Braves 4, Marlins 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins – Box Score – September 20, 2011 – ESPN.

So I had only two arrows left in my luck-changing quiver. Not wanting to deploy Collins yet, I went with not watching the game and just following online while watching something else. (Not watching anything would be ridiculous.) And it worked. I did tune in once; Freddie Freeman hit into a bases-loaded double play. Sorry, Freddie.

The Braves jumped on top in the second (after leaving the bases loaded in the first) when Alex Gonzalez homered, followed by doubles from Jason Heyward and Michael Bourn and a Martin Prado single to bring in Bourn.

Randall Delgado got into a bases-loaded, one-out jam in the third, but Logan Morrison lined into a double play. Other than that, he was pretty stout; he allowed a couple of two-out walks in the fifth but that was it.

Freeman homered in the sixth to make it 4-0. AAG singled as part of loading the bases (they didn’t get any more runs, of course) and apparently hurt his calf running the bases, replaced by Jack Wilson. The Braves also had the bases loaded in the seventh, but Freeman hit into the double play.

Fortunately, the bullpen did its job — the bullpen this time being Cristhian Martinez and Anthony Varvaro. They each pitched two perfect innings. Go figure. It’s mostly my doing, of course.

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  1. Thanks, Mac. I still have one arrow left in my quiver that I used last year with a week to go — changing my corporate logon password.

  2. Should be noted that Wash just took both games of the DH vs Philly today.

    Pence had to leave the game with a leg injury also.

  3. on Roku is so much louder than anything else, even other Roku channels (Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, etc.).

    I can’t believe I’m watching the Mets feed. It feels so wrong.

  4. I did something similar Mac. I only watched the Braves were at bat.

    I started to watch the ninth and Vavaro got behind a hitter. I flipped it and came back just as Chip said, “Braves win.”

    Tomorrow is the last time we have to watch a base game at Joe Robbie/Sun Life/ Dolphin stadium.

  5. Larr-y! Larr-y! Oh wait, which team are we rooting for again?

    Weird times, this wild card shit, but I love it. Go David Wright.

  6. Delgado showed real courage coming back with two nasty Madduxian front door fastballs after getting away with one to Stanton in the 5th.

  7. How many starts is Lincecum at now where he hasn’t gotten a single run of support? It was 10 when we beat him 1-0 on that Thursday night and I know there’s been at least one other one after that.

  8. Do you think there’s any chance at all Lowe doesn’t make the playoff roster? I mean, it happened last year with Zito, so anything is possible.

  9. You know, Alex Gonzalez has been a pretty bad hitter; we all agree. But from a non-statistical, just-watching-the-games standpoint, he seems to have saved most of his big hits (read: solo homers) for key games. hasn’t he homered in two of our 1-0 wins? Love it. Would i like a better-hitting shortstop? sure, but he’s been passable down the stretch, for so good a fielder.

    And i love the kids. Delgado looks fine! Obviously i wanted to have full-health Jurrjens and everything, but i’m kind of intrigued by Delgado for the postseason. Hanson is still a question mark, but Hudson, Beachy, Minor, Delgado..this could get very interesting. Could Lowe just strain something already, so there’d be absolutely no question that Fredi would use him for a playoff start? kind of scared…

  10. Delgado has a lot of movement. If he can refine his control some more he’ll be really good.

    Edit: Ugh, Cardinals take the lead on a bases loaded double.

  11. Do you think there’s any chance at all Lowe doesn’t make the playoff roster? I mean, it happened last year with Zito, so anything is possible.

    Right now, I’d say no chance. But he’s got one or two more starts, and if he really stinks up the joint – especially in ways that are detrimental to our making the playoffs – I could see him getting left off in the case we do make it.

  12. But, but, but….they need to set up the force-out at every base. Molina might beat the throw to first, after all.

  13. See what the Braves have reduced us to? Pinning hopes on the Mets? It’s insulting!

    Well, I’m just happy to have bagged a win. Magic number down to 6. I refuse to root for the Mets.

  14. And the guy who hit it is called Adron Chambers. Honestly. Looks like a randomly generated name from some Madden clone. Singled in the winning run for them on Friday night.

    Man, that’s one ugly logo the Marlins chose. Hell, they’d be better off with that goofy gator from Back to the Future II.

