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  1. Late to the party

    Angels rotation – Weaver, Greinke, Haren, Wilson, Williams
    Braves rotation – Sheets, Hudson, Hanson, Minor, Jurrjens

  2. @1,

    And your point is . . .? :)

    More relevant immediately is
    Nationals rotation: Strasburg, Zimmermann, Gonzalez, Jackson, Detwhiler

    Not as good overall as the Angels, perhaps, but a good sight better than the Braves.

  3. Bowman….

    The Braves have expressed interest in the Padres’ Edinson Volquez and the Rays’ James Shields. As with Johnson, it will be interesting to see if the Padres and Rays start asking for less in return as Tuesday’s Deadline approaches.

    The Rays are looking to acquire young pitchers, and the Braves might be able to satisfy their wish with Randall Delgado and some of their other respected pitching prospects. But instead of Shields, who has a $9 million option for the 2013 season and a $12 million option for 2014, the Braves might be more interested in Wade Davis.

    Though Davis has not started this year, the 26-year-old right-hander has made 64 Major League starts in his young career and is much cheaper than Shields. Davis will be owed $2.8 million in 2013 and $4.8 million in 2014. He will then have a $7 million option, $8 million option and $10 million option for each of the three subsequent seasons.

  4. Am I missing something about Wade Davis? He doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over what Randall Delgado could offer, and doesn’t look more attractive than Medlen to me.

  5. @8 I agree…that seems like it would be making a trade just to make a trade. I would rather see them put Medlen in the rotation and use the chips to improve the relief corp and bench

  6. Somebody on TC just posted that the Brewers’ haul in the Greinke trade would have been akin to us giving up Simmons, Gilmartin, and Spruill for half a season of Zack Greinke.

    It’s not a perfect analogy by any means, but it definitely makes me glad Wren traded responsibly.

  7. None of those options are appealing. Volquez leads the NL in walks allowed. Nothing worse than a pitching giving up free runs on a silver platter.

  8. Lol Coal Hammels.

    How do you pay a guy $24MM to pick up the baseball once every five days?

  9. 12,

    He isn’t the second best pitcher in baseball, and does not deserve to be paid like it. Love that deal.

    Remember the halcyon days of 2011 when Phillies fans opining that their rotation was better than Smoltz, Maddux, and Glavine? How’s that working out for you in year two, Philadelphia?

  10. Scutaro to Giants.

    The only thing Wade Davis can do that Kris Medlen can’t is get his carry-on out of the overhead compartment.

    No reason whatsoever to deal for Wade Davis.

  11. Davis is more cheap-o bargain-hunting from Wren and Liberty Media. The fact Bowman has said his name is the scary part, it means it’s legit.

  12. I hope Wren isn’t getting to proud of himself with the Ben Sheets situation and is in turn thinking he can do the same with Wade Davis.

  13. IMO, if the team gets Wade Davis, it will be so we have enough arms in the pen that we can move Medlen into the rotation. If Davis comes, it will be as a reliever.

  14. Scott Diamond turned in a 3 hit shutout last night. He’s now 9-4. How did the Braves misjudge him to such an extent?

  15. mikemc, that’s what happens when players aren’t given a chance to show their stuff in the big leagues. The same thing might happen with JJ Hoover and Todd Redmond.
    The organization thinks that the scouts have figured their talent levels and whether they could theoretically hack it in the bigs, but nnobody really knows until they are given a chance.
    But on the bright side, we did get 50k for Scott Diamond….that could at least partially pay for Juan Francisco’s food consumption.

  16. I don’t think you all are adequately terrified of the prospect of acquiring Edinson Volquez.

    If you think you hate watching Tommy Hanson pitch… The Braves never seem to be patient enough when we face him. But try to watch his next start, even if it’s in Petco and some of those long flyballs turn into outs. You really have to see what a 5+ BB/9 means to believe it.

    Let’s just hope that next start isn’t in a Braves uniform.

  17. @18. In my mind, he is another Chuck James, let’s see if he can sustain…of course I have been wrong before on Harrison.

  18. James ended up with worse control than either Harrison or Diamond. But if you believe strongly in Gilmartin, it’s hard to justify not believing in Diamond too.

  19. Diamond is one of those guys who was 7-9 on the Braves list but is 3-5 on the Twins list.

  20. Considering the contract the Angels gave Pujols, it is only reasonable that they are going for it this year.

  21. Also, I’m surprised the Braves weren’t willing to beat that Angels package for Greinke.

    As expected, it would not have taken Teheran + Delgado to get him.

  22. That package was the Angels 2, 4, and 9. A similar package from us would be Simmons, Gilmartin, and JR Graham or Zeke Spruill.

    I am not surprised we wouldn’t beat that. And I’m sure the Angels gave us the opportunity before signing off on it.

