Orioles 5, Braves 0

Baltimore Orioles vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 16, 2012 – ESPN.

What a catastrophe. The Braves were one hit by Jason Hammel, that one hit a seventh-inning single by Jason Heyward. Worse, they have lost Brandon Beachy for some period of time, as he has been placed on the DL.

Beachy was actually throwing a perfect game, retiring the first eleven men he faced, when he issued a two-out walk in the fourth, signaled to Brian McCann, and eventually left the game with right elbow soreness. It’s obviously not promising.

The walk eventually scored, along with another run, off of Anthony Varvaro, who relieved Beachy and issued two walks and a single. He allowed another run in the fifth, and Cristhian Martinez allowed two in the seventh.

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  1. It sucked that Beachy got the loss last night. The Braves deserved to lose because of their play, but Beachy was outstanding until he got hurt.

  2. So JJ and Todd Redmond called up and Medlen to stay in the bullpen. I would have really liked to see Medlen get a shot as a starter.

  3. well lets look to next year .. Prado at 3b, GO GET A LF BAT somewhere !! or if David Wright would somehow come here if he is not signed by NY .. but guess wishful thinking .. as for this season .. If Freeman is gonna wimp out .. why in the world is not the 1b at AAA been callled up .. hitting .314 14 homers and 48 rbi’s ..Mejia is his name .. is he not a better option than Hinske ??? Please

  4. Medlen still here … nobody sent him to Minors .. Delgado today, Minor , Hudson and Hanson mon , tue , wed , thur off Jurrgins Friday and they will sned Redmond down Friday .. Redmond will work bullpen this week

  5. Medlen was at Gwinnett the past week…the whole time we were losing games by bringing in crappy relievers…if he’s not going to be in the starting rotation after we lose Beachy then why in the world did we send him down to “stretch him out”? I guess they haven’t said that he’s not going to start, but calling up JJ isn’t what I had in mind. JJ is still struggling.

  6. Braves seemingly don’t know what to do with their pitching right now. But whatever the line of thinking, sending Jurrjens into Fenway is not a good idea. I suspect we’ll see Medlen start before the All Star Break.

  7. To summarize, Medlen goes to minors to stretch out his arm to start. The Medlen-less bullpen blows two 4 runs leads. Medlen returns to bullpen. Braves suffer a 4 game swing for no apparent reason.

  8. Delgado is looking really impressive. We will have a lot of fun with him the next years.

  9. 1. Medlen sent to minors to stretch out so he can start.
    2. Minor/Delgado pitch well during this time rendering Medlen’s return to the rotation unnecessary.
    3. Medlen recalled and Livan DFA’d.
    4. Beachy DL’d.
    5. Todd Redmond (starter) recalled to take his roster spot–but sent to the bullpen.
    6. Jurrjens announced to take Beachy’s start on Friday.

    Who is running this organization??

  10. “You hate to put Medlen in there and kind of rob Peter to pay Paul,” Gonzalez said.


  11. McCann gets strightened out and gets hot and he sits today … its crunch time .. gotta get it going here .. McCann needs to play as much as possible .. I know you say lefty piching for O’s .. dadada .. Ross can sub in some hwne we get back on course (if we do) ..then spot start Ross .. need all hands on deck right now .. Gonzalez is a buffoon.

  12. @16

    Morons, and it starts at the very top. Nothing will be truly fixed until Liberty sells.

  13. Fredi said something to the effect that if Beachy is out long-term then Medlen will go to the rotation. If he just has tendonitis or something then they would go with someone else (in this case apparently Jurrjens) for the short-term. I guess they think it might be a showcase for a trade for Jurrjens if he can pitch well?

  14. Obviously, Baltimore’s east Asian scouts are better than ours.

  15. Whoa…best play I’ve seen all year. How on earth did this kid not make the club coming out of spring training. Sheesh, that was ridiculous, and he made it look routine.

