (up 2)
    McCan: 58th (up 2)
    Freeman: 60th (up 10)

  9. Pastornicky was not as bad as everyone on here is saying.

    157 AB – .248/.284/.324
    326 Inn -15 DRS
    -48.7 UZR/150
    -1.1 WAR
    ($5M) value

  10. Pastornicky might have literally been the LVP had he played all season.

    I’m not saying he will never be useful, but he’s not ready.

  11. If Pastornicky can hit for average and walk some he might be useful someday at 2b or CF.

  12. B-R likes his defense (34 dWAR and 19 runs above average in basically two years of work in the majors).

  13. @37 Thanks Brian. Certainly sounds doable for me. I’m convinced that if I ever give Hanson slack he immediately has to make me hate him again. It’s for the good of everyone that I hate him perpetually.

  14. David O’Brien

    July 14th, 2012
    5:04 pm
    Don’t see how Janish would even be much, if any, upgrade over other options Braves already had at Triple-A, Pastornicky and Josh Wilson.

  15. The Reds get another decent-looking Braves pitcher that they won’t use. Maybe Redmond will finally be freed.

  16. Better glove than Pastornicky or Wilson, but maybe a worse bat than either. And in exchange for a AAA pitcher who might be an adequate 5th starter but who definitely wasn’t in our plans. Hard to get worked up about it either way.

  17. @28

    If only UZR and UZR/150 meant anything over two months, that would be impressively bad. Alas, it does not.

  18. Ugh.

    Oh, thanks, Snitker, for killing the best inning of the game by sending Hinske.

  19. Hanson has allowed 17 HR this season. 8 of them were leading off an inning. Another 3 were to the second batter of the inning, after the leadoff man had already homered.

    So 11 of his 17 HR have been without retiring a man.

  20. @53 It’s how he keeps his ERA from hitting Mike Minor territory — concede the solo shots.

  21. Janish is pretty solid defensively. He’ll probably share SS with Wilson then go to Gwinnett when Simmons is back.

  22. @54 – You could say that. You could also say he needs to pull his head out of his ass.

  23. Hudson and Hanson both are struggling against this Mets lineup to start the second half. Chipper said that they need a starter or two. We may need more than that.

  24. Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1

    #Braves obtained SS Janish from #Reds for P Todd Redmond. Had been talking to #Yankees about Ramiro Pena in case couldn’t get Janish.

    Good, we got our top target.

  25. The Mets are no slouches at the plate. They’re 7th in the NL in batter fWAR.

    Wanna know who’s first? We are.

    You don’t want to see where we rank for pitcher fWAR. No wonder ryan c never posts it.

  26. “I looked at the trap!” Hey, 12th in the NL isn’t that bad… oh wait, yes it is.

  27. Good job by the umps making this right. I have no idea what the rules are in this situation. They could just be calling the ball dead at the time of the blown call and just giving the guy the base.

  28. @47

    Forget UZR then. Anyone who saw Pastornicky play and thought they were watching a major league quality shortstop does not know what they’re looking at.

  29. Is there a way to bbref this claim and see if it’s true?

    I’m a total novice with that site. I had been looking for his leadoff HR allowed for a several minutes before jjschiller posted it.

  30. He’s the ace… if it’s the ace that counts as one, not eleven.

    As for Durbin, I don’t trust him either, but we used all the good pitchers yesterday cleaning up from Hudson’s work.

  31. Valdespin is a property of the electrons that make up The One Who Must Not Be Named. True story.

  32. Adam R. – I just went through his game logs, and checked the play-by-play of every game in which he gave up a homer.

    I suck at bbref.

  33. So predictable that they would blow that good luck in the very next time the Mets batted.

  34. I really don’t know what you guys were expecting from a trade for a backup shortstop.

    Also, it would be really nice to win this game and make Ben Sheets’ debut tomorrow a house money situation.

  35. Front end of our rotation

    Hudson 4IP 8H 4ER 2BB 3K
    Hanson 5.1IP 9H 6ER 2BB 5K

    Thanks guys..oh yeah, we get Sheets tomorrow

  36. Avilan had 6 losses in relief, and a 3.36 ERA in Double-A.

    Hasn’t pitched in a game in 9 days.

  37. Hanson hasn’t gone six innings in eight of 19 starts. An “ace,” he ain’t.

  38. Karros seems to think this is a “win now” team and we should trade whatever it takes for a half year rental. As much as it pains me to say, I totally disagree.

  39. Honestly, as much as it sucks that Beachy’s gone, the following rotation possible using the roster right now and doesn’t seem bad:

    Tim Hudson
    Tommy Hanson
    Jair Jurrjens
    Kris Medlen
    Ben Sheets

    If Sheets pans out, we may not need another guy. I don’t really know what stopped the plan of putting Medlen in the rotation. That was a good idea.

  40. If we were to put Medlen in the rotation, we’d need to acquire a bullpen arm. The reason he was sent back there is that the ‘pen just isn’t good enough without him and Venters.

  41. I think the true reason the Braves haven’t put Medlen in the rotation is that they don’t want to put too much stress on his arm in his first season back off Tommy John surgery.