  15. Smitty, that is one ugly color scheme. Wow.

    When’s the last time a good sports team logo was unveiled? I can’t remember the last time I looked at a new one and went, “Wow, that’s actually pretty cool!”

  16. Maybe the Mets should get in front of a bunch of cameras and talk about what a travesty it is that Terry Collins has quit on the season, because that’s the only explanation for a managerial decision that freaking stupid.

  17. Well on the plus side, the Cards’ season is pretty much over if they somehow find a way to blow this. High risk, high reward. Terry Collins is clearly crazy like a fox.

  18. @51

    If more than three of those were in front of an obvious pinch-hitter, I would be shocked.

    Maybe Terry Collins is taking his cue from Mets history. Apparently all we need is for our worst hitter to hit a crippling home run to win a playoff series or something and the victim club will forever more be frightened of said crappy hitter.

  19. Explain this…

    Bill James says if a runner is at 2nd with no outs and a ball is hit to short stop, the correct play is for the runner at second to be aggressive and run to third.

  20. Let’s face it, we’re screwed. We have no shot at winning any of the games against Philly and we have Lowe against Vaz tomorrow and Strasburg on Monday.

    It’s virtually impossible for us to make the playoffs

  21. @60: We don’t even play the Nationals on Monday. Strasburg is Friday, versus Hudson. I like that matchup just fine.

  22. What’s so crazy about that 6-run Cardinals rally was that it all began with 2 outs & nobody on base.

    But that’s what you get when you have to root for the Mets.

  23. But seriously, Strasburg’s had 3 starts so far and has had pitch counts ranging from 56 to 61. He was yanked after the 3rd inning in one game upon racking up 57 pitches. I’d just try and work counts against him, be patient, play a war of attrition with his pitch count.

    He’s pitched really well so far, but as long as we’re not going in and giving him 6-pitch and out innings, I’m not intimidated.

  24. 65 -That’s true, Strasburg is actually an ancient God awoken from a 1,000 year slumber to reign chaos and havoc upon us. We truly have no hope.

    Edit: You were right the first time. Strasburg will soon unleash his fiery vengeance upon us.

  25. CoolStandings updates:

    Entering tonight: 78.2% chance of playoffs
    After beating Florida: 85.5%
    After Cardinals beat Mets: 80.0%
    After Arizona and San Francisco lost: 81.0% (+2.8% for the night).

  26. Bases loaded and nobody out. I long for the days when I was glad McCann was up in that situation.

    He is simply lost.

    Now would be a good time for Ross and Constanza (LF).

  27. I was proud of the guys last night. They came back after two tough loses the last two days came back with a gutty, not pretty, but gutty performance last night.

    I would start Ross tonight at catcher, just to try and steal a extra day for McCann’s brother to diagnose pimp bot’s swing, and maybe nullify the Florida speed game against Lowe. (You know there will be baserunners).

  28. The problem with saying Strasburg will only pitch six innings is that the Nats bullpen is pretty good too. And they aren’t exactly facing the 1927 Yankees. It’s just hard to believe that a team can be as inept as the Braves are with runners in scoring position. They basically only score when they hit home runs.

    When I decided to go to the game on Friday, I was hoping it would be fairly meaningless. No such luck.

  29. I love how we have have given up on tonight’s game and one that is two days away.

    Hudson looked good his last time out. Have some faith

  30. Pitching matchups per ESPN rest of the way:

    Lowe v. Vazquez
    Hudson v. Strasburg
    Beachy v. Wang
    Minor v. Detwiler
    Delgado v. Lee
    Lowe v. Worley (though I heard he was moving to pen)
    Hudson v. Oswalt

    for STL:

    Garcia v. Schwinden (seriously NYM?)
    Westbrook v. Capuano
    Carpenter v. Dempster
    Lohse v. Lopez
    Jackson v. Coleman
    Garcia v. W. Rodriguez
    Westbrook v. Sosa
    Carpenter v. Myers

  31. I feel like we have a good shot to win tonight. Despite being a crappy pitcher, I don’t think Lowe is incapable of a good start, so maybe tonight we’ll get one. And we can roll over Javy Vazquez.

    Looking ahead to Washington, I think they have every reason to come out and play hard against us. They’re a team with every reason to think they’re going to play for the playoffs next year, and with a team full of young talent, they’re going to be wanting to end the year on a good note. What better way than to kick the Braves’ asses and make us sweat heading into the playoffs?