  16. PLEASE BOBBY COX …. COME BACK !!! Bobby has forgot more about managing than Gonzalez knows !!!

  17. @36

    Fredi actually wanted Simmons to make the team out of ST. Supposedly, it was the front office pushing for Pastornicky.

  18. @ 38 … I see you said supposedly … guess nobody knows who the stupid one was !!!!

  19. Poor Randall’s gotta keep after them, because he’s not getting any offensive help.

  20. Delgado has gotten zero run support this year. Another good outing though. He seems like the most polished out of all our young guys. Love that changeup.

  21. Randall is an interesting name for a Latin player.

    Most people I know named Randall are a bunch of damned rednecks.

  22. Most people I know named Randall are a bunch of damned rednecks.

    Take a guess to how I would retort to that…

  23. Lol Chip wanted to get so excited on that call but he didn’t have time because it was right at Adam Jones.

  24. @67- surely you were joking when you suggested Delgado’s spot might come up; that would have required two Braves to reach base…

  25. Great job today Delgado. Not your fault that the shitpile behind you can’t hit. Might as well bring in Kimbrel for the 9th since we probably won’t have any save situations for a while.

  26. Ok, Fredi, you really need to take this opportunity to pull Francisco back. This is probably his only real use: setting up a favorable matchup for the real pinch hitter.

  27. Francisco and Wilson: two worthless players that a contender can’t afford to carry.

  28. So Fredi decides Francisco followed by Wilson, is a better 1-2 then Simmons followed by Francisco?

    This man’s cluelessness is breathtaking.

  29. That Frank Wren has sure done a great job putting this team together. I’m glad the Braves are such a great organization.

  30. Oh I see ..saving McCann for Diaz spot … a solo shot there still leaves us down one

  31. Never mind. Following on Gamecast. It’s my cluelessness that’s breathtaking instead. Carry on.

  32. I really think Fredi just wanted to get O’Day out of the game. If you just look at his stats, the guy is having a pretty amazing year. I’m not saying that because I don’t know much about O’Day neither does Fredi, but I’m not not saying that either.

  33. Srsly would rather see Francisco hit…at least there’s like a 3% chance he might belt one.

    I guess McCann has the flu again. Or Fredi is asleep in the dugout. Or something. The team blows.

  34. Boy that Showwalter has really made Gonzalez look stupid …. now Buck knows baseball .. Fredi is a wanna be

  35. Sorry Delgado .. not your fault .. you got a bunch of punch and judy hitters in lineup

  36. Forget Fredi. When you get 7 hits in two games off journeymen pitchers, that’s not the manager’s fault, however bad he may be. I think the Braves spend more time practicing tipping their caps than they do hitting.

    The team sucks and they are really boring.

  37. Somebody needs to take control .. Gonzalez is clueless as to how to do it … we saw that at the end of last year’s fiasco

  38. The team sucks and they are really boring.

    That’s what happens when your team has a limited payroll and has to rely on question marks.

  39. To be fair, Jason Hammel is having a breakout year, and it turns out Wei-Yin Chen ain’t too bad either. But you can’t help but look at even this lineup and expect more. This isn’t on Fredi, I don’t think.

  40. It would be nice if we didn’t draw the toughest interleague schedule every year.

  41. Well at least it looks like the entire NL East is going to lose today. So…let’s go get healthy in Yankee stadium. Should be easy. Hopefully Jack Wilson will DH.

  42. @104 I laughed out loud when Glavine said that. It’s contagious, and everyone associated with the Braves right now appears to have caught it.

  43. Fredi Gonzalez responding to Beachy’s injury (from AJC):

    “I think the thing will settle down a little bit and he’ll be fine. I expect him to be back in 15 or 20 days. I don’t expect his season to be over by any means. That’s me, not having seen an MRI or having any kind of medical background.”


    Here’s a nightmare: you go in for major surgery, the surgeon comes in and … it’s Fredi Gonzalez.

  44. Trying to get the right acronym here…

    Wilson Hitting In a Pinch Probably Is Not Good Baseball Operations…Yuck.

    (The ellipsis is for Tad.)

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