  23. Right, I didn’t suggest that the Braves didn’t get a chance to beat it. I said I’m surprised they weren’t willing.

    There are a lot of different packages the Braves could’ve put together that would’ve been of similar or greater value. Maybe the Brewers insisted on a top position prospect, in which case the Braves couldn’t do much, since they’re obviously not dealing Simmons.

  24. Re: a package including Simmons.

    I’d have to think Simmons is pretty well untouchable right now, right?

  25. Two months of Greinke istn worth it, esp if they were planning on giving him 20% of our payroll also.

  26. Brewers probably asked for Simmons, Delgado (I doubt they would have gotten Teheran if they required Simmons), and a Gilmartin or Spruill type. They need a shortstop badly and Simmons would have been their primary target.

    Given that price–pass. Especially since some moron is probably going to give Greinke seven years this offseason.

  27. With our luck, Yuni would find a way to hit .260/.280/.420 and be named Chipper’s replacement for 2013.

  28. You mean “with our GM.”. Any team that willingly replaces a first ballot Hall of Famer with Yuni Betancourt has taken luck out of the equation.

  29. One more and WIlson Betemit has as many homers as our second baseman, I believe.

    Stu, your Vandy subtlety may be eluding me but you’re not serious about Betancourt, are you?

    If we’re not going to get anyone better than Shields, just stand pat and find a right-handed bat, instead.

    Delgado is a fine fifth starter. (It’s Hanson at 1 or 2 that is worrisome.)

  30. Asking for Simmons would be insulting Wren’s intelligence and a waste of everyone’s time, so I doubt it’s happening.

  31. Speaking of Vandy, I’ve been watching those one-hour SEC football games from last year.

    I hadn’t realized how close the Dores were to beating Arkansas and Florida.

    Where the hell did all those athletes come from?

    And Jordan Rodgers may well be the best QB in the conference when all is said and done.

  32. Serious about Yuni as a right-handed utility guy. Hopefully, he won’t have occasion to play enough to convince Wren to re-sign him.

    Bobby Johnson was no James Franklin, but he recruited better than people realized, especially toward the end of his tenure.

    I like Reed Johnson, but I’d rather Wren trade with Dayton Moore than with Theo Epstein.

  33. 1 – why does everyone talk like JJ is in our top 5 starters? Can we not conclude that Delgado is ahead of him now?

  34. Here is the rotation I would have if I was Wren:

    Felix Hernandez
    Justin Verlander
    CC Sabathia
    Stephen Strasburg
    Matt Cain

    Think about it, that would make our pitching staff:

    Felix Hernandez
    Justin Verlander
    CC Sabathia
    Stephen Strasburg
    Matt Cain

  35. #41 – Yes, but he hasnt been put back into the rotation. Thats actually our current rotation until a change is made. Medlen should be ahead of him also.

  36. I really like Randall Delgado and would hate to lose him. I guess that’s what makes him in demand. Too bad Medlen hasn’t gotten another crack at the rotation. I’d much rather roll the dice with Medlen than sell Delgado.

  37. I guess JJ is going to be given one more chance to prove he is done. I do not think he is realistically in our rotation going forward.

  38. His turn on Tuesday is TBA and Fredi has said that Medlen can start if he doesn’t pitch this weekend (or if the Braves trade for a reliever rather than a starter).

  39. DOB and Bowman tweeting that Jurrjens is going to the pen, and unless we trade for a starting pitcher, Medlen will start Tuesday.

  40. The Braves can’t even commit to Medlen. It’s crazy. He’s only starting if they don’t acquire someone else. Keep the guy in limbo all the time, why don’t you.

  41. Don’t want any part of Volquez. He never bounced back well after Dusty broke his arm. Petco will make lots of guys’ stats look better.

  42. 62- It’d be a Minor miracle if he made the required Minor adjustments. So far, this is just a Minor statistical anomaly.

  43. Yeah, Chip. Jimmy Rollins is better than Mike Schmidt. And he’s going to the HOF. Wow.

  44. @66: Heard that too. Absolutely baffled.

    Chip said Jimmy Rollins might be the “greatest Phillie ever”–even with some guy named Mike Schmidt in mind–and his credentials might land him in the Hall once he’s finished.

    Joe Simpson: “Really?”

    F*cking wow.

  45. Minor and Blanton are now tied for the NL lead in HR allowed. Let’s change that in the bottom of the fourth, boys.

  46. Minor looking like a pitcher and keeping his good work of late going…very nice to see.

  47. That was the kind of pitching performance that makes me want to hang it up in a museum and present it as true art.

  48. Kimbrel, whew.

    Blanton vs. Minor. I go to dinner half-expecting a shootout & half-game of action. I return to a late-innning pitchers’ duel. Gotta love the result. Go for the sweep!

  49. Could it be that the best trade is the one you don’t made? I believe this is five consecutiver quality starts by Minor and Delgado. The real problem now is JJ and Hanson.

  50. It could be that we look back on this year’s trade deadline and thank Frank Wren for standing pat. I sure didn’t see that as a possibility a couple of weeks ago.

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