189 thoughts on “Game thread of despair: April 10, Braves at Astros”

  1. I think I can apolitically say that Guillen is an idiot who says stupid things, but being suspended for one’s non-baseball viewpoints is kind of galling.

    Love me some Ritchie though.

  2. Wonder if the Marlins would consider taking Fredi back, of we’d take Guillen off their hands.

  3. #6
    Yeah, there are a lotta ways to go, depending on how we do tonight.

    Agree completely, but in the real world of South Florida, Ozzie did the one thing you can’t do, especially at a time when the Marlins are doing their best to re-connect with local fans/businesses and re-brand itself.

    It’s not exactly like the Rocker thing (although both episodes score remarkably high on the Dumbass Meter). But the similarity IMO is that Ozzie now has South Floridians who do not want him representing their team and city. (That’s where I was with Rocker anyway.)

    From previous thread:
    I think a lot of Braves fans would like the way Francona manages. He damn-sure doesn’t bunt.

  4. I’m treading close to the line too, but Ozzie isn’t being suspended for his viewpoints — he almost certainly doesn’t actually “love” the guy. He’s being suspended because the Marlins have customers. Call it what you will, but it isn’t the thought police.

  5. Hey it’s cool – I can see how a group of people that fled to this country for our freedom would want to suppress that kind of speech.

    /okay, okay. Stopped.

  6. An employee said something that angers the consumer base for the product. Management publicly chastised said employee, hoping to make the consumer base less angry and more likely to once again buy the product.

    That’s not a freedom of speech issue, per se. Congreff has passed no law, etc, et al.

    We are not doomed, per se, either. But yesterday was brutal to watch and while I still assume the Mets will lose a game and the Braves will win one, eventually, it is still the case that four games back is four games back.

  7. Well, the obvious problem with “freedom of speech” arguments, is that he hasn’t been arrested. You have the freedom from prosecution based on your beliefs and your expression thereof. Your boss is free to fire you if you don’t represent his interests.

    On the other hand, yea, the righteous outraged citizens are being gigantic hypocrites. As is their mayor, with his “the freedom-loving citizens” shpiel.

  8. Can we get Frediot to say something complimentary about General Sherman or some other suitable Atlanta villain? Or just suspend him 5 games for no reason at all?

  9. “I love Livan Hernandez. You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Livan Hernandez for the last 60 years, but that son of a bitch is still there.”

    – Fredi Gonzalez

    There we go.

  10. A little silver lining in the steaming pile of crap that is Fredi’s dinner plate. In four games, we’ve faced 3 lefties and one knuckleballer. We know we can’t hit lefties, but we’re not going to face one every night. In the rest of NL, the ratio of starting RHP to LHP is 2:1 (51-24). It’s going to balance out.

    Tonight should be the perfect example that could help give us the type of misleading Pythag we became used to last year: a crappy right-hander on a terrible team. Would not surprise me if we saw Kimbrel closing out the game w/a 10 run lead this evening.

  11. Maybe we should make fake ridiculous quotes and attribute them to Fredi, and someone will believe them.

    Remember that time Marge Schott said “Hitler went just a little too far.”?

  12. Tonight is a good chance to get Diaz some at bats against a righty, as well as rest a probably very tired Heyward.

  13. @8

    You know, if we gave the Fish Fredi back, we could take Ozzie back and play him at SS. I bet he’d hit more than anyone else we’ve got to play there.

    (Or, at least his OBP would be higher because of all the Cuban pitchers trying to drill his old fat butt.)

  14. I think we really should paint Fredi as a villain. That would be awesome. Like The Joker he’s just an agent of chaos and wants to piss off as many fans as possible. He could be like The Mad Manager. Quick, someone photoshop a ridiculous costume on him!

  15. In the rest of NL, the ratio of starting RHP to LHP is 2:1 (51-24). It’s going to balance out.

    Of the other 4 NL East teams it’s a little worse than that. I counted 8 LH SP out of 20, so 3:2.

    Gotta love the unbalanced schedule.

  16. I have never wanted to see Kimbrel get a ‘braves save’ so bad in all my life as I do today.

  17. “Jim Leyritz, Jack Morris, DOB, and I like to go ride our hogs and talk about the great moments of the 90’s at least once a season. Have to watch out for Jimbo though. Never know what that rascal is going to pull.”

