Dodgers 6, Braves 2

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 18, 2012 – ESPN.

You know, you don’t often see a pitcher (or a team — in three innings of work the bullpen allowed no hits or runs) allow four hits, all of them home runs, in a game. (AAR says that pitchers have allowed at least four homers and no other hits 32 times in major league history.) Six runs on four hits is unusual enough. Every baserunner Ben Sheets allowed (he walked two) scored. Needless to say, his magical start is beginning to run into mundane reality.

The Braves actually scored first, Michael Bourn leading off the bottom of the first with a walk and scoring on a Martin Prado double. But from there, it was frustration after frustration for the Braves, who finished the inning by leaving the bases loaded. They were just getting started, as for the nith they stranded eleven men to the Dodgers’ one. In the second, Sheets allowed three consecutive solo homers with one out. He then retired the next thirteen in a row, until two out in the sixth, when he walked two men then grooved a pitch to Hanley Ramirez, who hit his second homer of the night to put the game away.

Prado homered in the ninth, which hardly mattered at that stage. The Braves got perfect innings from Luis Avilan and The Lisp, while Jonny Venters allowed only a walk in the ninth.

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  1. Good grief, Mac’s recap was up before I got home from the game. Took my son and one of his friends. Had a great time as usual. Some random observations:

    ~ The palpable love / respect for Chipper is impressive. Worth every effort to experience it.

    ~ I’d go forty times a year, but coming from the suburbs (sorry, Sam) I swear the last two miles in and the first two miles out are like hand-to-hand combat.

    ~ Don’t know if they showed it on tv, but the guy who sang “God Bless America” acappella was incredible.

    ~ Then they followed it up with “Cotton Eye Joe”. Oddly, it seemed to work.

    ~ One forgets how many attractive ladies there are in Atlanta.

    ~ Like disco, the wave refuses to die. But, like disco, surely it will. Surely?

    ~ Hanley’s second homerun whizzed right by our seats. You could hear it. Stinger missiles are quieter.

    ~ Looks like we’ll be back to a five-man rotation.

    ~ Apparently, the home plate umpire arrived just after calling the Little League World Series and brought his ridiculous strike zone with him. I’m surprised Jason didn’t club him to death.

    ~ Watching the (near capacity) crowd, every now and then it seems “The City Too Busy to Hate” lives up to its’ (self-appointed) nickname.

    There simply are very few things better than being at the game.

  2. spike – thanks for the link.

    That is truly incredible.

    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to play baseball.

    Ripped, juiced and stupid isn’t, either.

  3. That’s a new way to lose.

    What could Sheets’ pitch count have been?

    I wish he’d been allowed to go a couple more innings to see if he could have given up several more runs on one (or fewer) hits.

  4. Watching Avilan in person is impressive. Wish Fredi would have brought him in to face Hanley.

    I know it’s lefty v. right, but Avilan is nasty.

  5. San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera attempted to avoid a drug suspension by creating a fictitious website selling a fictitious cream, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.


  6. The current state of the
    Braves is pretty good right now — I mean, the current Whipping Boy is Tommy Hanson, and he’s leading the team in innings pitched at about a league average level.

  7. Hey, Chip didn’t go nuts on that flyball to the wall because he watched the outfielder! Please, hopefully he’s finally learned.

  8. Dan Uggla’s thought process:

    “Well, I’ve got this guy on the ropes, I’ve only had one hit against him in my career, and I’m having a terrible season, so I will swing at the first pitch”

  9. I didn’t know my disdain for Uggla could grow, but I was wrong. Learn something new every day.

  10. In a season of craptacular ABs, that might have been Uggla’s worst. No consideration of how Billingsley is fatiguing and slightly struggling to throw strikes, just hack away. Larry Parrish would be proud.

  11. I’m alttcly the grandson of zig who sometime posted on here I wining into baseball but I want to play now

  12. Another reason to Pay The Man: as much as Prado does well, he still hits way too many DP balls.

  13. Ok, guys. You can’t really ask for that much more from Minor, how about you go score some runs.

  14. Well, Durbin’s induced a double-play ball, and three popups… Can’t blame him for this one.

  15. typical Gonzalez ….. leave Martinez in when he clearly doesn’t have it …. Kimbrel .. he aint gonna use Kimbrel when they are loosing .. even though your only down 2 if ya can get out of jam … he had a day off last night … id use him to get out of the threat and hope for best in the bottom of ninth.

  16. It wasn’t all Martinez’ fault, tad. Two different popups lost in the sun ruined that inning, and Kimberl isn’t worth bringing in with runners on, already down by 2, with the offense on strike.

  17. I know your probably right Brian J .. was just following online .. didnt know sun was an issue … offense did take day off for sure … guess you dont want to waste Kimbrel with Nats series starting .. but Im always thinking theres a chance to final out .. too competitive I am.

  18. Radio post-game show said Freeman and McCann were 2 for 41 this homestand. That’s like having 3 Ugglas in the lineup.

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