Man, I’m afraid we’re going to see a lot of this this year. The Braves went up against an effective lefthander (Zombie Johan Santana) with a lineup that contained four lefthanded batters. Not that there’s much they can do about that. (Though I have been pushing for David Ross as Tommy Hanson‘s personal catcher, they could have tried that.) And sure enough, they were four-hit.

Since two of the hits were for extra bases, by fast runners, they could easily have gotten at least one run with a “productive out” anyway, but they’re really bad at that stuff, which is why Fredi keeps trying it. Matt Diaz doubled with one out in the fifth, and the Braves eventually loaded the bases with two-out walks to Tyler Pastornicky and Hanson (go figure) but they didn’t get the run home as Michael Bourn grounded out. They had another good chance in the sixth, two on with one out, and second and third, two out, but Diaz grounded out against a righty reliever despite several lefties on the bench, and then Fredi double-switched him out anyway. In the bottom of the inning, Mets Token Good Player David Wright singled in a run to make it 1-0, and Kris Medlen had to come in to get Hanson out of jam, which he did.

With one out in the seventh, Pastornicky’s first major league hit was a triple. But Jose Constanza and Bourn struck out against a LOOGY (I guess they could have hit Jack Wilson for Constanza, then moved Martin Prado to left) and that was that. They didn’t get another chance.