  18. At least the Braves started the season off with easy teams so that they could get over 2011 quickly.

  19. I thought I’d be able to stay up for this one, but I seem to have a cold. (It never rains…) So, once again, morning recap. I’ll be fine in the morning.

  20. I’m sure it’s in Guillen’s signed contract that the Marlins have the right to discipline him for embarrassing the organization, and that they get to decide what constitutes embarrassment. I’d also suggest that the prestige and money that accompany being a major league manager carry with them some civic responsibility.

  21. Typical Braves fashion…follow up a walk by swinging at the first pitch that is a foot outside. Amazing how they struggle to hit for any kind of respectable average

  22. For some reason I am happier that Hanson is up rather than a regular offensive player with runners at 2nd and 3rd

    Edit..ugh, same result though

  23. So the guy that gets robbed on a lucky play by the pitcher on a line drive in the first tries to bunt rather than swing…

  24. Listening to the Houston feed on MLB package. They don’t even pretend to care about the plays on the field.

  25. Sutton just misspoke when he referred to Uggla’s double as a ‘duggle’. I like it.

  26. So Petrino’s contract terminated “with cause.”

    Is this news today or did I miss something as it developed?

  27. Schafer is seriously showing up Bourn this series. I’d much rather have Bourn over the course of a season, but he’s been terrible this series.

  28. You didn’t hear about his motorcycle accident? He was with a mistress who he had hired to be on staff while not disclosing the relationship to his administration.

  29. Yeah, she is hot as fire. Problem was that he is 51 and married with 4 kids while she is 25 and engaged. He probably would have gotten a slap on the wrist if he had reported it immediately after the accident.

  30. Thanks. Didn’t hear about it. Been in the mountains without cable or internet / cell signal.

    I was lucky to miss the Braves’ games but had no idea about Petrino.

  31. Man I love Medlen. The two appearances of his I’ve followed so far on Gameday- maybe his only two of the year?- he’s just thrown an obscene amount of strikes. It was something like 18 strikes to 1 ball in his first and tonight 9 strikes and 1 ball.

  32. What’s our record since the Bourn trade?

    Coming into tonight: 26-31

    The majority of those wins (17) came in August 2011.

  33. Really good at bat by Prado to push the ball to the right side after not getting the bunt down to move Bourn to 3rd

  34. Prado, one day you will recieve some respect from this club…until then stay away from the no tell motels while sportIng open sores.

  35. Schafer is on a mission to cause the Braves pain for trading him. Good for him. Hope he ends up with a nice career.

  36. M of Her Majesty’s Secret Service in Casino Royale must have been talking about the Arkansas football program when she said, “Have you ever seen such a bunch of self-righteous, ass-covering prigs?” Arkansas football is such a joke.

    Arkansas football was NOTHING until Bobby Petrino came there. Nutt had success, but Petrino turned them into a BCS team. They knew he was a scumbag at Louisville (playing the whore to Auburn), they know he was a scumbag in Atlanta, but they signed him anyway. Petrino puts a top-5 team on the field, and after Arkansas got what they wanted out of the deal, they waited for Petrino to inevitably screw up so they could turn their backs and cast him out like a leper.

    Petrino certainly deserved to be fired, but where the hell does Arkansas get off being a judge of character? Why would Arkansas have a problem with Petrino having another girl? THEY WERE THE OTHER GIRL TO ATLANTA!

    This whole situation makes me sick.

  37.  Man… Crack a Johnson joke and look what happens.
    C’mon braves let’s wrap this up!

  38. Rob,
    Football fans are a cruel mistress. I dare say any team/ fanbase would turn on him. Karma has a way of catching up with all of us.

  39. I agree that he deserved what he got. But he deserved this in Louisville and Atlanta, and Arkansas turning their back on him is the proverbial “pot calling the kettle black”.

  40. But why would you put this guy at the plate in a key situation when you have the magic of Jorge Constanza? (Freddy, please don’t answer that.)

  41. @140, Yeah, I mean, it’s Arkansas. They’re lucky it wasn’t his cousin on the back of the bike.

  42. Thank God Constanza is gone or he probably would have been hitting there instead of Hinske.

  43. 140—Arkansas had no choice but to fire him.

    And the fans haven’t turned their back on him at all. They even held a rally for him.

