Braves 6, Dbacks 4

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 27, 2012 – ESPN.

The Braves jumped out to a 6-0 lead, only to let the D-Backs cut it to 6-4. But they held from there, thanks to Eric O’Flaherty and, of course, Craig Kimbrel.

Jason Heyward, who is now hitting second, opened the scoring with a solo homer in the first; it stayed that way until the fifth. Chipper Jones reached on a walk, then Freddie Freeman singled. Andrelton Simmons grounded to the pitcher, who threw the ball away, allowing Chipper to score. Tommy Hanson walked to load the bases, and Michael Bourn hit a sac fly to score Freeman. Heyward walked to load the bases again, and Simmons scored to make it 4-0. In the sixth, Dan Uggla walked and Chipper hit a homer, and it was 6-0.

After getting the first man in the seventh, Hanson allowed two singles then a homer, and it was suddenly 6-3. Jonny Venters got his first man, then allowed a solo homer. Eric O’Flaherty allowed two runners but got out of it with a double play. And Craig Kimbrel of course struck out the side.

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  1. We seem to be getting some help today from the Rockies, who are thumping the Nats early.

    If we can win tonight, it could put us 2.5-games behind the Nats as they visit for the weekend.

  2. Of course, the pitching matchups for the weekend are not promising. (Though any game with Minor isn’t promising.)

  3. What do the Braves see in Minor anyway? When I watch him pitch none of his pitches look better than average.

  4. We need Bourn to start us off with a single up the middle, followed by Heyward working one of those 12 pitch ABs leading to a walk to unsettle young Mr. Bauer, followed by a patented Nitram Odarp 2 strike double down the leftfield foul line.

    Presto – a 2-0 lead, 20 pitches thrown, and still nobody out in the 1st.

  5. Minor vs. Strasburg is just… eugh. I know Wren’s a deliberate GM, but he really should have a solution in place to keep that from happening. We need to get back out in front in the East.

  6. They’re calling for temps between 104 and 109(!) here on Fri, Sat and Sun. Just brutal.

  7. The Rockies did it for us, too, but it’s still frustrating to watch them roll over for the Nats.

  8. Wow, now it’s Col 10, Wash 9, bottom 5th.

    Looks like Colorado’s Josh Outman didn’t live up to his name.

    At least the Rockies get the last at-bat…

  9. Well, the humidity is actually pretty low, so it is gonna be a Phoenix-like heat wave, I think. Right now it’s 98, but the humidity’s only 26%. I was actually somewhat surprised to learn that it’s 98. I’m not sure it’s even possible for it to get that hot if it’s humid as well.

  10. @12- I just got back inside and it was up to a healthy 111. And while I don’t think Phoenix is at any higher elevation than Atlanta, I remain convinced that either it is magically several hundred thousand miles closer to the sun or else the hole in the ozone layer is directly above this place. It feels like the sun is RIGHT THERE when you walk out the door.

  11. @12, yeah, it hit 97 this afternoon and it was hard to breathe just doing very mild work out in the garden. This weekend is going to suck.

  12. @17

    Phoenix is at a higher elevation than Atlanta, but it’s not in Denver territory or anything.

    Also, the all-time record high temperature in Atlanta is apparently 105, so that’s a hell of a forecast.

  13. @19- I just went off stadium elevations; Turner is 1050′ while Chase is at 1100′. All I can say is, those are 50 pretty important feet when it comes to the intensity of the stupid, hateful sun…

  14. Headed to my first game of the year this Friday and the high in Atlanta is 106! Holy geez!

  15. JJ is leaving a few pitches up, but so far so good. Need the offense to give him about 5 runs of breathing room.

  16. They’re hitting him decently, and he hasn’t once hit 90.

    I wonder what JJ’s elbow looks like.

  17. Prado better gulp down a couple bottles of water, he looked absolutely drained in the dugout.

  18. One run scored out of all that was disappointing, but at least we’re on the board.

  19. Jurrjens has 0 Ks, so the DIPS gods are indeed smiling so far. And the actual defense is helping.

  20. @63, Agreed, if he stays healthy he’s going to be fun to watch.

    And yeah, I also have a feeling that we are going to need a few more runs to win this one.

  21. Neither option between Jurrjens or Venters fills me with confidence here.

  22. JJ was fine. Get a few more of those runners in early on and it isn’t even a question mark.

  23. Matt Diaz, who isn’t exactly lighting it up, but is still better than Jack Wilson, was still available. Guess Fredi is saving him for a hypothetical big spot later.

  24. Freddie’s too stupid to rest him a game ….. he’s played every game this year !!!!

  25. Would have been a great time to sit him .. with Nats coming in .. might have got him going but freddie freeloader cant see past the nose on his face ….. come on Uggla sake it off ..

  26. If Goldschmidt had dropped that foul popup for an error in the first inning and the pitcher retired every batter, would it still be a perfect game?

  27. we are getting zilch out of our bench pinch hitting .. time for a bench shakeup !!!!!

  28. Yeah, should have just Wikipedia’d it. Thought it might be a bit obscure, but it’s in the first paragraph. Although apparently it’s never happened before.

  29. Our bench avgs. Ross – 279 (cant hit him cause hes the only c backup), Diaz – 233, Francisco -224, Henske – 213 , Wilson – 175 ….. whew thats horrible

  30. Maybe that’s why Fredi only likes using him in ninth-inning save situations.

  31. Cant be unhitable all the time … sometime somebody’s gonna put a good swing on one …. they lost this one letting a rookie shutem down !!

  32. Checked the thread. Saw Tad was posting. Knew we lost. Typed this. Submitted comment. Closed out.

  33. I also have an arcane baseball query. Is there a catcher-dropping-strike-3 equivalent to the infield fly rule? Saw an inning end with the catcher stepping on home after dropping strike 3 with bases loaded and two outs. Seems with less than two outs doing that and throwing to third (and then on
    to second if no outs) would be real easy.

  34. @112 – Yes. If there are less than two out, the batter is out regardless if there is a runner on first.

  35. @112 No, because that can only happen with 2 outs. With less than 2 outs, the hitter is automatically if the catcher drops strike three when first base is occupied.

  36. Woops, we contradicted the answer with the same information. Sorry to confuse the matter, as I guess that could be considered the equivalent of the infield fly…either way, there can’t be a double play there.

  37. John Jenkins? Oh, hell yes!

    McCann needs steroids. Either that, or we need to move the right field fence in about twenty feet.

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