  42. @119, I don’t look at that rotation and think, “That team’s going deep in the playoffs.”

    Teheran and Delgado are still too young to write off. It wouldn’t shock me if Delgado broke out next year. But even with Beachy back for next year’s stretch run, it seems like the Braves could really use an ace to go with rebuilding two-thirds of our outfield. We can’t afford all that, so we basically have to have really good fortune with trades sometime soon…

  43. It is a slow death…watching this team certainly is making me die slowly. Watching Tommy Hanson pitch takes years off my life every time he takes the mound. Doing so little with what appears to be so much is so frustrating to watch

  44. Minor’s warming up in the bullpen so he may be the odd man out of the rotation.

  45. The team is not BAD, necessarily. We are kind of top-heavy, with little quality depth.

    We need a right-handed reliever that’s better than Medlen, we need a bench player better than Hinske, and we need a starting pitcher better than Hanson.

  46. We’re certainly not bad. We’re just a team with no strengths. Every facet of our game is average-good but never great.

  47. Karros blames management for his inability to bunt. I can’t believe I want to defend Fredi Gonzalez to anybody.

  48. The bunt was a stupid call. Feels like the whole inning was just killed by Gonzalez and Pastornicky.

  49. I actually don’t think Francisco is a terrible hitter. He’s hella better than Pastornicky.

  50. I actually don’t think Francisco is a terrible hitter. He’s hella better than Pastornicky.

    Pastornicky: .281 OBP
    Francisco: .254 OBP

  51. With the game on the line, Wren gives us Pastorsucky and K-sisco…what a flipping joke

  52. At least we got something out of this. I also like how they’re advertising the new Bourne movie heavily during this game.

  53. Nicknames for Francisco? I’ll go with Fran(coeur)Sisqo. Lot of extra typing, though.

  54. The statheads may not agree, but would rather have Prado than Upton. Baseball history is littered with players the statheads claimed “should” have been stars.

  55. @178, That might not be true. Prado might be more valuable to a team without an All-Star second baseman.

  56. @182 It’s not just his abilities as a second baseman that matter. This is an injury-riddled team that has a terrible bench, and he’s an all star at almost any position we need him at.

  57. 186- The Braves could probably mimic “The King and His Court” when Kimbrel comes in and still have it work 95% of the time.

  58. The game literally changed the minute I stopped paying attention and put on Louie C.K.


  59. Not to put a damper on the celebration, but have you guys seen all this stuff about Bill James defending Joe Paterno? Nuts. He sounds like a total jackass, thinking he’s smarter than everyone else as he plays devil’s advocate.

  60. Brewers won yesterday against their division’s leader, and are winning again today. Time to start rooting against them or Greinke won’t even become available.

  61. It occurred to me that if the bottom six players in today’s batting order held a race to see who could round the bases the fastest, Dan Uggla would finish before anyone else reached third base.

  62. Wow. That game turned from miserable to fun really quickly! :-D

    I wonder if Reds fans feel the way about Chapman that we do about Kimrebl. My guess is that they THINK they do, but they don’t quite realize just how great it is to watch Kimbrel. :-)

  63. Asked #Braves manager Gonzalez about having Pastornicky bunt w/2 strikes, he said bunt sign was off w/ 2 strikes. Pastornicky bunted on own 1 hour ago

  64. Bethany/204: Agreed. Smart guy who’s now gotten it into his head that he’s the smartest guy. Seems to have a compulsion to buck conventional wisdom on every damn thing, even when a) he’s clearly wrong, and b) he’s defending a man who covered up for a child rapist.

  65. @213

    Yeah, on TV they briefly showed Gonzalez stopping Pastornicky as he went back to the dugout. It was pretty clear just looking at the exchange that Pastornicky had missed the sign or was bunting on his own. Of course, the idiot FOX announcers were too busy still complaining about the overturned call where the umpires correctly followed the rules down to the letter to notice.

    Incidentally, that was FOX’s No. 1 game this week. I realize Buck and McCarver had the weekend off after the All-Star Game (not that they’re that great, anyway, obviously), but how in the hell can you have an announcing crew as crappy as Chris Myers and Eric Karros on your featured game, while at least two decent play-by-play men are announcing your two lesser regional games?

  66. Maybe he’s being reactionary, but I think James is just bringing the same hardheadedness to the Paterno question that he brings to everything else. He seems to have a pathological disregard for conventional wisdom, but hasn’t that been an essential part of the package?

    It does grate sometimes. I found Popular Crime completely unreadable.

  67. Greetings from Vegas…

    Helluva win today. Wish I could’ve seen it.

    If the season ended today, we’d play the Pirates in the WC game. Now there’s a storyline.

    I guess I just can’t get my head around the notion that James actually read the emails within the Freeh report & still maintains his conclusions.

    But then again, he seemed to believe Pete Rose, too.

    In a sense, I admire his willingness to go against the grain. But, as we see, not every situation calls for it. This one, a criminal case & coverup with real victims, is best left alone.

  68. The James thing is just astounding. He may ‘buck conventional wisdom,’ but he also ‘trusts the data.’

    He’s completely ignoring the data and declaring what he wishes to be true.

    It’s bizarre.

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