Much as I understand the situation, and am excited for the playoffs, playing out the string is a dull affair. The B team just didn’t have it tonight, up to and including Tommy “XBH” Hanson. He gave up five runs through 6, although JC Boscan turning singles into doubles didn’t make his job any easier. The “offense” repaid the kindness, with a pair of doubles from Overbay and Francisco plating the Braves’s only run. Hinske doubled into a fielder’s choice at home to end the only other threat. Looking on the very marginally plus side, three guys looking for playoff AB’s doubled. Constanza was 2-4. On the negative, Bourn took an ohfer in his return, as did Simmons. Martinez and Durbin were good for an inning of scoreless ball each. Hopefully no one will get hurt, and Simmons and Bourn can get some good reps in for the remainder.

(recapped by Spike)