    80: What’s up with starting Hudson on the last game? If we’re in the playoffs, that start should go to Teheran.

  32. Well one good thing about those matchups, no chance Lee. Worley, or Oswalt go more than 6IP. Same with Strasburg. They’ll be resting some starters also. At least we arent facing Capuano.

    If Bmac has been catching most of Lowe’s starts, then Fredi should definitely change it up and get Ross behind the plate. Its worth changing. Man, we need a win today and a ST Louis loss.

  33. @84

    I also think we have an advantage in Washington:

    Hudson > Strasburg
    Beachy > Wang
    Minor > Detwiler

    Plus you have to think we probably pull off at least one against Philly. A win tonight would be huge. I feel better after last night.

  34. If we go 4-3 STL must go 8-0 to win outright and 7-1 to tie. I’ll take that, though not sure we will go 4-3. As Smitty said tonight is huge because with a loss tonight, we could be only 1 game up the next time we play, but with a win, we could be as much as 4 up with 6 to play.

  35. I had tuned out a little this past month thanks to our comfortable lead and the turmoil in my life (which is steadily improving by the way). It’s as if the Braves knew I needed a distraction and promptly lost a bunch of games to make things interesting.

  36. I’m sorry, I know everybody has commented on this guy, but holy crap “iloveemmastone” is unbelievable. It’s almost like he’s a bot that Mac has programmed to respond to certain comments.

  37. An odd idea: The Phils might actually have a bit of an incentive to play well vs. the Braves in that final series.

    If the Braves get knocked out of the WC, that means the Phils would play the Cards in the first round. I’m sure the Phils wouldn’t mind seeing the Cards get there via one-game playoff with Atlanta.

    I don’t see the Phils knocking themselves out to do it—the Braves’ problems are, after all, the Braves’ problems—but it wouldn’t break their hearts to guarantee avoiding Milwaukee or playing a rotation-taxed St. Louis.

  38. Except that rotation-taxed St. Louis just took 3/4 from Philly, beating up on Halladay and Hamels while doing it, didn’t they?

  39. And the Phils just got swept by the Nats who beat Cliff Lee in the process.

    Would the Phils rather play the Cards or, say, Milwaukee? I’d take the Cards.

    Wouldn’t you rather face a team that has to play Game #163 as well?

  40. I’m not giving up on any game but just saying the Braves have a tough road. The Braves traditionally play poorly in DC. Statistically, the odds favor the Braves holding on but I’m not sure reality does.

    With respect to the Phillies, Halladay would be scheduled to pitch Sunday. This would put him on course to open the playoffs on five days rest. Maybe the Phillies would prefer he not have too much rest so they push his next start back to Monday. Lee pitched yesterday so he would be on course to pitch Monday, so maybe he pitches Tuesday and then Hamels. The point is, if the PHillies manipulate the rotation by having Halladay, Lee, and Hamels pitch on Mon, tue, Wed, they would be perfectly positioned to pitch in the first round on their normal schedule. Of course, they aren’t likely to pitch a lot of innings in their last starts.

  41. @98
    According to Manual, he’s stretching him out for the playoffs just in case he has to throw a 14-inning 200 pitch shutout.

  42. So it looks like Auburn might be in line to move to the SEC East with Bama staying in the west. They’d still probably play the Iron Bowl every year but Bama-Tennessee and Auburn-LSU would no longer be annual meetings.

  43. If Auburn moves, they’d certainly retain the game with Bama as one of the 2 permanent annual opponents from the other division, and I’d guess they’d keep playing one of the Mississippi schools as the other.

    But… Missouri?

  44. Braves lead by two in the loss column.

    Lowe has two more starts this season.

    Ergo, the Braves and Cardinals are actually tied right now.

  45. @101

    The SEC has to keep the Third Saturday in October. I think it is a better rivalry that the Iron Bowl. Many Bama fans would say the same.

  46. Maybe Lowe is just intentionally reducing his innings so he can prepare to be used as a reliever in the playoffs.

  47. Well, I guess UBubba just picked the game thread video for us. There’s no choice, really. Thread is up.

    I would rather play Tennessee every year than Auburn. But there’s an actual law that Alabama and Auburn have to play. My belief is Missouri should go to the East under the “screw them” principle.

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