  44. Ugh this “ism” stuff on the radio is killing me… When is someone gonna come up with the Skip and Pete app?

  45. Come on, Craig. Be the one guy on this team who didn’t pick up where you left off in September.

    EDIT: Atta-boy.

  46. Man, is it good to have Chipper back. My appreciation for him is renewed yet again.

    EDIT: And I don’t want to go without congratulating Fredi. This must’ve been a very difficult day for him, what with Constanza being sent down and all. Aside from batting Chipper sixth, nothing really questionable happened. He even pinch-hit Hinske at the right moment. Phew!

  47. It is absurd how much better this team is with Chipper Jones in the lineup. With him in there, we’ve got a pretty solid lineup. Without him, we’re forced to start a bench player. Plus, he’s still the best hitter on this team. Shout-out to Tad, who I’m sure will forget this game the next time Chipper misses three games with a sore calf or whatever.

    I thought Hanson was impressive tonight, as far as mediocre starts go. He couldn’t locate his fastball at all, but he did an excellent job of making great pitches with his breaking ball. In years past, he’d have lost that lead, as Bethany will tell you (I think it was Bethany who was constantly fed up with Hanson). Still need somebody to pitch through the sixth, though.

  48. My first game at Minute Maid. The centerfield rise to the flagpole doesn’t look ridiculous just on TV. It was also surreal that there were actual Astros fans all around me. In fact, there was this one little boy, about 9 or 10, who would get really upset anytime the Braves would do something. “No! No! No!!!!” or “This is the worst game ever!!!!”, all with real agony in his voice.

    Kid needs to join us over here on Braves Journal.

    Anyway, I guess if I really love the Braves and want them to win, I’m going to need to attend all their road games.

    Oh, and how wonderful was it to be there to watch Chipper loft a homer to rightfield? Wonderful, very wonderful.

  49. Its makes my day to find out that Petrino is gone….I wonder which loser school will be the next to debase themselves by offering him a contract….

  50. #177–Yeah, that is really bad news, especially because there is no guarantee that a player will actually recover from the first….

  51. This is a much better team with Chipper in the line up.

    Pastornicky and Bourn had some of the best ABs of the season too.

  52. The whole team swung the bats better last night. Hopefully Chipper can get some of these guys to relax. Freeman looked like he was trying to do too much out of the 3 hole, but he did hit one about 420 feet in his last AB.

    When did the Astros become so pesky?

  53. So, DOB has discontinued his post-game quotes column because of whining in the comments and on twitter. Thoughts?

  54. This must’ve been a very difficult day for him, what with Constanza being sent down and all.

    One of the reasons I give you guys so much crap about that Fredi fixation of yours is things like this. By every account, he (and his staff) made all of the right moves tonight, including their decision to send Constanza down before the game. So we go for the “what Fredi must be feeling inside” tactic to complain instead.

  55. So, DOB has discontinued his post-game quotes column because of whining in the comments and on twitter. Thoughts?

    Probably for the best. Random, out of context quotes just thrown at the wall very rarely add light, only heat.

  56. @181 – That maybe DOB should just quit reading the comments section and ignore it like the rest of us. Also, that there is a difference between “social media” and actual journalism. Placing some yahoo’s tweet on your website or tv screen is the modern equivalent of the old “Let’s interview some random dude on the street” shtick – a total waste of time.

    Moving on, I think it was yesterday that I posted that this team needed more that just 39-year-old Chipper to get things right. I guess I stand corrected. Welcome back Mr. Jones!

  57. @182, You’re so right, Sam. What, with Constanza being only a quick motorcycle ride away in Gwinnett, I’m sure Fredi’s not too torn up inside anyway.

    Stay healthy, Chipper.

  58. DOB ignores most genuine questions on Twitter and instead answers questions like, “Who’s pitching tonight?”, or other questions that are either moronic or whose answers are readily found.

  59. Who plays tonight Jhey or Diaz?

    Career vs Wandy
    Jhey – 2 for 5, .400/.571/.400
    Diaz – 8 for 27, .296/.387/.407

  60. It occurred to me yesterday that I’d forgotten to re-follow DOB once the season began. I haven’t missed it. Sounds like he’s flaking out anyway.

    I don’t get why he cares about AJC reader comments, unless he’s received a directive to spend a certain amount of time there. Maybe he has. Either way, I’ll miss the quotes column. Heaven forbid we should hear the team’s interpretations of the game they just played….

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